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■  Tony Burke is right. There is nothing wrong with black artists being assisted if they’re in control. ■  More than half of mothers of gender-confused boys have “psychological issues.” You don’t say. ■  The ABC retails Ukrainian propaganda about … Continue reading

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Prig Heil

Twitter is falling short of its commitments to the anti-disinformation code. There is still space for dialog. And I really do wish to explain to Mr Musk our philosophy – that we are protectors of freedom of speech, protectors of … Continue reading

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DM comments kitchen phoned. They’re all out of schadenfreude

Extinction Rebellion founder posts furious tirade after hospital served him boiled carrots for dinner.

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“This is the worst decision ever made by a state government”

Gettin’ had, gettin’ Chook: White elephant $220m 1000-bed quarantine centre given away for free.

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Slava ***

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Snoop Dag

■ Then: Labor attack ad accuses Scott Morrison of only caring about ‘top end of town’. ■ Now: ‘Spinning decks at a million dollar wedding when people can’t afford their rent’.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr is shaking up the ’24 presidential contest

David Samuel’s essay and interview with Kennedy in Tablet is garnering a lot of admiring reviews.

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In the annals of chutzpah, this from the Pentagon will resound

Prosecutors say leak suspect Jack Teixeira kept arsenal of weapons, wanted to kill ‘ton of people’.

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The Demolition Imperative

REALITY-editing Greg Sheridan would be a part-time job and I’m not volunteering to do it. Nor, to be more serious, have I the inclination to make of a serious middling thinker like Sheridan a piñata for copy’s sake. That would … Continue reading

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‘Governments control 40-50% of legal spending for barristers’

Statement from the wallet: Pro-voice barristers are ‘financially motivated’: Stuart Wood AM KC.

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A day after slamming leftist cancellation of Barry Humphries…

Bolt backs the leftist cancellation of Tucker Carlson – who criticised Ukraine and the “Biden team.”

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White Diggers and their families were bludgers, says Albanese

Exactly like the enemies this country fought, he wants to incite hatred for his own ideological ends.

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Eminent Jomain

There’s no such thing as someone else’s child. Our nation’s children are all our children!” – Joe Biden brings molesters and kidnappers in from the van

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This is because Democrats believe babies don’t have any rights

Litterers: Teens face only misdemeanor charges after crashing stolen car, killing infant in Chicago.

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Mechanics with mortgages loved fixing Fiats back in the 1970s

Law Council of Australia: Constitutional amendment to provide for Voice is just and legally sound.

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The New Coke Trump

Pro-Disney, Pro-Bud, Pro-Choice: Why Trump Is Beating DeSantis Among DC Republicans. It’s a little complicated when you say that you support this, and you think DeSantis did the right thing, but that it might hurt him in terms of electability. … Continue reading

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Chook Fatigue

Annastacia Palaszczuk’s standing as preferred premier sinks to lowest level since she took office.

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