“I am writing to tell you that I will not address you as Mike”

“The grandmother’s letter is tremendous. Eloquent, loving, firm. A true example of maternal love.”
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3 Responses to “I am writing to tell you that I will not address you as Mike”

  1. Leon L. says:

    Thanks C.L.
    We will all need more than grandma’s faith and courage in the years ahead.
    It is very telling that the granddaughter cries continually through the video.
    All adolescents are confused over their sexuality for a time.
    The notion that in the teen years, your views will never change is so wrong.
    How did “first do no harm” mutate into irreversible mutilation of innocent children?

  2. Franx says:

    I don’t understand.
    What is it exactly, that changes when the particular child identifies as Mike.
    There is nothing that she is not able to do as a girl that she would be able to do as a boy – given that the barrier between the sexes has been the focus of antidiscrimination. It is therefore most odd that precisely when difference has been eliminated that difference has become fetishised.The forced, inauthentic claims to an alternate sexual identity are not then about dealing with cultural norms but, I now tend to think, are really about challenging the divine – saying that God has no part in my existence, I owe nothing to the divine, that I am a creature of my own creation (or the creature of manipulative forces, surrounding me).
    I’m trying to understand.

  3. Rosie says:

    It’s so sad that this poor girl has invested her all into becoming a female eunuch.
    Someone has to tell her.

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