Historical milestone as IPCC publishes its 1000th final warning

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12 Responses to Historical milestone as IPCC publishes its 1000th final warning

  1. NFA says:

    I don’t believe these bullsh*t artists.

    The f**king so called ‘United Nations’ and their hell spawn agencies and affiliates, WHO, WEF, UNESCO, et al are nothing but evil filth whom hate humanity.

    I am ashamed that Australia is still a member of the destructive anti-human agenda and says all you need to know about Australian “Politicians” and “Public Servants” let alone the sheer dumb ignorance and evil of their propaganda media and their brainwashing so called education “system”.

  2. Rossini says:

    Why the f*** do we bother !
    China ,India, Russia don’t give a shit so why do we bother….
    China is laughing its arse off at us idiots, we have given it all our manufacturing jobs and
    now want to import solar panels and wind turbine blades from them. We are idiots
    governed by morons.

  3. Old School Conservative says:

    At the micro level all the actors are playing their part to build fear of a climateaggedon, with many recent weather reports talking about a “low intensity heat wave”.
    WTF is that? Obviously a hot day or two but nowhere near the old version of a heat wave – 3 consecutive days of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. But in using the words “heat wave” over and over, fear is built up in unthinking citizens. Kids who don’t know better are especially affected.
    A fear that is driven by the psychotic elites and absorbed uncritically by all the useful idiots.

  4. cuckoo says:

    Saw this on a digital billboard at the station this morning and laughed out loud. As long as they promise this is the final warning. It’s been fun watching how the media are dealing with the second summer in a row with almost no bushfires. When a grassfire finally appeared in Victoria, they were careful to only film it at night, because it would look like nothing in daylight. I literally heard one newsie say that this grassfire, although it caused little property damage and no loss of life, “revived memories of Black Saturday”. On the day before Melbourne was supposed to reach 37 degrees a uniformed official with a chestful of peacetime fruit salad warned us that “grassfires are as dangerous as bushfires”. So the next step was inevitable – a news report that referred to grassfires as bushfires.

  5. Entropy says:

    The 2008 Garnault report written to justify Rudd’s CPRS had all these very interesting forecasts of our future climate in far off 2030. Seven years away. It will be very interesting to compare and contrast.

    Hint: the climate has an awful lot of work to do over the next seven years.

  6. Entropy says:

    We should have real crackler of a bushfire season next spring/summer if an active controlled burn program doesn’t happen this winter.
    Three years of wet conditions has produced a huuuuge fuel load.

  7. Mantaray says:

    Got me beat why anyone on this blog gives a rat’s about any UN claims: any authority claim in general. Also why so many here reckon the average citizen believes the fanciful rubbish…..

    One more time; i see no evidence whatsoever that the citizenry is not buying cars: not going on holidays by air and sea; not dreaming of buying waterfront property if they can somehow win lotto…etc etc etc.

    The masses are constantly moving to Qld despite all the hokum about cyclones, inundations, mild and cool heatwaves, and on and on.

    Reasonable sites like this one telling me what the d’heads at the IPCC claim, is like being told that some astrologer reckons my birthdate is a really really big determinant of my future. Ok, so maybe they are writing some shyte or other….but so flamin’ what? a con is a con is a scam is a scam. WHO doesn’t know this in normie land FFS?

  8. Entropy says:

    On the bright side, constant fearmongering about the hot, hot, cruel and cyclonic Queensland climate might keep at least a few Dan voting Victorians from moving up here to ruin the place.

  9. Lee says:

    On the bright side, constant fearmongering about the hot, hot, cruel and cyclonic Queensland climate might keep at least a few Dan voting Victorians from moving up here to ruin the place.

    The only people I know who have left Victoria for Queensland recently did it to get away from Dictator Dan.

  10. Lee says:

    Someone on another website posted a very similar catastrophising article from The Guardian from 2006.

  11. Old School Conservative says:

    Mantaray, I give a rats arse about hysteria emanating from the UN because 99% of our politicians take their cue from said hysterical posturing. Then incalculable damage is caused by their decisions and spending; then they get voted back into power.
    So yes, the average citizen is playing along with the climate scam by not demanding to vote for a climate realist.

  12. Ed Case says:

    From the Report:

    More than 3bn people already live in areas that are “highly vulnerable” to climate breakdown, the IPCC found, and half of the global population now experiences severe water scarcity for at least part of the year.

    So, they’re talking Sub Saharan Africa.
    Why are there famines in Africa?
    A. Because the World Bank only lends money for Cash Crops like Sisal, while Africans subsist on Wheat, which isn’t a Cash Crop by the World Bank’s reckoning, so it’s not grown commercially.
    These reports are just a softening up process, sooner or later, 3 Billion Africans are being shifted to the West.

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