Fruits of Feminism

Magnificent: Dr Grazie Pozo Christie’s 17 Tweets on the war of hatred being waged against girls.
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  1. Riversutra says:

    Interesting comment I read today.

    It would be a start if we didn’t call it “gender affirming care”. The treatment doesn’t affirm their gender. It changes it.

    I know a girl who is “transitioning” to be a man.
    She hasn’t got the faintest idea of how to talk or interact with another bloke.
    She just hangs out with the girls and laps up the “OMG, that’s so cool”.
    Having read Dr Christies homily, I see why.

  2. Rosie says:

    This morning I stumbled on a twitter account run by a Scottish girl currently detransitioning, she’s, not surprisingly, very, very angry.
    She mentioned that male to females wear womanhood like a costume, I’ve always called it a veneer, but costume is much better.

  3. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “She mentioned that male to females wear womanhood like a costume, I’ve always called it a veneer, but costume is much better.”

    Correct…it is as offensive and as disparaging as someone putting on blackface. No different.

  4. Lee says:

    She mentioned that male to females wear womanhood like a costume, I’ve always called it a veneer, but costume is much better.

    Particularly utterly revolting are the ones who dress like the most common street tramp, wear the most extreme, garish make-up, and don’t even bother shaving every day, if at all.

  5. Lee says:

    What is most puzzling and amazing is the number of women who approve of, or condone men posing as or claiming to be women, including those who invade their spaces.

  6. Cassie of Sydney says:

    A little over a month ago I went to a formal dinner in Sydney’s CBD. As I live nearby, I caught the bus home, it was about 10.30 or 11.00 p.m. at night. I was wearing a gorgeous long black Leona dress and some long crystal earings which had cost me quite a bit a few years ago…they weren’t “el cheapo” earings.

    When I got on the bus, I sat down and could immediately tell that the person sitting next to me, despite wearing make up, a wig, dressed as women’s clothes and wearing high heel shoes, was a MAN. The first thought that came into my mind was a film from the 1980s, called Dressed to Kill, with Angie Dickinson and Michael Caine, who played a cross-dressing killer. As I sat down, the “person” said to me, in a big blokey voice….”I love your earings”. I turned to HIM, smiled and said nothing. A few stops later, HE got up to get off the bus, I saw clearly that HE was wearing fishnet stockings, a short skirt and HE could barely walk in the high heel shoes so, HE stumbled and nearly fell. And as HE awkwardly got off the bus, I thought of another film….”Some Like it Hot” and the Jack Lemmon character.

    His whole attire and demeanour was a parody of women. I found him grotesque.

  7. C.L. says:

    As grotesque as the creep invited on to Play School to read a story to children.

    In a discussion of the “grooming” blow-up on PML last week, Murray demonstrated how conservatives continue to yield to perversions (so as not to be all bible-ly ’n stuff) and thereby yield the entire field of battle to the far left.

    Speaking to Bronwyn Bishop, from 2.24 of the video:

    “To me, there are plenty of things about the ABC you can have a whack at before you start getting to this.”

    Right, Paul. Because normalising cross-dresser fetishists to children (and paying them with the public’s money) is not the hill to die on.

    In fact, no hill is ever the hill to die on, is it?

    Bishop – who obviously moves in luvvie circles – was weak on the subject but note that, even so, she was then wedged as an extremist hater by Nicholas Reece.

  8. Lee says:

    Melbourne Deputy Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece says it is “absolutely disgraceful” for Liberal Senator Alex Antic to accuse the ABC of “grooming children” after they featured a drag queen on Play School.

    No, Reece, what is “absolutely disgraceful” (and worse) is anyone who thinks that it is appropriate for drag queens to be allowed anywhere near children, let alone “entertaining” them.

    Alex Antic is right.

  9. Franx says:

    The image conveyed by drag queens makes a mockery of the female sex.
    Drag queens portray women as deformed human beings, deformed in their brutal excessiveness. Persons born with the propensities for such excessiveness would be seeking medical attention. And yes, drag queens are a form of grooming. Children, boys and girls, are being deceived and seduced into relating to deformed representations of womanhood and they will be left to struggle with what ensues from such deceptions.

  10. Petros says:

    So the drag queens are putting on womanface?

  11. Dunny Brush says:

    I’m yet to see any gender bender pushers make a distinction between those suffering gender dysphoria and heterosexual men who have a fetish for dressing up like mum and becoming the women they desire. The later are obviously in the girls’ dunnys’ for a thrill (and probably outnumber the former by a considerable margin)

  12. Tel says:

    “To me, there are plenty of things about the ABC you can have a whack at before you start getting to this.”

    I’m willing to have a whack at their funding and how much of the tax money has been diverted to political causes.

    That said, Murdoch and Fairfax also seem able to get a suck on the public sauce bottle via government advertising and little extra boosters.

    The Government has announced a package of measures to help sustain Australian media businesses as they do their vital work of keeping the community informed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Ha ha … “vital work”!!!

    Lol … “community informed”!!!

    This guy is good, it’s the way he tells em.

    Look, I’m gonna take the Libertarian position … drag queen story hour is only a problem because the conservatives stood back and allowed taxpayer funding of public libraries.

    Every public resource always gets taken over by Leftists … usually for political purposes … when you encourage such a public funded resource, it’s a fair presumption that you wanted that outcome. Complaining about the symptom without considering the cause won’t help much.

  13. C.L. says:

    Every public resource always gets taken over by Leftists

    Conquest’s second law of politics: “Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.”

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