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  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Presumably they mean guys fighting with Nazis, who were left-wing.
    So it’s lefty extremism yet again, just rebadged to fit the narrative.
    Funny how that works.

  2. Rohan says:

    The influence of ‘Siege culture’ and ‘accelerationism’
    Propaganda is used prolifically amongst Right-Wing Extremists across the English- speaking world, where it is shared and adapted online, including by Right-Wing Extremists in the UK. JTAC advises that “similar and almost identical propaganda material has been seen disseminating from groups in the UK, America and Australia”.156
    Much of this propaganda is based on shared, transnational ideology, most notably that espoused by American White Supremacist James Mason in his book Siege, from which the terms ‘Siege culture’ and ‘accelerationism’ are derived.
    A compilation of Mason’s ‘Siege’ newsletters written in the period 1980–1986, the book advocates the creation of autonomous terror cells to wage war against ‘the system’ through violent revolution and political terrorism. JTAC advises that it is one of the few pieces of Right-Wing Extremist literature providing inspiration for how White Supremacist groups, both domestically and internationally, should operate and strategically plan.157 Rather bizarrely, Siege is freely available from Amazon and other online retailers.
    Mason advocates a five-stage approach to establishing a fascist, white ethno-state, first detailed in the 1961 publication This Time the World, by George Lincoln Rockwell, former leader of the American Nazi Party and a major influence on Mason.
    These five stages are:
    1. making the masses aware of the National Socialist Movement;
    2. using propaganda to ‘educate’ the masses on true National Socialism and the perceived problems caused by the Jewish people and ‘black’ population;
    3. entering into the democratic political process;
    4. coming to political power on a platform of ‘dealing with the Negro people’ through a policy of deportation; and
    5. the extermination of any ‘traitors’ (most particularly the Jewish population).

    From page 49.

  3. Entropy says:

    Amazing isn’t it. The soviets promoted this post war and thus it as adopted by their fellow travellers in the west who able to get away with it.

  4. C.L. says:

    The soviets promoted this

    Promoted what?

  5. struth says:

    Many years ago, on a blog now ancient history, a few others and myself, had a real job in convincing right wing people that Nazis were in fact left wing…extreme socialists.
    The fact they called themselves socialists and acted like socialists, did not compute with these people, such had been their brainwashing, …it truly has been the greatest lie ever told…….and has done the most damage, until people renamed the common cold in 2020.

  6. Entropy says:

    Promoted the delusion that the national socialist workers party and their Italian fascist mates were right wing.
    Just another of the myriad left wing, big government socialist splitter groups, their particular apostasy being the limit of their vision to National Socialism, as opposed to the purity of the soviet International Socialism.

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