Who Dis Jacinta Up On Dat Nag?

She’s caught in a vortex that reminds me of Pauline Hanson 26 years ago … it’s a celebrity vortex. It’s very compelling, it gets her out in front of people and it gets a lot of cheers. But it’s also a redneck celebrity vortex and ultimately… it involves right-wing people, particularly the Sydney and Melbourne-based right-wing think tanks – the Institute of Public Affairs and the Centre for Independent Studies. They’re the string-pullers who have lined up behind Jacinta. This has been a campaign in the making of the past three years and their strategy was to find a black fella to punch down on other black fellas.”

Noel Pearson demonstrates what will happen to anybody who questions the Voice
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17 Responses to Who Dis Jacinta Up On Dat Nag?

  1. Lee says:

    I am sure that the ABC will be very quick to leap to Price’s defence.

    Pearson should stick to outing faux-Aborigines.

  2. Pommy Al says:

    So Pearson isn’t caught in a vortex of pseudo faux aboriginal leftist wankers.
    Give me Jacinta Price any day of the week.
    Being honest and genuine works for me.

  3. Dunny Brush says:

    Wish somebody would have the guts to audit the Cape York Institute.

  4. Cassie of Sydney says:

    The CIS is hardly right-wing……centre right perhaps. It hosted KRudd a week or two ago.

  5. Not Trampis says:

    Price was embarrassing at the press conference. the Nationals were lying their heads off.

    Pearson is right. the media are concentrating on her opposition rather than her cringing remarks. Indeed there were quite hansonite

  6. Buccaneer says:

    How long before they call her an Uncle Tom?

  7. Boambee John says:


    IIRC, she has already been called a “coconut”.

  8. C.L. says:

    Aunt Jemima is the female equivalent, I believe.

  9. Entropy says:

    Very telling that anyone opposing the voice is either racist, or if they arrested aboriginal themselves, punching down. The irony of someone with Pearson’s income and lifetime earnings (or someone like Burney for that matter) accusing Price of “punching down” is hilarious.

  10. NFA says:

    Pearson is a farqwit.

  11. NFA says:

    What is the origin of Pearson’s tribal name – Pearson?

  12. Jannie says:


    What is the origin of Pearson’s tribal name – Pearson?

    Piers was adopted by the English from the Old French “Pierre” and “Piers,” introduced by the Normans after the Conquest in 1066. Pierson, Peirson, and finally Pearson emerged as surnames in Norman England. Others suggest Pierson’s origins in the northeast of England and of Viking inheritance.

  13. C.L. says:

    Brilliant. She aint playing.

  14. Roger says:

    Notable that the press promoted Pearson to the main arena to attack Jacinta Price on the Voice. And that he was only too willing to oblige.

  15. Lee says:

    Apparently it’s okay though for Pearson “to punch down” on another “black fella” (Price).

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