The Romper Stomper Racket

A day after Anthony Albanese silently endorsed Westboro-style terrorism at St Mary’s Cathedral…

As a result of a discussion we held last night, I agreed to invite the director general of Asio, Mark Burgess, along, to talk about the rise of right-wing extremism in particular, the so-called sovereign citizens and other issues as well, and we had a high level national security briefing on that for the premier and chief ministers.

I reiterate that the commonwealth will always make available our senior national security advisers to state and territory governments, to deal with the challenges that are there of keeping people safe and protecting our internal security issues as well, right around the country.

“So-called” is a qualifier that sovereign citizens and “national cabinet” should have in common but the latter is in a class of its own as a menace to liberty. Invited to this socialist soirée like a strip-o-gram in a pop-out cake, Burgess must have known what was expected of him: the usual balderdash about the ‘rising threat’ of nazis. Meanwhile in England, the Australian government is now training Ukrainian ‘recruits’ (of unknown backgrounds) how to kill. In Ukraine, nazis are not performative spectres thought-bubbled to troll the cons. They’re the real deal. They have that in common with the ISIS brides recently chaperoned back into the country after their WAG sabbatical in the Middle East. Guess whose attitude to Jews theirs resembles.

This pas de deux between Western states and intelligence agencies about “right-wing extremism” was turbo-charged at the height of state lawlessness during the pandemic. Violent, criminal leaders who had driven nations to the precipice of anarchy needed patsies and spies needed to be needed – which is to say, funded. As the Russia Hoax, Laptop From Hell and Twitter Files demonstrate, this symbiosis is the biggest threat to democracy, national comity and the rule of law in the West today. In Australia, it is Labor governments and the ABC – not birdbrained Mein Kampf fetishists – that sow racial, religious and cultural enmity on a daily basis. The more out-there the left becomes, the more nazis it needs; the more it finds, the less extreme it hopes to seem. At yesterday’s funeral for Cardinal George Pell, the tactics of a right-wing US hate group were given a Radio Rwanda green light – qui tacet consentire videtur – by all members of “national cabinet.” But it was anti-Catholic hate and therefore welcome. Every one of them is a disgrace.

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  1. SydGal says:

    Franx – (apologies for previous misspelling)- Milligan told the Adelaide Writers Festival in 2020 that she got a copy of the unredacted Operation Plangere Report and the substantiated suicide from clergy CSA was Emma Foster. There is an audio recording online.

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