The Mew Frontier

My fellow Americans, ask not what your cat can do for you; ask what you can do for your cat:

A related phenomenon and a brilliant analysis: Climate Fanatics Are Weaponizing Mental Illness.
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  1. RogerW says:

    The well known phenomenon of female hysteria, and we all know the solution to that.

  2. Jannie says:

    Breast Removal?

  3. Rosie says:

    The dead baby wave.

  4. NFA says:

    Demonic Possession!

  5. Roger W says:

    In the late 19th century they had nailed the problem!

  6. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I’ll again post this breathtaking graph which Powerline had a few months ago.

    Gallup Poll

    Young guys haven’t changed, they’ve been 25% lefty for decades. But young women have diverged amazingly, starting in 2008 then going full Karen from about 2013. Quite an amazing demographic change.

    Since it started well before Trump it clearly wasn’t him. The adulation of Obama by the MSM may’ve kicked it off. But why did it go mustang in 2013? All I can think is it has to be social media – since young women are exquisitely plugged into peer group pressure, as anyone who has attended high school could tell you. Guys not so much, so they haven’t changed.

  7. Lee says:

    Many teenage girls/young women these days have lost all reason over “climate change.”
    Not only that, they have become hysterical.

  8. Terry says:

    ‘Many teenage girls/young women these days have lost all reason over “climate change.”
    Not only that, they have become hysterical.’

    …and more than a few beta-male Karens as well.
    How is it that Ivermectin is “banned” but soy milk is not?

  9. Franx says:

    No one, no one who matters, speaks of abortion any more.
    Abortion is a thing of the past.
    Unlike the termination of pregnancy.
    An abortion aborts the life of the unborn.
    A termination affects the condition of the woman by treating the condition.
    An elegant language solution.

  10. Entropy says:

    Girls are reenforced into the system at school, boys are generally alienated.
    The 25% think sucking up the girls will get them sex.

  11. John says:

    If there was any ONE Republican to “blame” for the election just passed, it’s Mitch McConnell.

    Trump may have not helped, but he didn’t actively sabotage candidates, like McConnell did with Masters in Arizona, and sent $6 million up to Alaska to wreck a fellow Republican. I have a very strong suspicion that the RINO leadership was uncomfortable with a red wave in this election.

    That— and NONE of this would be occurring if Ol’ Ditch would have pulled up Obamacare “root and branch” like he promised in 2014. Because of stunts like this, people simply don’t trust Republicans because, primarily, useless old fools like McConnell. Trump may be a dip-wad, but he at least TRIES to help, even if the results are often ham-fisted. McConnell is a devious old liar!

  12. Buccaneer says:

    Trump still calling Desantis, Desanctimonious. If Trump has a snowflakes chance of winning in 2024, he will need to shed some of the narcissism complex, it puts more people off than it draws to him.

    He would be stronger if he simply said Ron will make a great president one day, hopefully with my help.

  13. C.L. says:

    He has posted a lengthy spray against “average governor” DeSantis on Truth Social – the platform nobody else uses.

  14. Cassie of Sydney says:

    The always measured John Hinderaker from Powerline, a blog I like very much, has posted Trump’s ravings about DeSantis. Hinderaker has aptly called it “Dementia Don”.

    Go read it on Powerline and Hinderaker ends with the following words…

    This would be an embarrassment coming from a twelve-year-old. Time to get Trump off the stage before he does further damage to our party and our country.

    Yesterday Rod Dreher posted an excellent piece on American Conservative which I also urge everyone to read.

    Over on Cat, I’ve been attacked for saying a truth, which is that Donald Trump should retire and like the character from The Searchers, Ethan Edwards, ride off into the sunset. Don’t get me wrong, I have always liked and always will like the Don, but he’s served his purpose and it’s time he vacated the scene.

  15. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “The always measured John Hinderaker ”

    That should read “I’ve always liked the measured John Hinderaker”.

  16. John of Mel says:

    He has posted a lengthy spray against “average governor” DeSantis on Truth Social – the platform nobody else uses.

    On Telegram too.

    And I still think that Ron is part of the club.
    If they nominate him for 2024 Reps will loose the majority of the MAGA crowd. Which is I guess is exactly the plan.

  17. C.L. says:

    Thanks, Cassie. Here it is:


  18. jupes says:

    I wouldn’t count Trump out yet. The blame placed on Trump for the election is largely, if not entirely, misplaced. There are many non-Trump factors that effected the result. This post gives one. Dover gives another. Not all Trump’s candidates got up sure, however I would think it likely that that is where the Dems concentrated their cheating apparatus. Stop Maga Republicans to stop Trump would have been the thinking. Of course, the press dutifully carried out their orders and wrote the headlines.
    As for Trump attacking DeSantis, well I can’t say I’m pleased, but that’s just how he is. We saw it in the 2016 election. Trump hasn’t changed, and I think that’s a good thing.

