Top Gun in a supermax, bottom feeder in her lounge room

Mr Miralis said it was unprecedented to have an Australian citizen with no criminal history placed on inmate restrictions akin to people who had been convicted of terrorist offences and multiple homicides.

“In 22 years of practising criminal law with a specialisation in extradition I have yet to see something as remarkable as this,” he said outside court.

“We’ve been told the Australian Federal Police do not regard him as a risk, we’ve been told the attorney-general’s department do not regard him as a risk.”

We are concerned there may have been some foreign interference encouraging the corrective services minister to take this dramatic course of action.”
They said foreign interference was a threat to the Australian rule of law – and they were right!
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7 Responses to Top Gun in a supermax, bottom feeder in her lounge room

  1. Entropy says:

    The treatment of that former marine is so strange I would have to suspect we don’t know the full story.
    As for the ISIS bride, nothing will come of it. The government already allowed her to come back, why charge her for what she did nine years ago?

  2. Not Trampis says:

    two different cases entirely.

    Have you been able to discern that yet. hint the lady was granted bail.

  3. Boambee John says:

    More unsupported assertions. What else is to be expected from a pre-school failure?

  4. C.L. says:

    two different cases entirely.

    Right. Only one is of them is charged with a terrorism offence.

    Strange how clean-skin Duggan is in the dock for allegedly taking money from China but Hunter Biden isn’t.

  5. Not Trampis says:

    Alas for you although you imply it she was never charged with being a terrorist.
    It is why she was granted bail.
    Why is the truth so hard for you to handle the truth?

  6. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis, sadly, still believes that repetition gives a statement the aura of truth. Had he passed pre-school, he might have learned that this is incorrect.

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