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Let’s check in on the values Brussels is fighting for in Ukraine

Police Scotland slammed for describing paedophiles as ‘minor-attracted people’ in major report.

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Andrews government flags new ‘muscular role’ for button men

An offer many won’t refuse: Victoria’s assisted dying law may be relaxed to remove GP gag. The restriction on medical practitioners was put in to recognise that many people have a lot of faith in their doctor and, if the … Continue reading

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One of those social factors is very obviously the hamburger

The heightened concern about black women's weight reflects the racist stigmatization of their bodies. It also ignores how interrelated social factors impact black women’s health. — Scientific American (@sciam) December 28, 2022

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Sunshine Tate

BRITTANY Higgins – not a victim of any known crime – recently demanded and received a seven-figure bonanza from Australian taxpayers because the Albanese government thought she’d earned it. Despite there being no proof she was ever sexually assaulted, the … Continue reading

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You have to earn the right to mock and humiliate brown people

Kamahl slams ABC host as ‘bully with a black soul’ amid calls for him to be sacked over comment.

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Remember that ‘Russian mobile crematoria’ claim? It was fake

This is real: Oregon proposes mobile abortion clinics to abort babies in ‘communities of color.’

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Churchill cosplay only for Russia

We shall not fight them on the breaches: Offer on table for China trade deal. Trade Minister Don Farrell has signalled ahead of a trip to Beijing that the Albanese government is prepared to withdraw two World Trade Organisation cases … Continue reading

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When the victim is a white woman, the outrage is “knee-jerk”

Killing of Emma Lovell should not prompt ‘knee-jerk’ youth crime crackdown, advocate warns.

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“I was almost in tears… Like he has nothing bigger to do”

Ron DeSantis offered Libs of TikTok founder refuge at Governor’s Mansion after she was doxxed.

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You only get one Bondy and one Anthony Albanese in a lifetime

Rio Tinto and partners could receive $450m in government compensation for coal price cap. In this case, I’m talking about those who are trying to regulate gas prices in Europe. But they obey the Americans in everything, constantly bowing and … Continue reading

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A Good Voice To Beg Bacon

Yes, the intention is to create a third chamber and anyone who denies that is a fabulist or a cretin IN what may have been the most revealing but unnoticed Friday news dump of the year, co-author of the Uluru … Continue reading

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Top cop takes a moment to remember The System

Tributes for mother killed in alleged home invasion, with fresh calls for tougher youth crime law. We can’t arrest our way out of this. We’re working with other government agencies and non-government agencies to make the system a safer place … Continue reading

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Beer, Cigs, Bribes Up

Not a typo: Queensland politics: Public service wages bill blows out further to $129 billion.

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Violent Night, Wholly Trite

Video: The men of the Azov Regiment build and burn a Viking ship to evoke Odin for the solstice. Nazi ideologists claimed the Christian elements of the holiday had been superimposed on ancient Germanic traditions. They argued Christmas Eve originally … Continue reading

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Hello, Queensland Police? I want to report some nazi extremism

■ Copper-karen Tracy Linford wants the public to dob in critics of government to Crime Stoppers. ■ She was in the news back in April: Images of Adolf Hitler revealed in domestic violence training.

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A toujours été, sera toujours terre Française

I do hope Australia’s ‘First Nations’ stand in solidarity with the invaded and racism-plagued French.

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Happy Christmas

From the entire staff, thank you for making the site an enjoyable nook in the net to crew in 2022.

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Pullin’ A China Sop

IT seems governments nowadays can segue from one steadfast policy to another and media gizzard whisperers act like nothing happened, however ridiculous the switcheroo. Winston Smith knew the phenomenon well: “There was, of course, no admission that any change had … Continue reading

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