Stalinist hero of Ukrainian ‘democracy’ tells off Americans

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43 Responses to Stalinist hero of Ukrainian ‘democracy’ tells off Americans

  1. NFA says:

    Look at all those Republican ‘Putin Lovers’.

    The FBI will be working overtime to round them all up.

  2. Entropy says:

    Lose NATO?

    Oh, nooooo!
    Think about how much money the US would save.

  3. C.L. says:

    As one commenter on that Twitter thread observes, “your terms are acceptable.”

  4. Lee says:

    It takes a special kind of psychopath to be threatening the country which has already helped you out to the tune of many billions of dollars.

    Zelensky is most definitely not another Churchill.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I suspect he’s read some US history, starting with a place called South Vietnam.
    American pollies are not the most trustworthy of people, especially those on the Left.

    It’s been interesting this one, since the protests against the Vietnam War all came from the Left. This time the opposition to the Z War is from the right, and there are no protests, just resentment. But the Left are fickle and can turn on a dime without any self consciousness of hypocrisy, so Mr Z better be a bit careful.

    On the other hand Don Surber says the only notable thing about Joe is he stays bought.

  6. Buccaneer says:

    It easy to volunteer someone else’s children to fight your war. Don’t expect the defund people to start hand wringing over the sacrifice of Ukraines young men.

  7. Nix says:

    It is of course critical that Ukrainians give up their families to Putin and embrace the gentle emperor. Bucha is such a fine example of the future.

  8. Nix says:

    Of course Putin knows he has your attention. One for you CL: “And they’re recognizing same-sex marriages,” he said. “That’s fine that they’re adults. They’ve got the right to live their life. And we always, we’re very tolerant about this in Russia. Nobody is trying to enter private lives of people, and we’re not going to do this.”
    See what he did there?

  9. Buccaneer says:

    Nix, all you have is strawmanning other peoples posts, it’s lame.

  10. Nix says:

    What I have buccaneer is a belief that Ukrainians do not deserve to thrown to the wolves just because the US has a shambolic political environment. Some people here seem wholly happy to parrot the propaganda of an invader. You call it strawmanning. I call it a contrary opinion.

  11. Nix says:

    And for fans of Fox News – esp Tucker Carlson, we have the extraordinary evidence of his lying and venality.
    Looking forward to his days in the witness box.

  12. Buccaneer says:

    Nix, if you’re truly posting a contrary opinion and not just strawmanning people here you will have no trouble posting the comments where someone on this blog has said that the Ukrainians should be thrown to the wolves.

    What many people here think is that the Biden regime has already effectively thrown the Ukrainian people to the wolves by provoking war with Russia. Call it for the furtherment of nato, or just to cover hunters time in Ukraine, I don’t really care. The important point is that you are cheering it on.

  13. Not Trampis says:

    Why is CL considered a joke. Zelensky is described as a Stalinist. oops was he elected. Yes he was and in convincing manner and most independent observers thought the elections were free and fair unlike say err Russia.
    Zelensky is off course right. If NATO allowed Russia to win it would become a laughing stock and russia would show that committing war crimes pays well.
    Russia would attempt to further expand

  14. Buccaneer says:

    US hegemony was already a joke after they left $80b of hardware in Afghanistan. It became a bigger joke when the afghans started selling that to Russia.

    NATO has been a joke for a long time, with largely only the US funding it. At least Trump tried to rescue its image by getting the countries it supposedly protects to contribute a reasonable amount.

    Trampis, if anyone is off course, it’s you. Go back to smearing Seymour Hersh.

  15. Crusader says:

    Buccaneer: I would like you to explain to me why the constant references to Ukraine’s alleged Nazis is not a plain a justification of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Not to mention the frequent references to Ukraine (not) joining NATO etc.
    It is simply disengenuous to say that anyone but Putin brought on the invasion. It’s also an immoral denial of the situation Ukrainians people find themselves in.

