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Blubbering Blowhards Battered

■  Janet Albrechtsen wallops weepy Voicers ■  Gemma Tognini mauls the McGowan ‘legacy.’

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Noticeably eager to escalate Labor’s national war on Catholics

Anthony Albanese intervenes to back the ACT government on Calvary Hospital acquisition.

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2023: “Novak Djokovic has stirred anger after calling for peace”

What did Novak Djokovic say about the Kosovo protests? Why is it controversial? So if a Russian player tomorrow writes ‘Crimea and Donbas are the heart of Russia. Stop violence’ it’s all cool?” – Yes, Petrit Selimi (former ‘foreign minister’ … Continue reading

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I’ll tell you what rule I applied, sir. I applied rule D.S.C!

ADF chief tells Senate estimates he reviewed his own performance commanding in Afghanistan.

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Few causes are more satisfying than routing the Spanish left

Isabella the PSOE: Spanish PM Sánchez calls snap general election after disastrous local polls.

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The Ma’am With The Golden Smarm

Unsurprisingly rich pickings: Annastacia Palaszczuk’s media plundering causes newsroom chaos. The Nine newsroom has been decimated by Palaszczuk poachings over the last 18 months, with her government hiring up to a dozen of Nine’s most senior talent believed to have … Continue reading

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Mentally vulnerable ‘No’ voters officially stigmatised as racists

That should lift their spirits: Julia Gillard announces Beyond Blue’s support for Indigenous Voice.

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DeSantis hits Donald Trump for his luvvie get-out-of-jail-free bill

Disrupting the disruptor: Ron DeSantis scorches ‘delusional’ Trump over Florida crime claim.

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The battle standard of St Joan of Arc

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Affirmative Inaction

Her partner a klutz, a UK police lady becomes a rag doll for child star gone wrong, Ginger Meggs.

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He’s not just a sociopath. He also hates democracy and voters

The Russians are dying … it’s the best money we’ve ever spent.” – Russia issues arrest warrant for Senator Lindsey Graham over Ukraine comments.

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If you’re triggered by today’s saddening events, phone Lifeline

■ ‘Kochie’ to leave Sunrise. ■ Ten to keep Wilkinson off TV until 2024. ■ McGowan stands down.

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Renditioned by Albo on the orders of corrupt US security state

His heroic wife, Saffrine, is on Twitter – FreeDanDuggan – where she chronicles her upended life.

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Yawn. Another truck boat. Neither compares to the 1978 FJ45

Toyota’s huge Tundra ute will finally be sold in Australia – here’s how it compares to popular Hilux. No womanish accessories like reverse camera, sat nav, Bluetooth or air con. Did have an ashtray.

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Election interference: ‘No’ team is threatened by far left body

HRC warns not to make Voice a race issue, as opponents double down on claim. “For the HRC, the Voice is not about race. It’s about participation, it’s about equity, it’s about elevating the position of First Nations’ people. It … Continue reading

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Vladimir Reagan

Putin just scorched the west. — Billboard Chris 🇨🇦🇺🇸 (@BillboardChris) May 25, 2023

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Albanese bans vapes but won’t hold inquiry into vaxx massacre

It was deliberate: Robert F. Kennedy Jr calls out Pfizer’s clinical trial data on national television.

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I bet it’s the Jews

I work on Q+A social media and see racist abuse every day. You might be shocked who’s writing it.

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