  19. Buccaneer says:

    Trump took the bait, hook, line and sinker

  20. NFA says:

    Trump’s “spray” as posted on Telegram

    Now that midterms are over, and a success… 

    NewsCorp, which is Fox, the Wall Street Journal, and the no longer great New York Post (bring back Col!), is all in for Governor Ron DeSanctimonious, an average REPUBLICAN Governor with great Public Relations, who didn’t have to close up his State, but did, unlike other Republican Governors, whose overall numbers for a Republican, were just average—middle of the pack—including COVID, and who has the advantage of SUNSHINE, where people from badly run States up North would go no matter who the Governor was, just like I did!

    Ron came to me in desperate shape in 2017—he was politically dead, losing in a landslide to a very good Agriculture Commissioner, Adam Putnam, who was loaded up with cash and great poll numbers. Ron had low approval, bad polls, and no money, but he said that if I would Endorse him, he could win. I didn’t know Adam so I said, “Let’s give it a shot, Ron.” When I Endorsed him, it was as though, to use a bad term, a nuclear weapon went off. Years later, they were the exact words that Adam Putnam used in describing Ron’s Endorsement. He said, “I went from having it made, with no competition, to immediately getting absolutely clobbered after your Endorsement.” I then got Ron by the “Star” of the Democrat Party, Andrew Gillum (who was later revealed to be a “Crack Head”), by having two massive Rallies with tens of thousands of people at each one I also fixed his campaign, which had completely fallen apart. I was all in for Ron, and he beat Gillum, but after the Race, when votes were being stolen by the corrupt Election process in Broward County, and Ron was going down ten thousand votes a day, along with now-Senator Rick Scott, I sent in the FBI and the U.S. Attorneys, and the ballot theft immediately ended, just prior to them running out of the votes necessary to win. I stopped his Election from being stolen.

    And now, Ron DeSanctimonious is playing games! The Fake News asks him if he’s going to run if President Trump runs, and he says, “I’m only focused on the Governor’s race, I’m not looking into the future.” Well, in terms of loyalty and class, that’s really not the right answer…

    This is just like 2015 and 2016, a Media Assault (Collusion!), when Fox News fought me to the end until I won, and then they couldn’t have been nicer or more supportive. The Wall Street Journal loved Low Energy Jeb Bush, and a succession of other people as they rapidly disappeared from sight, finally falling in line with me after I easily knocked them out, one by one. We’re in exactly the same position now. They will keep coming after us, MAGA, but ultimately, we will win. Put America First and, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  21. NFA says:

    President Trump Fires Back Against Ron DeSantis, Con Inc and Coordinated Narrative Midterm Effort
    November 10, 2022 | Sundance

    President Trump can see and hear the same things everyone else can see and hear, including the coordinated media and GOPe effort to diminish him and the MAGA movement within the Republican club.

    As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ megadonor and Citadel hedge fund billionaire, Ken Griffin, openly admitted recently the Wall Street goals are (1) stop the populist movement and (2) get the Republican Party back in alignment with the multinational “corporate world.” These are the same goals of the Republican leadership in Washington DC and the same goals as the corporate media who serve as the public relations firms for Wall Street.

  22. Fat Tony says:

    NFA says:
    11 November, 2022 at 5:16 pm

    Sums it up pretty well – Trump is the enemy of the Deep State / Cabal and their only real threat.
    Trump must be destroyed!!!

  23. MORSIE says:

    Deal Santos is being unfairly maligned as one of the Club.He was a founding member of the Freedom Caucus so has done the hard yards.
    Trump now getting stuck into Glenn Youngkin.WTF Donald ,how about having a go at the other side.
    Maybe he is turning back into a democrat

  24. Yank says:

    As Michigan candidate Tudor has shown, the Trump MAGA push split the party support and handicapped the candidates across the board. All of a sudden the GOP is seeing Trump for what always was: a liar and a carpetbagger. His candidates will be a cancer in the GOP for some time and a hazard to the US public, which needs a fundamental change in the politics that affect its lives.

  25. Boambee John says:


    a hazard to the US public, which needs a fundamental change in the politics that affect its lives.

    Enough about the DemonRats!

  26. Yank says:

    Boambee: until we fix the GOP the Democrats will have an easy run, despite their policies and their arrogance. Our problem has been defining ourselves by opposition and not having our own clear position on the big issues, like jobs and income levels. I can see that you’re hooked on the social media that drives a lot of this. I think the us voter has given the answer. More like a Roe wave than a love of democrats.

  27. Boambee John says:


    Until you fix DemonRat large scale electoral fraud, it doesn’t matter how much you fix the GOP.

    PS, the only social media I read are a very few generally conservative blogs. I don’t tough Twatter, FarceChook or similar gossip systems.

  28. Boambee John says:

    touch Twatter …

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