  16. Buccaneer says:

    Crusader, you have been provided plenty of evidence both of actual Nazis in Ukraine and the glorification of Stephan Bandera in the Ukrain Parliament, one of the most extreme adherents of Nazi ideology in history, via links in previous posts. I will not go back to dig them all out because you are too lazy to read them and provide anything other than a hollow rant about morals.

    You’ve also been provided plenty of links showing the Biden regime openly provoking conflict prior to the invasion.

    Your position on this is one dimensional, you refuse to acknowledge that the actions of the Biden regime could have been less antagonistic towards the Russians and you helplessly cling to the idea that somehow the US and NATO will outcompete Russian and China in the population and supply challenges of an extended conflict.

    If you are relying on a feckless Biden admin to win the war in Ukraine, perhaps you should look at the debacle in Afghanistan to examine whether you really want these people poking the bear of possible nuclear conflict. Hand wringing and saying bad man putin might do bad things is totally stupid, as that’s exactly what bad people do, bad things. But Putin’s actions have not been illogical, just informed by a different set of information, a set you and the Biden admin refuse to countenance, even though he keeps telling you all his reference points for his decision-making.

    I happen to not at all agree with the conclusions that Putin has come to in his decision making or his rhetoric, but solving this impasse is not going to happen with your approach or Biden’s or Zelinskys for that matter. Russia won’t dissolve in this conflict.

  17. Crusader says:

    Buccaneer: cute. You fail to mention that I have provided multiple links to serious research that demonstrates without doubt that much of what you offer as “evidence” is simply fake Russian propaganda. You ignored it. This is because you prefer propaganda. There is no “solving this impasse” when someone rolls tanks onto your home. You either concede or fight.
    What you want is to appease the invader, Hitler-style. And we know where that led.

  18. Crusader says:

    I’d also note that all your rhetoric is about Biden. As if the Ukrainians are somehow pawns who invited invasion. It’s a lie. But it’s also a pathetic meme based in silly internal US politics.

  19. twostix says:

    Why is CL considered a joke. Zelensky is described as a Stalinist. oops was he elected.

    I love how these mental midgets Ukraine’s history starts in 2022, and if pushed goes all the way back to about 2018. Not to the history tearing 2014 when there was a violent neocon backed coup de tat in Ukraine which overthrew the democratically elected government. A revolution which Victoria Nuland herself was walking around the street passing out cookies to the violent traitors.

    And who elected that government that was overthrown? Why, it was the people in eastern Ukraine, and what nationality are they? Russian. Who the Ukrainian nationalist revolutionaries – the US installed Junta, then spent the next eight years attempting to genocide from the country with artillery while pretending to have elections.

  20. Buccaneer says:

    Oh, I see, looking for a do over Crusader. Got hammered in another thread and think you can just moral vanity your way out of it. Your ‘links included the Atlantic council who have been busted double dealing with Burisma holdings. And you credulously think that linking to ‘research’ published by the germans is going to give you a good handle on what is going on.

    You may not take the threat of nuclear conflict seriously but more serious US politicians of the past did, even when the old USSR fell over.

    One dimensional analysis from you again, you pretend to be conservative but you’re a tool of the corrupt left. Start thinking for yourself rather than regurgitating the latest meme from the wooden msm collective.

  21. Nix says:

    Buccaneer: Putin invaded. Now he’s losing. The Ukrainians won’t give in because Putin will butcher them. Which part do you not understand?

  22. twostix says:

    What’s funniest about the weird Orwellian warping of the last ten years of Ukraine / US Democrat neocon history is that post neocon coup in 2014, the chosen and installed revolutionary leader (personally chosen by Victoria Nuland) Poroshenko was hailed as the answer to Ukraine democracy. You couldn’t shut these bozos up about how wonderful he was – like now with Zelenksy.

