The Thylacine Hunting & Public Christianity Prohibition Bill

Christophobes are using ‘conversion’ hokum to stoke hatred – and governments are keen to help

PEOPLE who see themselves as sophisticated nowadays like to say of those subjects whose Judeo-Christian orthodoxies they despise that “the truth is more complicated.” What they’re saying is that lies – their lies – are more complicated than the truth. See yesterday’s Leak for a topical example. Even complicated lies can never last the distance, however – not to the satisfaction of totalitarians. That’s why the venomous fabulists who have lately seized control of what eggheads in the West call “discourse” – by which they mean your speech and conversations – always end up calling in the police. One of the most laughable – which is not to say benign – examples is the hysterical push to enact laws banning ‘gay conversion therapy.’ To the extent that it exists, GCT is not – and never has been – a pervasive crisis. No practitioners are listed in the White Pages. No phrenologists, no barber-surgeons, no ghost busters, no alchemists and no gay conversion therapists. It would be a lot easier to find a welcome-to-country shaman or a drug dealer.

Some Pentecostalists have sought to make straight the lordless ways of the actively gay, certainly. All mainstream churches, however – including the Catholic – encourage the sexually conscience-stricken to a conversion of the heart by means of prayerful and sacramental openness to the grace of God. What should follow is a life’s work of self-mastery, not a rushed marriage of questionable legitimacy intended to force a square peg into a round hole (or a round hole onto a square peg). In defence of the happy clappers, however, it must be acknowledged that transitioning a homosexual who wants to identify as a heterosexual is nowhere near as certifiably deranged as the notion that a man can ‘become’ a woman and vice-versa – which every secular evangelist in the left-wing world pretends to believe is possible. Anti-GCT campaigners, of course, don’t make these denominational distinctions. His bona fides in the acronym-dyslectic arena of sex-gender windbaggery speaking for themselves, Nathan Despott (yes, really) of SOGICES (the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Change Efforts Survivors) has told the ABC that “religious settings” in which sexuality or so-called ‘gender’ are discussed must be controlled and policed by the state.

Which brings us to Tasmania where the ‘Liberal’ government of Jeremy Rockliff (I hadn’t heard of him either) will follow the lead of Victoria, Queensland and the ACT by outlawing the imaginary de-gaying trade. Were it not for the fact that it remains as fanatically belligerent towards Christians as ever, one could start to feel sorry for a gay lobby whose admirably neat and tidy advocacy edifice has been taken over and trashed by ‘transgender’ squatters. Not that the lobbyists seem to mind. Tasmania’s proposed bill – like the laws passed in other states – will not stop the dangerous and scientifically fictitious ‘conversion’ of a person to the opposite sex. Butchery of the vulnerable is not merely lawful but officially encouraged and enabled.

Based on the nutty Victorian government’s extreme Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act, the bill will define conversion as – amongst other pretexual things – affirming the sex of a friend or family member who may be planning or considering a ‘transition.’ If a jury finds beyond reasonable doubt that an “injury” was done in the process, the affirmer will be convicted of a crime. In other words, the bill is actually meant to protect fashionable conversion therapy while prohibiting unfashionable conversion therapy. The double standard is made all the more obvious and outlandish by Victorian lawmakers indemnifying ‘transition’ facilitators from prosecution; see section 5 of the Act. It should go without saying that none of this has anything to do with the health of so tiny a group of complainants. It is about forcing the public not to oppose or speak out against a lie. It is fascist thuggery. “No one is going to intimidate me,” Mr Rockliff said of ACL opposition to the bill yesterday, affecting the fake valour Liberal Wets reserve for monstering the harmless. “I am my own person.” Only until an unhinged legislature says otherwise.

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  1. Whatever ‘gay conversion therapy’ is there can be no objection to it so long as it involves consenting adults. After all, hasn’t the left told us that so long as the act is between consenting adults the state has no right to interfere. It therefore follows that banning ‘gay conversion therapy’ is an attack on the right of free association. However, one would have to be truly naïve to suppose that the left ever believed that the rest of us have rights of any kind. Andrews totalitarian mentality is ample proof of that fact.

    The real problem, at least as I see it, is not the left but the absence of effective resistance to the left’s policies. As for the right’s so-called think tanks, they have proven themselves to be not only ineffective but also cowardly.

  2. C.L. says:

    All that the think tanks and Sky Rightists do is nudge and chaperone their constituencies towards a fallback compromise with the marauding left – to ensure they don’t get wedged as haters, white supremacists, homophobes, Nazis etc.

    The thing about Trump is that he understands this ratchet effect and that, logically, it can only end by yielding no further increments.

  3. NFA says:

    Check out the end (?) of Bernard Gaynor’s saga.

    What happened on Friday

  4. and says:

    If they/they wanted to make it clear – incredibly clear – that they/they are antichrist, then they/they have succeeded.

    A qwerty for their thoughts. The Bible is “transphobic”? The Bible is “transphobic”! Thus spake the Transit Authority.

    Sports Star to Be Jailed 10 Months for ‘Transphobic’ Message That ‘God Created Adam and Eve’

  5. Entropy says:

    I must admit to be attracted to the idea of gay conversion therapy, if it is anything like my fevered imagination. Which involves a fresh faced highly mission oriented young lass. I would even let her sing.

