“If we want things to be better we have to be better people”

A cup of coffee read: In Hungarian Conservative, a fascinating discussion with Jordan Peterson.
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  1. Buccaneer says:

    You can’t derive any real information from the legacy media, as far as I can tell. Virtually everything that we are told by traditional resources is a demented lie one form or another.

    The leftist notion that we can cure poverty by distributing money, you saw how well that worked in the Soviet Union. You can make rich people poor with socialism but you cannot make poor people rich.

    If you want to make the society worse you destroy the ideal. And the society is every time destroyed from the bottom up. The poorest, worst off people get designated first. You can see that on the energy front. What do idiot green policies do? They hurt poor people. It’s their solution for fixing the planet: making poor people poorer. Anybody with an iota of sense can already see that happen in Germany. And it’s going to be worse

    That last quote, we had Swan and Bowen on the TV today telling us the problem is traditional fossil fueled powers sources are too expensive. One only needs to add up the cost of replacing those sources with renewables and the transmission and storage improvements needed for those to be practical and compare that with the cost of replacing the fossil fueled power generation capacity. That equation is stark and clearly articulates why poor people will continue to suffer.

  2. NFA says:


    Thank you.

    A great article.

  3. Christine says:

    Thank you.
    Would hate to have missed this article.

  4. Franx says:

    Almost an element of historical-civilisational suspicion of the Magyars by most other members of the EU who prefer to ally themselves with Saxons and Angles, and maybe Latins, or, heaven help, Slavs. But being on the margins can cut two ways, as Peterson would know.

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