British Tories now draw inspiration from the old East Germany

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3 Responses to British Tories now draw inspiration from the old East Germany

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Reducing birth rates is WEF policy.

  2. Christine says:

    I’d read where the Chancellor wants a million more women in the workforce and also thought it bizarre. At one time, Tony Abbott and his wife, were talking
    enthusiastically – gushing – about getting lots more Australian women back to (outside) work. Child health doesn’t get a mention. The child-minders spruiking the benefits of their ‘learning’ centres will never acknowledge the illnesses that children are constantly exposed to in these places.

    But then many women just want someone else to tend to their house and their “kids”; possibly the father. And often that father will walk away, as some high-profile media women experienced.

  3. Old Lefty says:

    Being a married, heterosexual full-time mother (especially if she is Christian or Jewish) is just about the only thing (along with being celibate) that counts as a deviant pervert lifestyle these days.

    Who gets taxed into the ground to pay for the endless childcare subsidies? The few brave souls who still try to go it alone as single-income families.

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