Matthew Scully’s brilliant broadside against conventional hacks

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10 Responses to Matthew Scully’s brilliant broadside against conventional hacks

  1. C.L. says:

    Thank you, NFA. A fantastic read.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    You got the wrong Kennedy. The one you want is John N. Kennedy.
    RFK is a lefty. The red pill is working, but he’s still a lefty in his heart of hearts.
    John Kennedy was a Dem but seems to’ve been red pilled much further than RFK has yet gotten to. I hope he keeps, um, transitioning though.

  3. C.L. says:

    John N. is an impressive intellect (which people don’t realise because he’s best-known for his folksy one-liners) but I don’t think he’s a convert so much as a professional politician who knew the GOP was a surer platform for a shift from Louisiana to the national arena. Plus, he’s not running for President.

    He endorsed John Kerry. Slightly scatterbrained.

  4. jupes says:

    Again, let’s hope for Trump vs Kennedy. The anti-establishment election. The deep state can’t win and the nation can’t lose.

  5. Entropy says:

    I think he would be better than trump in many ways, although I suspect he is not as anti-regulatory state as he may seem.

  6. dover_beach says:

    Jupes, true, but the best outcome for Trump is for Kennedy to get shafted by the DNC and for those voters to spill into the Trump column like Sanders voters did in 2016.

  7. Ed Case says:

    Kennedy couldn’t beat Trump in a million years, but he would beat Rotten Ron De Santis.
    That’s what it’s all about.
    Once De Santis quits, so will Kennedy.
    In other words, he’s a spoiler for Joe, to deter the GOP from picking De Santis.
    There must be a quid pro quo, I’d say whoever wins will put him in Cabinet as Secretary of Health [where he’ll do absolutely nothing].

  8. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Trump can’t win, he knows that. DeSantis can’t win. No Republican can win.

    RFK will not be the Dem candidate for exactly the same reason: he is a threat to the Dem cabal. The Dem primaries are just as stealable as the 2024 election is. The Dems want a safe pair of hands in the WH, and the less strong-willed the better.

    I don’t know who the Dem nominee will be if Biden carks it. But if he doesn’t die between now and the election the Dems will bodily carry him into the WH, on a stretcher if need be. He’s exactly who they want. The choice of veep running mate will be of crucial importance this time. If it goes to Harris again it will mean the Dem cabal thinks she’s sufficiently controllable. If they don’t it will be someone else. Not RFK or Williamson though, they aren’t controllable.

  9. Crusader says:

    Trump can win, that much is plain and a menace. Biden may well be replaced by Gina Raimondo.

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