Unity Thicket

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  1. Petros says:

    Maybe Pauline needs to replace herself with another Malcolm Roberts. He kicks goals for the party. Latham, too. They need people who are active across the different media platforms. Quiet backbenchers are not going to be noticed let alone effect change.

  2. Christine says:

    I’ve had buckets of contumely tipped over me –
    years of support for One Nation is my crime
    But I don’t mind

  3. Petros says:

    Well there’s a word I didn’t know. Contumely.

  4. Crusader says:

    Latham has answers! Did anyone ask him a question? Goodness. I thought (maybe hoped) he’d fallen into a crack in pavement. The biggest thug and hypocrite ever to run for the PM job.

  5. Franx says:

    Christine – now you’ve done it. Crusader is experimenting with contumely towards someone, anyone.

  6. Davey Boy says:

    anything referencing the Crusades is a no no these days, time to cancel oneself methinks.

  7. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “The biggest thug and hypocrite ever to run for the PM job.”

    LOL…nup, that honour belongs to “smash her”, “smash her”, “I fight Tories”, Anthony Albanese. Albanese’s thuggery has been known to many for decades.

  8. jupes says:

    One Nation has my vote. Liberals last. I met my local member campaigning yesterday. We had a polite conversation in which I informed him I would put him last on the ballot. He pretended not to know that Liberal Party policies were Green policies. Asked me which ones. I gave him a few. His only comeback was when I mentioned the ban on offshore oil exploration. He said “Yes, but only off shore.” I smiled. He knew. No more comebacks after that and when I finished, he thanked me for my feedback.

  9. Entropy says:

    Latham has mostly always had good policy instincts. It was very disappointing watching him as opposition leader, because his policies were so out of character. He had obviously sold his soul to the left to get the position.
    I think there has been some redemption since.

  10. jupes says:

    I think there has been some redemption since.

    Hands down the best retail politician in Australia.

  11. Bluey says:

    I’ve said it before, the former Labor right is pretty much where most Aussies sit politically. Reckon One nation sits there now, but people don’t recognize it. Yet.

  12. Boambee John says:

    Pauline Hanson was originally elected in Bill Hayden’s old, solid Labor, coal mining seat of Oxley, based on Ipswich when coal was not yet Haram.

    Just sayin’.

  13. Not Trampis says:

    firstly you do not run for PM. you are elected as leader of your party if you have the numbers in the HoR. Secondly Latham in 2004 had a quite conservative policy platform.

    Lastly one nation wants more coal fired power stations as well as nuclear power for NSW. That guarantees higher prices for a long time although the earliest station would be built in 8 years time.

  14. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    How long will it take, and at what cost, to build sufficient solar and wind generators and “firming” back-up, and the necessary new transmission lines, to provide the reliable, continuous electricity supply to support an advanced industrial civilisation in Australia?

  15. Buccaneer says:

    The Trampis, you have a hide coming back here after being comprehensively embarrassed about your criticism of Seymour Hersh, you still have that trash up on your unread blog. If you take it down, you might gain some credibility.

  16. Entropy says:

    Well, it seems at least one person has read it… just saying’.

  17. Buccaneer says:

    Entopy, the Trampis left in a huff 7 days ago so he would not need to back up his assertions in this thread. https://thecurrencylad.com/2023/02/13/attack-of-the-killer-distraction-balloons/#comments

    As you can see, he decided to come here and pretend that he had some massive scoop that made him smarter than everyone on this blog. However, he had not posted it on his own blog when he made the oblique references.

    He has not taken down the link, I simply went there to call him to account. If you can find a single comment on his blog of fetid regurgitation of leftist drone talking points, I’ll buy you a round of beers.

  18. Not Trampis says:

    I’m sorry the article that claimed Stoltenberg was used in Vietnam when he was 16!!

  19. Buccaneer says:

    Prove it’s wrong, I’ve seen members of the youth versions of the major parties threaten candidates for seats at that age.

  20. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    Still unable to answer the most basic questions about construction times and costs of ruinables generators? I am beginning to think that you actually have bugger all knowledge of the subject, and can only regurgitate rubbish from alarmist websites.