    Then five years later Stalin’s Ghost Zelensky arrived and amongst his other Stalinist orders such as attempting to force a punitive licensing regime on the journalists, banning oppo parties and sending soldiers into cathedrals, ordered the loyalist Ukraine security state to place the revolutionary Maidan “hero” leader under arrest and accused him of treason. In a bizarro world 20th century echo, the revolutionary Maidan hero, the neocon’s Ukrainian George Washington – or more correctly, Ukraine’s revolutionary version of Trotsky, Victor Poroshenko, then had to flee to the protection of Russia! of all places to put together his defence. No icepicks yet, but they may come. The echo of Stalin had swept into power in Ukraine and was now using the Junta apparatus to purge all of his revolutionary predecessors and cement in the new regime of Ukraine as a democrat neocon operating base, without the baggage of nationalist ideologues getting in the road.

    At the time neocon mouthpieces explained they were “concerned” about Zelensky and the situation. LOL.

    Neocon Clownworld don’t quit.

  23. twostix says:

    The Ukrainians won’t give in because Putin will butcher them. Which part do you not understand?

    Nah it’s Ukrainians who have a sordid history of butchering people trapped inside of their fake country’s always extending borders. As they were doing to do to the Russians trapped in the fake eastern portion of “Ukraine” after they overthrew the government they elected in 2014.

  24. Not Trampis says:

    a violent coup. Are you referring when the Putin cretin scurried to russia after the ‘heavenly 100’ were murdered brutally by his henchmen.
    Twostix showing he is yet another Putin apologist on this blog without any scruples.

    no-one is ever FORCED to invade a country.
    Just as they are never forced to commit multiple war crimes. We do have evidence of russians murdering civilians and dumpling them in mass graves just like the Nazis did in WW2

  25. Buccaneer says:

    Nix, pretending the unending strawmanning of other people’s arguments means seeking understanding of other viewpoints. Grow up and do some more research.

    Perhaps an outsider view of this insanity might jolt you all free of the of the silly idea that Biden has dealt with transparency, good intentions and integrity.

    Just constantly parroting oh Putin is the bad guy here, well duh. Do you truly think that when you have two bad guys you will get a good outcome? Holding Biden to account is the only way to get a genuinely good outcome here, not because Biden will change his behaviour but because getting rid of one of the bad actors here is the only hope for a good outcome.

  26. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis, Crusader and Nix still hot for WWIII.

    Neither side smells of roses here. Accept reality, unless you want a nuclear war.

  27. Crusader says:

    Buccaneer: you keep talking about Biden. You think killing Ukrainians is “holding Biden to account”! BJ: you’re joining Buccaneer in pretending that by pulling the rug on Ukraine the Europeans will somehow stop Putin.
    Both are silly, obsessive assertions based on childish attachment to rhetoric.
    No one, least of the all the people trying to keep the kids out of the way of Russian missiles, is in any doubt about the aggression involved or the intent. The massacres of civilians and bombing of homes by Putin are very, very clear signals.
    Putin might use nukes. If so, he will be living himself among the fallout – both fissile and political.

  28. twostix says:

    a violent coup. Are you referring when the Putin cretin scurried to russia after the ‘heavenly 100’ were murdered brutally by his henchmen.

    No you clown, I’m talking about in 2019 when Maidan hero and handpicked by the US Victor Poroshenko was accused of treason by his newly “elected” successor, Zelensky and fled the country.

    The leader of Maidan had to flee to Russia to escape the charge of treason by Stalin Zelensky.

    You literally know nothing about Urkaine do you?

  29. Buccaneer says:

    Crusader, you totally have the wrong end of the stick. I don’t think killing Ukrainians is holding anyone to account. I think Ukraine should be getting to the negotiating table and trying to negotiate a fair peace. That might need some unpalatable concessions, but those concessions are a function of the feckless Biden administration throwing fuel on the fire rather than taking the heat out of Russian demands.

    Had Biden acted with transparency and tried to find non nato action solutions and Putin invaded anyway, we would not be having this conversation.

