Johnny Baby and The Soccer Bawls

FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s Freckles Declaration must be a contender for the most hilarious exercise in woke-corporate reality-mangling of the year. But the interesting thing about this Swiss-Italian grifter’s attempt to eke out woke virtue from such unpromising raw material – a World Cup host that doesn’t like homosexuality and is almost as keen on slavery as Antebellum Democrats – was not the bizarre anaphora but the righteous dénouement. The Western world has no authority to preach “moral lessons” to Qatar, Infantino insisted. He’s right. Sure, he was cynically finessing a PR embarrassment from the left – from the old staging ground of colonialism, exploitation, racism, etc – but even an expedient truth is potable to the parched. Qatar is wise to quarantine its citizens from the virus of obsession with homosexuality and is entitled to bounce carriers from the crowds. It would be preferable for the emir to protect the safety and human dignity of his subjects without exception, certainly. But if he and his counsellors believe debauchery inevitably follows legislated equalisation of sexual orientations – along with SSM, ‘gender transitioning’ and child mutilation – the shameful, ever-accumulating evidence proves they’re right.

Qatar should keep its chin up. It is 35 places above Ukraine on the Human Development Index and its reputation for harsh treatment of the gay is nowhere near as disgraceful as that newly admired nation’s. Qataris have a right to be angered by the Socceroos ordering the “decriminalisation of all same-sex relationships” in their country – casually overruling global Islamic orthodoxy – but not scolding Europe’s capital of old-time poofter-bashing. They should rest assured the team’s passion won’t last longer than it needs to, financially. Full disclosure: I’ve never watched a game of soccer in my life but I know that nothing better demonstrates the vulnerability of left-wing piety than the grievance-whispering that attends its quadrennial derby. The so-called woke – a new name for communists – don’t really care about talking down to the brown or colonising with sameness the obstinately diverse. One thing alone could have influenced non-Western nations to enact reforms intended to leave homosexuals in some degree of peace, free from violence: temperance. Instead, the rolling violence against marriage, the heterosexually-based family (there being no other kind), faith-based education and children’s innocence has caused most of the world’s peoples to garrison the inch before it becomes a mile. Who could blame them?

Angela Shanahan on a cultural catastrophe: Gay marriage has given our society little to celebrate.
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  1. cuckoo says:

    Can’t get through to the Shanahan article, but occasionally I am moved to ponder by the deafening silence in the wake of legislated ‘gay marriage’. The last time I even saw it mentioned was during the lockdown. ABC was running a news item about marriages being postponed by restrictions and to illustrate it they ran footage of what counts for them as a run-of-the-mill, everyday nuptial: two ‘women’, of whom the ‘bride’ would make Divine look like Audrey Hepburn. The crowd of freakish guests would have had Fellini calling on them to turn it down a notch.

  2. Baba says:


  3. Old School Conservative says:

    Andrew Bolt has been doing a sterling job of pointing out the “rolling violence” against Christians.
    Marriage, heterosexually-based family, faith-based education, children’s innocence, and Christianity in general – all sacrificed on the altar of creeping communism.

  4. C.L. says:

    Angela Shanahan:

    This week marked the fifth anniversary of Australia supporting same-sex marriage in a postal vote. Now we are being reassured by same-sex marriage advocates that “society has not fallen apart”.

    Think again. If the punitive ­coercion suffered by people who did not support gay marriage ­during the period preceding the vote didn’t convince you that this was not just about marriage, but about the gradual imposition of a radical agenda on the whole of ­society, then look what has happened since.

    If the dissolution of society as we know it was an exaggeration, a furious expression of frustrated Christians angry at seeing the social verities of the past falling away, people might start looking at their local school and see what sorts of things are being taught to their children. The notion that our sexual identity is fluid and not fixed is now accepted in most government schools, and challenging that view is impossible.

    It has already been raised as a problem if a religious anti-discrimination bill is ever passed, and activists are now fixated on making it harder to challenge the trans agenda even in private and systemic Catholic schools. In Canada, despite assurances and a preamble to the law, Catholic schools are having a very difficult time teaching Catholic precepts on marriage and sexuality, and in the US many individuals and groups are being punished for what amounts to thought crime, prompting a conservative backlash.

    The real problem with the Marriage Equality fight was the fight itself. It was never a civilised discussion in a civilised environment. It was bare-knuckle and nasty from the Yes side, from daubing vile slogans on church walls to ridiculing and denouncing people on social media. I know, I went through it. And it goes on.

    It has spread beyond marriage, to the trans agenda. I recently wrote a column about a woman who started an app for women and girls called Giggle. This woman was threatened with a human rights action over the very nature of the people for whom her app was intended, women, by a transsexual person who thought they should not be discriminated against because they identified as a woman. These are the two great mantras of the new society” “Discrimination” and “Identity”. It will only get worse.

    Go back to the case of Israel Folau. Freedom of expression was not available to Folau who as a believing Mormon did not support same-sex marriage. Not only did he lose his job as Australia’s star rugby player but other players who supported him and did not support SSM were told not to say anything. Meanwhile, those who supported the Yes vote were allowed to speak out. Rugby Australia undermined their freedom of expression about conscientiously held views, becoming, in effect, the arbiters of their conscience.

