Highly Jewish Ukrainian President backs Palestinian terrorists

Strange that all the usual neo-con blowhards give Ukraine a pass for its dogmatic anti-semitism.
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4 Responses to Highly Jewish Ukrainian President backs Palestinian terrorists

  1. Franx says:

    The report has it that the resolution ‘appears’ to restrict access to the Holy Mount, yet later the same report slides into claiming that the resolution ‘denies’ ties to the Holy Mount, a claim reinforced by Brodsky. And there is more than one ‘appears’ in the article. Media manipulation is no aid to negotiations.

  2. NFA says:

    No wonder Zelensky is so admired by “the Western elite”.

    He is openly doing what that “elite” are bringing in by stealth.

    Health emergency anyone?

  3. Not Trampis says:

    you are a fool and a master of untruths
    Backing the ICJ is backing terrorists.

    Even Goebbels would be embarrassed by this

  4. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    Reading comprehension fail. Again.

    PS, How are you going with responding to my questions about fossil and ruinables electricity generation? Below are the points I raised, still unanswered. Or are they too complex for a pre-school failure?

    “I was well aware of the availability of spare [coal fired] capacity, that is standard for essential services. I thought (silly me) that a self anointed guru of electric power would know what degree of redundancy was maintained. Obviously, such messy detail is beneath the attention of one so august as you. (That’s sarcasm, your limited knowledge is well known.)

    Now tell us, given the known limits to the capacity factors of wind and solar, what level of redundancy will be necessary to provide reliable, continuous, electricity in a fully ruinable generation system? Note that, if you are not scared of black outs because solar and wind are weather dependent, you are stupid. If you are scared, then you will need to have way too many of them. The capacity factor of solar is around 20%, and wind around 40%.

    Increasing solar reaches a point of diminishing returns, because they are useless at night and on cloudy days. Wind will need at least 150%redundancy, even ignoring the issue of wind droughts. Connecting broad acre ruinable generators to users will, according to the government, require more than 10,000 km of transmission lines, at a cost expected to be almost $80 billion. How will that capital cost affect the cost of ruinables? I note that you ignored that element of my questions. Too embarrassing for you, or beyond the wit of a pre-school failure?

    As for your “theory of second best”, you also avoided saying why such cheap power needs a subsidy at all. Can’t you read? Neither did you say why fossil fuels need to be penalised by a price on carbon, if they are already both expensive and unreliable.”

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