    I might add, the above is really spelled out in all the exchanges, I take your post above as being the usual deliberately obtuse attempt to miscue someone elses argument in a vain attempt to make your own untenable position seem rational.

    Once upon a time, statesmen of the west went out of their way to avoid nuclear conflict, now it’s numpties like Crusader who are cheering it on as a device to stand back and say, ‘look, I was right about Putin, he was evil all along’. Frankly, I don’t care about your inane word salad games. I do care about avoiding a totally unnecessary and avoidable nuclear conflict to sate the egos of horrible leftist warmongers.

  30. Nix says:

    Buccaneer. Putin isn’t going to negotiate, let alone anything fair. And I do so love this anti- US 1969s peacenik vibe. How’s your tie dyes?

  31. Crusader says:

    Buccaneer: only obtuse to those whose entire view is a stream of Putin propaganda. As for getting hammered, that is sadly the fate of Ukrainians as you cheer on the invasion.

  32. Buccaneer says:

    You guys keep trying to create a narrative in your own odd vacuum. Putin won’t negotiate, why would I or anyone else listen to a pair of whiny gaslighters like you when we can read Putin’s words

    Crusader, the fact that you keep repeating the same inane assertions about my world view, when I’ve clearly corrected your assertions, is primary evidence for everyone here that obtuse is a generous assessment of your cognitive abilities.

  33. Crusader says:

    Buccaneer: you are quite stuck on the Putin sewer flow. Good luck with that.

  34. Buccaneer says:

    Crusader, the fact that you keep repeating the same inane assertions about my world view, when I’ve clearly corrected your assertions, is primary evidence for everyone here that obtuse is a generous assessment of your cognitive abilities

    Not satisfied the point was driven home hard enough, Crusader needs to remind everyone here that this point was not explicit enough.

  35. Not Trampis says:

    as I thought twostix does not have a clue.

    Putin’s puppet was not going to sign a an agreement with the EU but wanted closer ties with russia which most ukrainians di not. After murdering the heavenly 100 he ran off to russia as quick as he could

  36. Nix says:

    Buccaneer: your responses are pathetic. You know that whole spiel is a Putin line yet you persist in dodging it. Btw have you noticed how frequent the references to Nazis have become in the primary posts here? I think CL is being deliberate.

  37. Buccaneer says:

    Nix, you are pathetic, I’ve provided evidence both historical and current for my position, all you have is to smear people and call them Putin lovers. Ironically, no one here would be insulted by your pathetic smears. They are childish and moronic.

  38. twostix says:

    as I thought twostix does not have a clue.

    Putin’s puppet was not going to sign a an agreement with the EU but wanted closer ties with russia which most ukrainians di not. After murdering the heavenly 100 he ran off to russia as quick as he could

    No you idiot that was Viktor Yanukovych.

    Poroshenko was the Maidan coup leader hand picked and installed as Ukraine’s president by Victoria Nuland and the US after the coup.

    He spent 2019 hiding in Russia from Stalinzensky.

    I even posted a news article to it and you still dumb.

    You literally know nothing about Ukraine before 2020, not even who its president was. 🤣

  39. Buccaneer says:

    Nix, please show me where I quoted fox news. You are the king of fake memes.

  40. Buccaneer says:

    Actually, there is nothing much more entertaining than watching leftists in some kind of gotcha about someone they don’t agree with publishing something they think is untrue or inaccurate. Rarely, does it ever come off the way they huff about it. But truly, they always think their sources are purer than the driven snow, even when they post stuff from the Atlantic council, the abc, CNN, MSNBC, the guardian or some other crusty discredited publication and rarely are they able to do more than regurgitate the same inane talking points fed to them by their betters.

    Most importantly, Nix, you’ve scotched your own lie that you are anything other than a committed leftist by posting this link, but we already all knew that because you’re not very smart.

  41. Nix says:

    I didn’t do nufin your honour!

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