Sodomy has become the Western world’s official state religion

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13 Responses to Sodomy has become the Western world’s official state religion

  1. Fat Tony says:

    Of course it is – taxpayers have been bent over and sodomised for many years.
    Making it the official religion is long overdue…

  2. NFA says:

    Progressive Taxation and Sodomy are the cornerstones of communism.

  3. Nix says:

    Hard to find. Is there a referendum?

  4. Boambee John says:


    Very low grade trolling.

  5. Franx says:

    The men mocking nuns have been invited to the ‘pride’ event for the sake of a beneficence given that the inclusion of that grotesquerie would make for a ‘full night of programming’.
    To argue against that particular grotesquerie does not challenge the event itself but tends to validate it – as does the argument by the L.A Archdiocese since claiming that the mockery of nuns is anti-Catholic leaves intact the reality that the entire event is anti-Catholic and is beneath human dignity. But to say so would be telling. And the entire pride lobby knows exactly what it is doing.

  6. Christine says:

    “And the entire pride lobby knows exactly what it is doing”

    The airline CEO did warn us; boasted, in fact.
    So influential. And why so very many?

  7. Crusader says:

    A whole lotta ‘anti-Catholic’ palaver here. Seems like a great way to accelerate the demise of that religion in this country, what with the predilection for defending the child abusers and bashing people who go through years of surgery and gruelling therapies for gender assignment. Not to mention gay-bashing. Notable that Spain (2010) and Ireland (2018) have legislated rights to abortion and same sex marriage. Both are majority Catholic countries.

  8. Christine says:

    Yes well
    let’s not look to Ireland

  9. Franx says:

    For your part, Crusader, you, like the news media, have made no defence of the many good men who had been wrongfully accused of sexual abuse, imprisoned, yet ultimately found not guilty. No news, no apology, no damages paid, none sought. Perhaps because the they understood that lynch-mobs can be appealing. As can a societal momentum for surgeries to slice off body parts in the promise of new parts, yet not before the mandated therapies (to counsel in favour of what is supposed to be innate), and only prior to the surgery. Post op, the devil can take the hindmost made up of the aging, unwell, confused, and no longer lovely painted faces. Maybe they could turn to the RSC nuns, as did the HIV patients in the past. But you are right. Catholic countries – and individuals – are are tending to reject much of what has sustained them throughout history, beliefs such as ‘thou shalt not kill’. As for any glee at the prospect the demise of religion, Nina Simone, merely as a starter for reflection, does a fine version of ‘Oh, sinnerman, where’re ya gonna run to’.

  10. Boambee John says:

    Crusader is less interested in sexual abuse by public school teachers and leftard politicians.

  11. Ragu says:

    bashing people who go through years of surgery and gruelling therapies for gender assignment

    What a load of bollux.

    As for the rest of it, the dissonance is off the charts. Against bigotry except for anti catholic bigotry. You make Dave Farina look like a member of Mensa

  12. Nix says:

    I would like to record my deep anxiety at the false accusations of make violence against women. No one says a word about all the men is hostels with kids trying to avoid brutal wives. Nothing. Yet we have teams of horrible abuse of men who’ve clearly not ever committed a single sin. Men are oppressed. It’s a scandal.

  13. NFA says:

    crusada nix has missed his scheduled drug intake and gone for street sweepings.

    The LA Dodgers posters are crusada nix fans.

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