  6. Franx says:

    (Advice in a confessional? Or between spouses?)

    From the link to S5, I take it to mean (?) that if a person contemplating a change asks another person for their genuine advice, the person asked cannot in law say they are not supportive of the change. And so, yes, Orwellian: not lawful to try to change a person’s intentions about a sex change unless trying change a persons intentions from uncertainty to certainty about undergoing a change. Change in one direction only, then, in the setting up of a mutilation conveyor belt for the vulnerable.

    Meanwhile the rest of us are lawfully bound to be untruthful in denying the intellect and reason (and Revelation) as to the constitution of woman and the constitution of man.

  7. and says:

    Tasmania has transmania. Tasmania might as well rename itself to Transmania.

  8. and says:

    Nathan Despott

    The surname has been abbreviated from the Franch Des Pott. The full Franch name was in fact Des Pottnpans

  9. Buccaneer says:

    What does a doctor say to a trans patient who asks for treatment for male pattern baldness? Are they allowed to call it male pattern baldness?

  10. and says:

    … but I digress. On a serious note.

    Clark poses the question: Did the war on smoking help radicalise some of today’s young eco warriors?

    From the “comments” section

    From 2009
    Lessons Learned From Tobacco Control Should be Applied to Climate Policy

    “Climate change is similar to the issue of secondhand smoke in the sense that the damage both cause constitute “externalities.” That’s the word economists use to describe the side effects of a commercial enterprise that negatively impact other parties, where the cost is not reflected in the price of the product. Markets have no mechanism for dealing with externalities, leaving it up to governments to step in to limit the damage. Industries typically pocket the cash their products and activities generate, while leaving the cost of cleaning up their externalities to a larger group, many of whom don’t benefit from the product in any way.”

    Clark refers to the climate activist Indigo Rumbelow who was given a slot on SkyNews. Indigo makes a number of references to smoking as an analogy. And she [hysterically] plays the standard Tobacco Control “if you loved your children” routine. If you loved your children, you would quit smoking: Ergo, if you don’t quit smoking, you don’t love your children. If you love your children, you wouldn’t expose them to wisps of tobacco smoke – even outdoors: Ergo, if you expose your children to wisps of tobacco smoke – even outdoors, then you don’t love your children. Current application – If you love your children, you would end the use of fossil fuels: Ergo, if you don’t end the use of fossil fuels, you don’t love your children. Etc…

  11. and says:

    Indigo Rumbelow (yes, really)

  12. and says:

    An extended piece on Indigo Rumbelow’s SkyNews appearance

    ‘Do you love your children more than you love fossil fuels?’: Shrieking Just Stop Oil activist forces Sky News host to plead ‘stop shouting at me’ as eco-fanatics finally back down on M25 protests

  13. and says:

    Also from Clark’s “comments” section

    From yesterday’s Telegraph.

    “Just Stop Oil, which is a splinter group of Extinction Rebellion, began recruiting members at universities earlier this year, according to evidence uncovered by the Policy Exchange think tank.

    Posters placed on campuses around the country warned students that climate change would lead to apocalyptic events.

    One recruitment sign read: “The breakdown of the climate is destroying the economy. It will destroy your job, your family, this community, this town. It will lead to slaughter, war and mass starvation.

    “It will be the biggest disaster in history. You can sit around and just let it happen or you can take responsibility to protect those you love.”

    In a video posted online, Roger Hallam, who is accused of being one of the organisers of Just Stop Oil, gave an extraordinary prediction of the impact of climate change claiming it would result in rape and violence.”

    Like Tobacco Control, it has become an end of the World cult. I’ve been threatened by ASH and the RCP since the age of 8, that everyone I loved would die horribly if they didn’t stop smoking.
    I didn’t believe it then and I don’t believe it now and as a child I was far too respecting of the adults around me than to question their judgment.
    Then again, I’d also spent much time researching nicotine containing vegetables in my Mother’s prewar gardening books as a hobby.

  14. and says:

    For hysterical Indigo (and her considerable ilk), the UN is “god”, and the WEF’s Klaus Blob is some sort of “high priest”.

  15. and says:

    “Klaus Blob”… and/or Klaus Snob.

  16. and says:

    Indigo just wants to Save The World™

    Indigo’s full interview on Sky

  17. Dunny Brush says:

    Is the banning of gay conversion therapy a two way street? No more predatory gays? What a time to be alive. Women’s sport might struggle with this. Straight young women are routinely referred to as “spaghetti” by senior women. My daughter stopped playing because of the endless attention of senior players.

  18. and says:

    Was this a beauty queen pageant or a beauty queer pageant?

    An overweight bloke just won a Miss America beauty pageant

  19. C.L. says:

    A tad off topic, Ando. 😉

  20. John of Mel says:

    Check out the end (?) of Bernard Gaynor’s saga.

    A very depressing read.
    The process is the punishment. I don’t think I’d be able to withstand all this pressure for eight straight years. He deserves a medal, this man.
    And how a magistrate like this is allowed to continue in her duties is beyond me.

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