Affirmative Inaction

Her partner a klutz, a UK police lady becomes a rag doll for child star gone wrong, Ginger Meggs.
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  1. NFA says:


    The reference you have provided takes me to Peter Lloyd’s @Suffragent_ twitter page which shows me a dead twitter link.

  2. Riversutra says:

    and Ronnie and Reggie Kray die a second time, from laughter!

  3. cuckoo says:

    One of the current ads for VicPol recruitment centers on a petite asian lady in police cosplay who, when she’s not oohing at fireworks and returning wayward moppets to their parents, is wrestling hulking skinheads into submission.

    Always worth a watch. The girl does things I couldn’t have done at her age, and she’s a good sport about the whole thing, but biology wins.

  4. C.L. says:

    Link is still good for me, NFA.
    Still up on Peter Lloyd’s twitter page at the same URL.

  5. NFA says:

    Thanks C.L.

    I read the ‘fine’ print in plain site and I needed to be logged into Twitter… all good.

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