Beer, Cigs, Bribes Up

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  1. Riversutra says:

    Can’t touch this…Deputy Commissar Tracey Linford has warned of the consequences of criticizing the Government.
    but one must wonder how to sustain this largesse given the need to ban coal and gas royalties? I’m sure they have a solution. Interstate tax on tourists? Oh hell, just drill the reef and say it was Eastasia…or was it Eurasia? I can never tell them apart.

  2. C.L. says:

    Note that Treasurer Dick was off by $1.5 billion in the June budget re public service wages bill.

    Do you know any certified accountants that bad?

  3. Buccaneer says:

    The Dennis Denuto of accountants

  4. Roger W says:

    It’s not cheap, buying votes in the Sunshine State.

  5. A reader says:

    Queensland will only get worse now that the SE corner has been filled by Victorians and inner city Sydneyites who took their politics with them. It’s the only logical explanation for the greens’ success in May. Those with money fled. Those of us in western Sydney who had the actual restrictions we toughed it out.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I recall when Campbell Newman came in he fired about 20,000 pubic servants. The state seemed to get along just fine without them. Then Ponygirl won the election and immediately rehired them all.

    Got to keep the vote slaves happy.

  7. Tel says:

    I will say one thing in favour of the NSW Liberals … they don’t loot the public treasury quite as bad as the loony leftists do.

    The left see tax money as a prize to be grabbed and handed out to the most loyal followers. You get more honour from pirates.

    Those with money fled. Those of us in western Sydney who had the actual restrictions we toughed it out.

    Don’t doubt for a moment that the Queenslanders are figuring out how to separate the newcomers from their money. Give it another six months and wait for some kind of relocation tax … retrospective no doubt.

  8. NFA says:

    Whatever happened to ‘Palace-chooks’ plan to charge locals a % of land tax on property owned in another State?

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