Today, some rape victims skip the medical and do a media kit

Oh Britt. I’m so sorry. You need this like a hole in the head. How sh*t. How f***ing outrageous. Thanks for filling me in. I will, of course, keep it firmly in the vault…Lots of hugs and boxing gloves in the meantime.”

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15 Responses to Today, some rape victims skip the medical and do a media kit

  1. Fred says:

    I wonder what she thinks of bill shortens accuser?

  2. Christine says:

    Perhaps there’s a reason for her asterisks. Is it an ABC rule, when a senior employee types expletives in texts? Or is she showing delicacy?
    “Lots of hugs” – so juvenile from Herself on that lofty perch.

  3. Rafiki says:

    On the face of it, Drumgold’s conduct is a suitable subject for inquiry by Sofronoff. Tingle’s too, but it might be outside the terms of reference.
    As more of the way this was played by Higgins and Shiraz, the more it is possible that reputable publisher would publish a manuscript written by this duo.

  4. Lee says:

    I wonder what she thinks of bill shortens accuser?

    If she (Tingle) is anything like the vast majority of the MSM, she couldn’t care less about serious accusations against anyone not in the Liberal Party.

  5. Rafiki says:

    Would not publish.

  6. Petros says:

    Dumb question from me, a non-lawyer: the defence is not allowed access to the police records usually?

  7. Wally Dalí says:

    Does anyone know how on earth Tingle went from being a marginal columnist for a failing newspaper to suddenly being at the helm of the State Media’s glossiest post-prandial CA TV show?
    I seriously am starting to believe that there are a lot of midwits planted to positions of power by the Lizard People, simply because they march in time and sing in tune. Tingle, Biden, Albanese, Sunak, Trudeau, Turnbull…

  8. Wally Dalí says:

    Stan Grant, Hamish MacDonald, Lisa Wilkinson…
    I mean, at least Ron Burgundy and Mike Moore read the teleprompter like they really, really believed it.

  9. Rafiki says:

    Petros – that is a good question, and my answer is directed to the counselling records. The general is that the defence is entitled to any information that would assist him (let’s say) to establish a reasonable doubt as to his guilt in the mind of the jury. This right is a critical aspect of the right to a fair trial.

    It follows that statements made by a complainant (let’s say Higgins) to anyone, including a “counsellor” should be available to the accused. They would be evidence of any assertions of fact made by her (by reason of exceptions to the rule against hearsay), and of inconsistent statements – thereby diminishing her credibility – if what she told the counsellor differs materially from she said or wrote on some other occasion, such as to the police, or at the trial, about the facts.

    So an accused’s lawyer would very much like to see the counsellor’s records. Which is one reason the law was changed get to prevent the notes being put in evidence on the trial. The policy here is primarily to make it easier to convict an accused. Of course, the official reason is to allow the complainant to relieve her trauma by speaking frankly. This assumes she was raped, but we have seen how this is the starting assumption of a “victim-centred” approach. The result is blatantly unfair to the accused.

    Some cynically minded people might think a counselling session is an opportunity to improve the story the complainant tells the police. But I suppose the notes would not reflect such an exercise.

    The trial judge does have a narrowly defined discretion to allow the defence to look at the counsellor’s notes. Maybe that’s too late for the defence, given that the lawyers would not have an opportunity to follow-up leads.

  10. Ragu says:

    Its my understanding that the psych is under no obligation to hand over all the clinical notes, they can object by writing that it would be a detriment to their client and write up a precis of the patient notes.

    The psych should have (they are obliged to) relay this info to the client for a direction. So once again, Mz Chunder is in a pickle of her own making.

    If this whole thing didn’t have the pong of a scam I would say she is dangerously stupid

  11. Syd Gal says:

    Now the SMH has just published a story about yesterday’s Daily Mail story which had published a story on the ABC story of 27 April 2022!! The SMH states: “Higgins, Higgins’ spokeswoman, Tingle, the ABC, Lehrmann’s spokesman, Drumgold and the federal police were all contacted for comment for this story.”

    Not sure if Higgins’ spokeswoman is Emma Webster from Hawker Britton or Heidi Yates the Victims of Crime Commissioner. As per the Inquiry discussions, I think the only people to read the counselling notes were staff in the DPP office.

    In a transcript of an audio of Higgins and Samantha Maiden on the BOI website, Higgins says having the Superintendent and someone else involved had been difficult as they were “not fans” and were “paranoid about media”. Higgins later states “I don’t think they think that there’s enough to get a conviction”… “Because you know it’s just his word against mine.”

    Some of the exhibits are no longer hyperlinked but I think I read that someone thought another security guard had brought a jacket to the office at 8am for Higgins and that in Higgins’ book manuscript she said she took the lift while CCTV suggested she took the stairs to exit the building.

  12. cuckoo says:

    I love this line:

    The pair then engage in a personal conversation about Ms Tingle’s cat and the impending Federal Budget

  13. Buccaneer says:

    It seems revealing that the DPP and the plaintiff seemed to trust the ABC and the love media more than the police, right from the outset.

  14. Old Lefty says:

    I may have missed something, but I can’t recall seeing any reporting of this on the ABC. Quelle surprise!

    Leigh Sales let slip on the election night program that she knew of reports of sexual harassment etc on the Labor side of politics as well. She was talking with Plibersek and must have forgotten she was on air. Plains nodded gravely and shut the discussion down with words to the effect of ‘we all have to do better’.

    Needless to say, there hasn’t been a word of ABC reporting on whatever Sales may have known.

    Nor, of course, has the ABC ever reported on its own pedo casting couch run by Jon Stephens. No surprise there either.

  15. SydGal says:

    Recent Daily Mail story that Mark Dreyfus signed off on Higgins’ compensation payment before Christmas last year. His speech the day of March4Justice in Canberra 15 March 2o21:
    I knew her allegation was in the NPC but did not realise she also said it at the rally, as documented in the speech above.

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