Warmongering ABC hails “redemption arc” of Japanese jailbird

Pictured and quoted in the article is Commander Mamuka Mamulashvili, a notorious war criminal.
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10 Responses to Warmongering ABC hails “redemption arc” of Japanese jailbird

  1. NFA says:

    So, ‘the gang’ are getting back together.

    WWII era Nazis and now WWII era Japanese Bushido.

    The Ukrainian PR machine has interesting links to Australia!

  2. David Archibald says:

    Inspiring story of Mr Harusan. Thanks C.L. Hopefully he will kill a lot more of the invading Russians.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I’m sure he’ll fit right in.

    Quite amazing how many weird and wonderful types seem to be keen to fight in a bloody mess like this. I get the impression that the Spanish Civil War was like that as well. Wagner also recruits in all sorts of interesting places like Serbia and Central Africa. The best story I saw though was this one:

    Russia’s Wagner Mercenary Group Turns To Pornhub For Ukraine War Recruits (16 Mar)

    Yakuza vs wankers…

  4. Riversutra says:

    Yakuza vs wankers…

    It’s turning into a movie cross between Team America:World Police, Weekend at Bernies and Debbie Does Donetsk !

  5. jupes says:

    From the article.

    Ukrainian officials said more than 10,000 of their soldiers died during the war in 2022.

    Like Tucker Carlson said, what the press tell you might be factually true, but they are not telling the whole story. I would say the Ukes have lost a lot closer to 300,000 KIA. They lost almost 2000 yesterday in Bakhmut.

    Nevertheless, it’s an interesting story about prisoners redeeming themselves in battle. There is a lot of it going on at the minute. The Wagner group have been recruiting prisoners, though to what extent is still unclear, and achieving battlefield glory in Bakhmut with them. Obviously, with the right screening process, hard discipline and solid training, it is a winner.

    That being the case, it’s obviously not for the ADF then. They won’t even take recruits with a drink-driving conviction. Women are the priority recruits for that group of useless bureaucrats. Imagine how long that clown-show would last in a real battle.

  6. jupes says:

    Russia’s Wagner Mercenary Group Turns To Pornhub For Ukraine War Recruits (16 Mar)

    Hahaha! From Prigozhin:

    “The placement of the ad on porn websites is the good idea of our marketing experts. I fully agree with them. The ad says: Go fight along with the Wagner private military campaign, stop masturbating. And who disagrees with that?” Prigozhin’s statement placed on Telegram said.

    I love that guy! He’s a successful anti-establishment businessman / general and troll of the ocean-going class.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Kadyrov is also entertaining…

    Putin loyalist accuses Ukraine of kidnapping favourite horse (16 May)

    Ramzan Kadyrov, head of Russia’s Chechen Republic, said his stallion Zazu was stolen by Ukrainian “special services” from a stable in the Czech Republic and ransomed back to him for nearly $20,000 (€18,400).

    “Friends, if you need to bring something from Europe, contact the Ukrainian special services. Quickly, professionally, inexpensively, bypassing sanctions,” he wrote on Telegram.

    Both he and Prigozhin are pretty horrible people but they’ve definitely got style!

  8. cuckoo says:

    Funny how ABC journalists, normally so give-peace-a-chance, war is not the answer, not in my name, no blood for oil, etc. sound like giddy teenage boys when they are enthusing over the latest armaments being deployed by Ukraine.

  9. cuckoo says:

    Women are the priority recruits for that group of useless bureaucrats.

    As far as one can tell from the current round of ADF recruitment ads, the army consists solely of young women who are either driving monster trucks or consoling sad-faced ‘refugee’ children.

  10. NFA says:

    The freedom riders of the Biden regime are busy collecting Antifa recruits.

    I’m sure MS13 will go well there as well.

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