    Prove me wrong.

  21. Jannie says:

    Non Mentis is is a lefty dullard who is too insensitive to understand that his misinformed hypocrisy is clear to all. But he enjoys it because he gets more attention here than he does on his own Blog, because his own Blog is putrid.

  22. Buccaneer says:

    His blog is superfluous. The MSM already cover pretty much all his schtick and he adds no insight that couldn’t be had for free on the ABC with more feelz.

    Ironically, he has no insight that the ABC is cutting his lunch.

  23. Wyndham Dix says:

    I’ve had buckets of contumely tipped over me

    Well there’s a word I didn’t know. Contumely.

    If I recall correctly, a presenter on ABC Radio long ago called a former Prime Minister, who shall remain nameless, the Prince of Contumely.

  24. Crusader says:

    Latham is the sort of bloke you quietly walk away from in a pub.

  25. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “Crusader says:
    20 February, 2023 at 3:45 pm
    Latham is the sort of bloke you quietly walk away from in a pub.”

    I’ve met Latham in a pub and he is very entertaining and informative.

    Given your ramblings here, I reckon people walk away from you all the time.

  26. Lee says:

    With extremely few exceptions I’d take Latham over every other politician in Australia.

    That includes Labor, LNP, Greens, Teal, or whatever.

  27. Crusader says:

    Thanks Cassie. You are very astute. I think I’d smell you a mile off.

  28. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    That guarantees higher prices for a long time although the earliest station would be built in 8 years time.

    The latest estimate (guess?) is that Turdball’s Snowy 2 brain fart could cost up to $20 billion. At the current tunnel boring rate, it might be finished in around 20 years. A coal fired generator could, by your estimate, be completed in under half the time, and will produce reliable output continuously, unlike Snowy 2, which will only produce for a short period, and even then only if the upper reservoir is full when needed.

    PS, got those cost and time estimates for a fully renewable, firmed, system yet? Or are they too depressing for your case?

  29. Buccaneer says:

    The unions are now trying to tell us tunnelling is too hazardous to workers health that all tunnelling should be banned https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-03-16/brisbane-tunnel-workers-at-risk-of-lung-disease-from-silica/8358778

  30. Boambee John says:


    Jo Nova has a good piece today on the cost blowouts and future environmental costs of Snowy 2. It makes a couple of nuclear reactors look like a bargain cost-wise. The environmental costs in terms of feral species alone will be disastrous.

  31. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “I think I’d smell you a mile off.”

    No you wouldn’t.

  32. John of Mel says:

    Stoltenberg was used in Vietnam

    Is this the same Stoltenberg who admitted that NATO has been at war with Russia since 2014?
    Start at 6min mark.

  33. Crusader says:

    Buccaneer: today’s media is spoon fed by unions. In this case the Nine celebrity reporter Adele Ferguson has produced yet another of her campaign pieces for the union movement. No doubt she will get another Walkley Award and some more interviews on the ABC. Her track record is quite remarkably aligned with union publicity campaigns.

  34. Buccaneer says:

    It’s what they don’t report that exposes them, if the tunneling under sydney harbour is a health risk then so are the much longer tunnels for Snowy Hydro. Only one makes the news.

  35. Crusader says:

    Clearly silicosis is a risk. But that has been known for longer than even asbestosis. What is noticeable about this “news” is that it was preceded by a PR launch by the ACTU and attributes the AWU at the start. There’s no indication of any evidence that numb ears are any higher, just a few references to “rising” and “fears of”. Looks to me like a go at the contractors on tunnels.

  36. Boambee John says:

    As usual, whenever he is challenged on the specifics of ruinables, Non Mentis disappears from the offending to head.

  37. Buccaneer says:

    How is that payback time on electric vehicles https://premium.goauto.com.au/ev-running-costs-shock/

  38. Boambee John says:


    Forget about payback time, given that the availability of lithium for batteries is limited, they are not going to be used widely anyway.

  39. Buccaneer says:

    Part 2 BJ, https://premium.goauto.com.au/are-evs-greener-than-ice-vehicles/ and you are right, does no one realise we will run out of lithium well before we run out of oil? Or is that the plan?

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