Aborigines conduct the ritual at the behest of enthroned whites

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10 Responses to Aborigines conduct the ritual at the behest of enthroned whites

  1. Baba says:

    It’s incredible that the welcomes to country of 250 discrete First Nations all translate to exactly the same wording in English.

  2. Franx says:

    Yes, languages, and totems, too. For, being welcome to country within an indigenous totemic system means that one might, consequently, become a pariah and not be welcome to any other country within a different totemic system, systems at times to do with kinship constructs or with indigenous ‘geoPolitical’ constraints. All glossed over by the inner-city ‘enthroned whites’.

  3. Ragu says:

    It won’t go away because the theatre of the dreamtime Chuzzwazza means time off work and, to an Australian in the pubic service, that’s worth more than a 100% pay raise.

  4. Entropy says:

    The worst is in meetings where a bunch of academics are making presentations. Instead of just one acknowledgement at the beginning of the seminar, each presenter does one. It has become quite an aggressive competition in virtue. CSIRO is the worst.

    I recently asked an indigenous acquaintance after a particularly tedious round what he thinks, and he said one acknowledgement of country at the beginning is definitely enough, and even then he really hates it when the genuflector (well, that wasn’t quite his word) mispronounces the name, which is often of the wrong country anyway. And that they don’t really mean it.

    Personally, I find it a useful time to get ready to make meeting notes: write down the date, purpose of the meeting, who is in attendance etc.

  5. struth says:

    If it’s their country I’m being welcomed to, why am I paying tax here?

  6. struth says:

    When Capt Cook landed and warriors were encountered, why were they there?

  7. Mantaray says:

    Sorry CL readers, but this concern has no meaning for me. I have NEVER been subjected to a Welcome in real life (seen them start on TV and then hit the mute whilst going for a piddle, though). Would simply walk out if one began in my presence.

    Similarly, I rarely watch the introductions; anthem singing, rock bands etc etc prior to footy finals, Melbourne Cups and what have you. It’s one thing for natural-born-suckers to pay for these knuckleheads to mumble their mumbo-jumbo, but an entirely different thing for any sane person to put up with it. Also…

    Complaining about them is as silly as complaining there’s a Tarot card reader or tea-leaf interpreter at the Saturday markets. F’wits must do F’wit things FFS!

  8. Christine says:

    The mumbo-jumbo is being forced on staff; no one is compelled to endure a Tarot card reader at the markets.
    Needs a good chunk of staff to walk out on the mumbo-jumbo; they want to.
    But the sheep are leaderless

  9. Mantaray says:

    Christine. It depends….

    A former spouse of mine believed in such shyte and DID demand I take it seriously. The rest is history.

    Anyone daring to tell me I must sit through their insane gumleaf-smoke-and-chanting BS will get the same response the gene-jab enthusiasts got / get when ordering I sit through their experimental: “F Off the lot of ya.”

    Anyone sitting through their hokum to keep their coin can do likewise. No excuses for craven moral cowardice will be accepted.


  10. Christine says:

    Leaders are needed
    I feel people would follow you
    out the door

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