Under Attack From Within

JUST as he chose the wrong day to quit smoking, News Corp chose a bad one to ride to the rescue of the anarchic “rules-based international order.” Two of Rupert Murdoch’s national dailies – The Australian and the Wall Street Journal – both sprang into action today to condemn Ron DeSantis in florid terms for saying America has no strategic interest in a Slavic tragedy that has so far killed as many as 200,000 soldiers. In France, meanwhile, Emmanuel Macron has bypassed parliament to raise the pensionable retirement age, unleashing a predictable nationwide protest. French prime minister Élisabeth Borne explained that the President invoked his power to cast democracy aside because there was “too much economic risk to the country if MPs voted against the bill.” A bigger protest in the Netherlands has been underway for weeks to stop Prime Minister Mark Rutte from proceeding with an insane scheme to cut nitrogen emissions by shutting down thousands of farms. When News Corp tries to dazzle opponents of a proxy war in Ukraine with legacy boilerplate about the “free world” and advises a possible presidential contender to overrule voters, it shows a French contempt for democracy and a Dutch detachment from reality. People are fed up after three years of being marched into no man’s land by sociopaths like this.

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11 Responses to Under Attack From Within

  1. Petros says:

    So Lindsay Graham and all his adult descendants will be sent to the front line. Wouldn’t want to look like a hypocrite, Lindsay. It would be the quickest way to end this bellicose, tough-guy charade.

  2. calli says:

    Graham can talk big. He has no children to feed into the mincing machine.

  3. Ed Case says:

    Lindsey Graham doesn’t have any descendants.
    He’s on the other bus, kicking goals for the other team and good with colours.
    Plus, he’s a Flamer.

  4. MatrixTransform says:

    across the west for several years now, our own governments and their idiot departments, are more and more acting by fiat.

    the climate
    the voice
    the virus
    the war

    now it’s 2023 … and it’s “the thing”

    stay home, shut up, and eat the bugs

  5. Franx says:

    In this country, being fed up has tended to lead to joining the ranks of the traitors within.

  6. Riversutra says:

    Funny thing is that when democracy is still allowed , you get results like…

    A new populist party surfing a wave of rural anger at government environmental policies has emerged as the big winner in Dutch provincial elections, dealing a heavy blow to the four-party coalition of the prime minister, Mark Rutte.

  7. Lee says:

    It’s almost though scum like Graham, so free and easy with others lives, has vested interests in WWIII starting …

  8. Lee says:

    Who does Macron think he is – Trudeau or Andrews?

    The war in Ukraine is allegedly for “democracy,” meanwhile others like Macron are thumbing their nose at it at home.

  9. Nix says:

    There’s no greater contempt for democracy than to assert Putin is no threat and to assert the enemy us your own fellow citizens. That is the Trump line – explicitly.

  10. Buccaneer says:

    Oh, Nix returns with the empty graffiti about Putin. Grow up. No where in this article does it say Putin is no threat. No one should care whether someone is taking the Trump line. Stop arguing by trying to make the people you hate into demagogues, it’s childish and you have become the actual problem by trying to limit speech to your approved version of reality.

  11. Lee says:

    It wasn’t Trump who demonised half the U.S. population.

    That was Biden.

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