Meanwhile, the Churchill of Our Time starts rounding up priests

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    From the Russophile wing of the Ukie Orthodox Church. There’s a bit of a schism, and a lot of UOC people are close to the Russian Orthodox Church. It’s a mess, and not entirely unlike the historic Schism between west and east – which was also driven by politics and war as I recall. I haven’t read up on that period though so happy to be corrected.

  2. Franx says:

    Real-estate has nothing to do with it. It never does. Nor sacred treasure which had gladdened hearts yet more fittingly destined for heartless mansions.

  3. David Archibald says:

    For your interest, from this document:

    “The one body of ideologically committed agents supporting the invasion was the Russian Orthodox Church. Beyond its efforts to support Russian information operations, its priests were widely recruited and run by the Russian special services and their monasteries and churches used as safe houses for equipment and personnel. The use of religion as cover is not only a widely established method of the Russian special services but also creates its own protection mechanism”

  4. C.L. says:

    Thank you, David.

    I don’t take a ‘think tank’ funded by the CIA and headed by the Duke who hands out the trophies at Wimbleton very seriously. Having read the linked section (and its four unimpressive footnotes), I’m right not to. The Loyalists used the same ‘spy’ pretext to liquidate priests and nuns during the Spanish Civil War. Stalin swore by the policy.

    The authors are these two baby Jack Ryans and a sinister Ukrainian spook who personally participated in Kiev’s ethnic cleansing of Russians in Donbas.

    Patriarch Filaret – the supposedly good Ukrainian one – has awarded medals to nazi battalion commanders later convicted of the sodomy rape and electrical torture of Russian POWs in the eastern oblasts.

    The tale told to Western audiences – that the Russian Orthodox are the baddies and the Ukrainian Orthodox the goodies – is as childish and false as everything else they’re told about Ukraine.

  5. Franx says:

    The document is the work of a registered charity.

  6. C.L. says:

    It is funded by the US military-industrial complex – which is to say, the CIA.

    See “Chairman’s Circle and Platinum Organisation Members” on its own website.

  7. Franx says:

    Yes, CL, I understand.
    But for propaganda purposes:
    RUSI is a UK registered charity and the governing document is a Royal Charter dated 22 February 1860. Some amendments to the Royal Charter of the Institute were approved at the Annual General Meeting held in July 2016.

    RUSI recognises that good governance in a charity is fundamental to its success. RUSI and its trustees are continually working towards achieving the highest standards of governance, by reference to the principles and recommended practice of the Charity Governance Code (July 2017).’

  8. David Archibald says:

    From further in the document, on page 21:
    “Within each town the TOG would appoint a garrison commander from the Russian military who would have an assigned detachment of garrison troops. These troops would occupy a building – usually the police or fire station – and set up facilities for detention, processing, interrogationand torture.70 The fact that the layout of these facilities is consistent throughout the country, and the equipment used in torture chambers, including specialised electrocution machines, were the same across multiple oblasts demonstrates that this was a systematic plan and not improvised sadism.”

    Isn’t that good to know! It wasn’t improvised sadism. It was planned sadism. By the invading Russian forces.

  9. David Archibald says:

    Dear CL re your comment at 11.56 am, I also hold a dim view of the CIA. For a different reason – they were in cahoots with the US Department of Defense in foisting covid on us. The US elite have hit the self-destruct button. Some 70% of the staff running Operation Warp Speed were from the DOD. The vaccine vials were owned by the DOD up to injection in people’s arms. They were particularly vicious in enforcing the vaccine mandate on their own troops. And they knew the effect of vaccination on IgG4 levels from the HIV research of the 1990s. When the US military in the broad realise that their own command deliberately infected/disabled them, it is going to get ugly. For your interest, I gave a lecture on fighter aircraft design last Friday:

  10. Franx says:

    David, it’s worth considering the provenance of the information.

  11. C.L. says:

    The US elite have hit the self-destruct button.

    They certainly have, David.

    Fascinating lecture subject – great job. Was reading a debate on the F111 on Twitter somewhere recently; total lemon vs. its admiring defenders.

    Also, I was reading about the Blackbird SR-71 last week – how it could out-fly anti-aircraft missiles by going faster and higher! It was also – IMO – the most awesome-looking plane ever built.

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