Awarded a Gold Medal for Sacred Architecture by Pope Francis

As Peter Kwasniewski points out (must-read), killing the past and voiding the present is the point.

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  1. Franx says:

    The decentering of the Tabernacle seems to be designed to signify the unstable and decentered worshipping subject in the scheme of things, in turn signifying … .

  2. rosie says:

    I dislike modern church decor very much.

  3. C.L. says:


    I never like to admit it but sometimes…

    Words fail.

  4. calli says:

    It’s very minimalistic and cold, like most modern architecture. Your eye does travel straight to the cross, so it’s successful on that point. No distractions at all.

    I like the way the light well works too.

    My preference will always be for traditional buildings, with beautiful carving and brilliant glass. Having been on the church roster for Covid cleaning for a couple of years, there’s another plus…it’s easy to keep clean! No dust bunny dare hide…how could it? 🧹

  5. Franx says:

    The Crucifix as symbol which invites participation in its reality – like the Tabernacle wherein dwells the reality of the Divine Presence (as of old during the Exodus where the Manna from Heaven was reserved in the Tabernacle as the Bread of the Presence, and also as presence by way of the Passover Sacrifice of the Mass) – is also in these churches sited in ways which decenter the subject as worshping the Divine. Decentered therefore in relation to the Divine as both participant in the Presence and in the Symbol, the worshipping subject is then led into that equilibrium which irrupts in the centrality of man at the altar performing as the fulcrum. I think, sort of.
    Still, innovative church architecture can be a fine thing when it is not intent on denying a hierophany.

  6. C.L. says:

    The epicentre of all Catholic churches must be the tabernacle.

    What you see here is the lectern and table starkly made to rhyme for the purpose of equalising the Mass (no longer conceived of as sacrifice) and the Word.

    The aesthetic propaganda technique isn’t new. It is standard in all ‘modern’ church designs and ‘renovations.’ St Stephen’s Cathedral in Brisbane being one example.

    No Catholic visits a Church to be in the presence of a book. They visit to be in the real presence of Christ.

  7. Franx says:

    True about what is actually sought in a visit to a church.
    So it’s a bit of bit of a problem the ‘designers’ have, that no matter which direction and to what extent they go with decentering the Divine Presence, they cannot quite manage the desired effect, for some strange reason. So it is the human worshipping subject who must be decentered, made unstable and disoriented. Works sometimes.

  8. Lee says:

    Looks like a warehouse with only a few crates.

  9. Crusader says:

    Hard to imagine how tradition is much of a guide. Cordoba’s beautiful, pacific Cathedral of our Lady of the Assumption is in fact a mosque also known as Mezquita (and may have once sited a Visigoth church), while the astonishing Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is a mosque built originally as a church by Justinian 1 (and later was the site of formalities that began the East-West schism of the Catholic empire).

  10. calli says:

    No Catholic visits a Church to be in the presence of a book. They visit to be in the real presence of Christ.

    I think that’s true of all Christians, C.L. I don’t think it fails on that account, more on the sparseness and meanness of it all.

    A few big urns of glorious flowers would cheer things up!

  11. Buccaneer says:

    No surprises from you Crusader, the 4th crusade participants kind of felt the same way about the Hagia Sophia. Your title and actions here seem to excuse that kind of behaviour.

  12. dover_beach says:

    Brutalist interior. Unfitting for an office let alone a church.

  13. Entropy says:

    Lee says:
    24 March, 2023 at 11:11 am
    Looks like a warehouse with only a few crates.

    a low ceilinged warehouse. I would find them claustrophobic, even with the window into that garden down the side.

  14. Old Lefty says:

    A friend of mine calls a certain type of aggressively modern parish church in Australia ‘St Bunnings’.

  15. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Woke denominational religion seems to be converging.

    Meth-Smoking [Anglican] Satanist Vicar Convicted of Paedophilia, Zoophilia (25 Mar)

    Vatican Tells Muslims: Ramadan Is Important for Christians, Too (25 Mar)

    Putin waging ‘holy war’ on Ukraine with help of Russian Orthodox leader Patriarch Kirill (25 Mar)

    So Russian Orthodoxy is doing jihad, the Vatican is observing Ramadan and the Anglicans are getting into satanism, or at least one of them was before he was arrested.

    With all these wolves in sheepskins no wonder that in the West there’re fewer sheep lately. I can’t wait for the African century, as our brothers and sisters there do seem to actually believe in God, Christ Jesus and the bible.

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