Jamie Isn’t Sure

I’m not sure that the imagery of Australian soldiers, who are here to serve our country, dealing with First Nations people in a way that sees them having to arrest them and place them in police vehicles and the like, is the imagery we really want for Australia.”

– Failed NT Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker on bringing in the AFP or the ADF
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5 Responses to Jamie Isn’t Sure

  1. Riversutra says:

    Three things of interest:
    “You cannot arrest your way out of these social problems …statement by Police Commissioner, taking the Qld line regards crime. Plus all Progressive jurisdictions.

    The pepper spray was used in a protest after ONE person tested positive and a whole town was locked down…only 14 months ago, never forget.

    Doesn’t like the look of army on the streets, didn’t stop Sydney and Melbourne, also only a little while ago. Never forget.

  2. C.L. says:

    You cannot arrest your way out of these social problems…

    As I’ve pointed out before, this is an international slogan used by police to excuse incompetence and lack of resolve when it comes to certain demographics.

    And it’s a tad late for Jamie to start worrying about our global image given Australia was one of the only Anglophone jurisdictions in the world where police used semi-autmatic rifles to shoot citizens with rubber bullets.

  3. Mantaray says:

    And don’t forget that when a black drug-addicted nutter tried to kill a couple of coppers at Yuendumu, the top cops threw those coppers under the bus when they defended themselves. THEN, that F’wit with the pointy Covid fascism-finger (Gunner; another fake Aborigine) ordered a BS trial.

    F the Labor elites!!

    BTW: I sent Albo the address of a renowned Thai Rub + Tuggery in Alice, but STILL no thank you FFS!

  4. Shy Ted says:

    You”ll all just have to wait for the vax to do it’ job.

  5. Christine says:

    It certainly is too late for Jamie (Jamie?) to start fretting over the imagery.

    But he would secretly love the ADF to sort things out for him.

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