America Avenges Mwanga

TODAY is the feast day of the Ugandan Martyrs, a national holiday in the East African country – whose population is 80 per cent Christian – and its most important cultural-religious festival. If you wondered why the unhinged Joe Biden this week flagged an intention to impose sanctions on Uganda – one of the poorest nations on the planet – the story of the 45 converts who were burned alive there between 31 January 1885 and 27 January 1887 may be enlightening. The then king of old Buganda, Mwanga II, came to resent the rise of Christianity in the same way countless Roman emperors and pagan chieftains had throughout history. The most visceral of his furies, however, was unleashed by the refusal of young Christian pages to submit to being sodomised by him and his high-ranking – similarly disposed – tribal favourites. Enraged, he literally lined up the young men and boys and gave them one final chance. The adamant were tortured, staked and set alight. Their martyrdom and its causes – Christian rejection of polygamy was also a factor – are a sacred part of Ugandan folklore. Outsiders don’t have to approve the sentencing to death of homosexuals ajudged violent or predatory under the laws enacted by President Yoweri Museveni last Monday. They do have to mind their own business, though – especially given the extreme violence against the innocent and the adolescent that they maniacally support.

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  1. Jannie says:

    Few people understand how deep and visceral the hatred of homosexuality is in Africa. Even in South Africa, where it is legally protected, homosexuals avoid openly identifying themselves. For Africans, homosexuality is the mark of Satan.

  2. NFA says:

    Thank you C.L.

  3. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Thanks C.L.

    “lagged an intention to impose sanctions on Uganda “

    Is this not cultural imperialism? Isn’t this the USA, under the rotting, sniffing and stumbling corpse, dictating to a tiny country what laws it can enact and what laws it can’t? Isn’t the left supposed to be against this sort of thing? Well, the old left was! The USA, along with the EU, now engages in quite open cultural imperialism, an imperialism based on the celebration and enforcement of perversion. All this will do is drive Uganda into the arms of Russia and China.

    As an aside, I’ve just posted this on Dover’s blog. It’s why I like DeSantis and why I hope he’s the nominee…

    Ron DeSantis goes off on heckler who calls him a ‘f***ing fascist’

    Ron DeSantis doesn’t flinch, doesn’t recoil, doesn’t pull back, and stands his ground. That’s how you deal with the fascist left.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Reminds me of the 21 Christians who were dressed in orange overalls, lined up in Libya by jihadis and were given the choice to convert or be beheaded.

    They all chose to be beheaded. Vale. Pope Francis did a nice thing a few weeks ago.

    Our church has long had links with some churches in Zambia and Kenya, with wider works in South Sudan, Tanzania and occasionally Uganda. I wish my brothers and sisters well in their effort to stand off Slow Joe and his slithery friends.

  5. Morsie says:

    Quite hysterical,I was at the Rotary convention when this Ugandan guy who has made millions from pharmaceuticals was rabbiting on about DEI.
    The same day the legislation was passed in Uganda.
    Appealed to my warped sense of humour.
    I don’t object to the guy making money,he has dragged himself up from nothing but it was amusing

  6. Real Deal says:

    Thanks CL. I had no idea of the historical background to Uganda’s opposition. Agree with them totally. We in the West are so enmeshed in the sexual revolution that we forget how obscene our laxity is to Africans. And they are right. Also what a craven old bully Biden is.

  7. Crusader says:

    Outsiders don’t have to approve the sentencing to death of homosexuals ajudged violent or predatory under the laws enacted by President Yoweri Museveni last Monday. So CL doesn’t approve?

  8. C.L. says:

    No, I don’t support the death penalty and never have.

  9. Ed Case says:

    For Africans, homosexuality is the mark of Satan.

    India is similar, so I’m told.
    They call it ‘child stealing’.
    Presumably because young males caught up in it won’t become part of the pursuit of family wealth by marriage economic system.
    Heard a 2nd hand story of Buddhist monks visiting an Ashram in Bengal who got off the train at the wrong station and were hacked to death.

  10. Crusader says:

    CL: you agree with Biden then?

  11. NFA says:

    crusada nix, ‘the bot’, has no comprehension of humanity.

  12. Buccaneer says:

    Crusader constantly and ably demonstrates what leftism is really about, twisting the words of other people in a desperate positioning for power. They don’t care about anything else.

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