    An even graver case was Archbishop Julian Porteous who, as a preliminary salvo to the same-sex marriage vote, was dragged before the Human Rights board in Tasmania for disseminating a booklet outlining Catholic teaching on marriage to Catholic students. The complainant was not protesting about the church’s ban on remarriage after divorce or any of the teachings about marriage and fertility tied to the vows which married Catholics must make. No, this was an opener in the battle for same-sex marriage. The agenda of the Equality movement was not about equality at all: it was about trying to muzzle the view that the family, based on a generative relationship, is the bedrock of society which has been common to all societies of all religious persuasions since time immemorial.

    Meanwhile, the trans agenda has inserted itself into the centre of right think. Who says society as we know it hasn’t declined?

    Consequently, the number of cases of well-meaning ordinary people being denounced on social media, or to the human rights apparatuses and even pushed out of positions for stating quite ordinary views on marriage, the family and sexual identity is increasing, and freedom of expression – and particularly of religious expression – is being undermined.

    Andrew Thorburn is an ordinary man who happened to be at a church nine years before when his minister expressed moral views not in line with the Equality mantra. Thorburn is chair of the City on a Hill church, which Essendon football club pronounced has views in “direct contradiction to our values as a club”. So, a football club, assuming a prior moral authority to the church, forced his resignation as the club’s CEO.

    Not surprisingly, it was this case that has awakened the general public to the danger that now awaits anyone. Not only could someone dig up a sermon a pastor gave nine years before and still hold you to account, but how long before, Torquemada-like, you are taken to the inquisitors of the board of the company for which you work, or the school where you teach, or any governing body?

    It is well known that in most echelons of the public service various topics of conversation, especially those dealing with sex and family issues, are off the table. The endorsement of Thorburn’s removal by the AFL and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews highlights the frightening seriousness of this. It has made a mockery of the idea that we have equality of expression, and the real fault line is freedom of religion.

  5. Baba says:

    The day surgery ward in the Royal Queensland Children’s Hospital is plastered with posters promoting the trans agenda.

    There’s a powerful LGBTIQ mafia running wild and unchecked within Queensland Health. Any staff member who is perceived to be not supportive risks being targeted with discrimination complaints.

  6. jupes says:

    In a competition full of virtue signaling pansies like Australia’s soccer team, who made a video about ‘human rights’, or the Poms who took a knee, or the Germans, who made some pro-homo gesture, we have this actual hero, who put his life in danger by saying this:

  7. Not Trampis says:

    Folau is not a believing mormon. He was. A proper journalist would know that.
    One of the worst aspects of so-called Christian influence was the gaoling of homosexuals. Please note neither formicators nor adulters were ever gaoled.
    Leave Jesus to determine the fate of those who do not believe.

    CL like others is blind to heterosexual debauchery. This was apparent to anyone well before same sex marriage or the advent of transgenderism

  8. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    Still unable to provide any actual data to support your assertions about coal and ruinable electricity generation? Colour me unsurprised.

    Here’s another bit of the puzzle. The federal government is putting up around $20 billion towards the estimated $80 billion cost of the extra transmission lines needed to connect distributed ruinable generators to their customer base (lines that were unnecessary with coal fired generators). But the CSIRO estimates that the full cost of the additional transmission lines could be around $500 billion.

    Please provide a full economic analysis of the possible impact of this infrastructure on electricity bills. Economics is your nominal specialisation, isn’t it? Or is your actual specialisation bovine excrement?

  9. C.L. says:

    Please note neither formicators nor adulters were ever gaoled.

    Both were crimes under either ecclesiastical or civil tort law in Europe for several hundred years. Oops.

    Adultery is still a criminal offence in 16 US states and a misdemeanor in several.

    Sodomy is contrary to nature (which is why it is one of the four sins that “cry to Heaven for vengeance” in Sacred Scripture). This set it apart from other sexual infractions. You would know this if you were more familiar with the Bible that Catholics painstakingly compiled long before the constipated Martin Luther strained at his toilet to find a way to run off with a nun.

  10. Riversutra says:

    Meanwhile, back at the football, the German team made sure to pose for a pre match photo with them all having hands clamped over their mouths in protest that their captain couldn’t virtue signal with his “one love” armband to show their woke solidarity with the alphabet people.
    Japan, not on this bandwagon, promptly defeated them.
    If Germany lose their next match to Spain, pretty much all over for this Cup. Out first round.
    All over so quick but hey, they’ll always have that photo.

  11. cuckoo says:

    Please note neither formicators nor adulters were ever gaoled.

    What were they doing to those poor ants?

  12. Not Trampis says:

    pray give us examples people gaoled for fornication and adultery. you can’t oops
    If either were gaoled there would not be enough prisons!

    sin is sin. god deals with it not governments.

    Woke is about values principally racism bit apparently is now to do with minorities as well. communism has to do with the public sector owning all the assets in a society. Marx said nothing about values but probably thought all humans were altruistic by nature. he was wrong.

    A person who confuses or conflates the two is remarkably ignorant. .

  13. NFA says:

    Baba says:
    24 November, 2022 at 11:38 am

    Savour the anguish.

    Saudi Arabia beating The Argentinians!

  14. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    A person who confuses or conflates the two is remarkably ignorant. .

    As ignorant as someone who makes multiple assertions about coal fired and ruinable electricity generation, and is unable to provide any real data to support those assertions? That “remarkably ignorant”?

  15. JohnJJJ says:

    The great absurdity of all this is that there is plenty of gaydom in the Gulf countries including Qatar and Saudi. Just ask any of the homos from Oz who have been and worked there. It is just behind closed doors. Every one knows about it. They, Islam, (similar to the orthodox Russians) do not want it to be promoted in public. They see the public sphere as the place where children learn about life, families and become stable adults. Pretty simple really.

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