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Formerly, Washington saw Daniel Ortega as a loathsome enemy

Now he’s acting like the FBI: Nicaraguan president bans Easter processions and attacks bishops.

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Radio Rwanda enabled a global disaster just to own the cons

It started with getting Trump. After that, each exposed lie had to be noise-swamped with a new lie.

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Premier Palaszczuk – whose abortion and euthanasia laws call to mind the Third Reich – says Labor wants to define humanity

This is our chance to do what we should have done two centuries ago. It is a moment that will define our humanity, our sense of fairness and a legacy we leave to our children.” – Path to Treaty bill … Continue reading

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That 70s Show

It’s Crime: Treasurer Jim Chalmers caps super tax breaks for accounts with more than $3 million.

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Awkwardly, this is also a prerequisite for appearing on the show

Russian President Vladimir Putin labelled a narcissist and vitriolic hater of the West on Q+A.

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Precious NT Police top brass play the victims in Rolfe debacle

Saturday’s bombing raid on these crystal-jawed saps by Vikki Campion was obviously a direct hit.

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Handless Man In Feckless War

The Economist: Military recruiters accused of rough tactics as they try to boost the headcount. Meanwhile, the “flamboyant” Lindsay Graham has said he’s happy for every Ukrainian to die.

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Let’s take a moment to laugh at the ABC and its famed ‘experts’

Covid-19 may have come from a Chinese lab, if you believe Donald Trump – but experts disagree.

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Thoughts & Prayers

David Marr, 75, claims Catholics with electrodes are hunting homosexuals in hundreds of schools.

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Ratchet Conservatism

The only thing that was sad is Lidia Thorpe had to make a protest and make a scene. This wasn’t about her last night. It should be about the fact that we have moved on as a society and we … Continue reading

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The never-ending suffering of contemporary Australian women

Yawn: Women share difficulties and stigma around accessing abortion care with Senate inquiry.

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Probie Dick: The “perfect choice for kids,” says Chelsea Clinton

Children’s book series about ‘inspiring women’ to publish biography of Rachel Richard Levine.

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She may be a communist lunatic but she isn’t entirely wrong

You can’t take money from the public if you won’t share the values of the public.” – The AEU’s Correna Haythorpe wants Christian schools shut down

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Stalinist hero of Ukrainian ‘democracy’ tells off Americans

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In Sydney, police protect the groomers and traffic the children

Rival protesters clash outside ‘drag queen story time’ – police escort parents and children inside.

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This must be the upper limit of the burden “sneaked” can bear

The Financial Review: Only Putin was given a heads-up. How Biden sneaked into a war zone.

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The ATO wants the public to anonymously dob on the growers

I’d tip ’em off to a raid. More than $31m worth of illegal tobacco seized, destroyed in rural Victoria.

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The Nero Protocol

A brief history of how the security state packaged and promoted two Beijing-class bullshit stories AT 9.30 p.m. on 21 December 2016, gay rights zealot Jaden Duong parked a hired van loaded with four 9kg gas tanks in front of … Continue reading

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