The regime requires even basketball players to humbly comply

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4 Responses to The regime requires even basketball players to humbly comply

  1. Franx says:

    I don’t suppose the Pride (Proper noun, no less,) movement is a financial sponsor. In any case, sporting that emblem is akin to being marked a faith adherent. And yet they would have laughed at Noah.

  2. Old School Conservative says:

    Thos who refuse to wear the gay pride logo (no capitalisation on purpose) will be fully supported by their club and the NBL.
    No recriminations, sackings, suspensions, bitterness on social media – no blow back at all because the NBL have categorically stated Upon announcing the Pride Round, the NBL made clear the players would be free to choose whether they wanted to wear the Pride logo or not.
    How do I turn off my sarcasm font?

  3. Baba says:

    Why are Australian sports administrators seemingly so attracted to sodomy?

  4. Mantaray says:

    Baba. It’s always been the case that many gay footy coaches, scout masters, priests etc who have access to groups of young boys have taken the opportunity. In the same way that hetero swim coaches, PE teachers etc have jumped young girls when no-one was looking……

    Now that being a poof is OK by cops and politicians, the footy coaches have gone up the ranks to access their preferred “meat”……from the top.

    The Israel Folau debacle shows how it works. Normal bloke says poofterism is a sin in the bible…..poofters throw a hissy fit, and get 100% from the ex-coaches etc. RA loses $5 milliom bucks simply because they are so addicted to one-eye they can’t back down.

    What’s that to blokes in thrall to gayness? Alan Joyce is on ten times that, isn’t he?

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