Controversial Proposal

Public Health Association chief Terry Slevin has criticised a bill that echoes “born alive” rules in the US as an exercise in “value signalling” that does not belong in Australia’s political discourse.

Mr Slevin raised concerns that the controversial proposal, put forward by Nationals senator Matt Canavan and Liberal senator Alex Antic in a private members’ bill, had been referred for a hearing by a Senate committee next week, saying it engaged in the “deadly politics of denying women’s reproductive freedom”.

“The purposes of the bill should be called out for what they are: value signalling, one might guess connected with fundraising and building supporter mailing lists.”

The Children Born Alive Protection Bill would create an “offence” for health practitioners who did not provide medical care or treatment to a child “born alive” including after a termination.

Senator Canavan said the bill would prevent the “suffering of newborn babies born alive after an abortion”, arguing that they “deserve the care and treatment every other human being expects in this country”.

“I would just hope that people let the facts do the talking in this debate,” he said. “The suffering of newborn babies born alive after an abortion is an unknown tragedy that does occur every other week in this country. Those babies are human lives … the debate is not helped by inflammatory accusations.”

In case you were wondering, Mr Slevin is not a medical practitioner. He has a BA in psychology.
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6 Responses to Controversial Proposal

  1. Roger W says:

    Well, I suppose he’s right, it is value signalling – do you value the life of a baby or do you revel in killing babies in cruel and painful ways. It’s just that his values are the sick ones.

  2. Christine says:

    Better value-signalling than all the insufferable virtue-signalling.

  3. Franx says:

    I am reminded of a midwife friend who spoke of how she and her colleagues in a public hospital used to secretly baptise unwanted infants before they were discarded. Maybe it’s time the Church resumed her ancient practice of rescuing abandoned infants, whether from rubbish heaps or from metallic hospital dishes.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    We must kill the children to save them!
    I’m getting fed up with these medical Nazis.

  5. Petros says:

    Ever met a sane psychologist?

  6. Rabz says:

    Terry Slevin was in a cricket team I used to play in back in the late nineties. Opposition batsmen would take to his bowling with great gusto (as he used to bowl himself incessantly whenever he was captain or vice captain of the team).

    Consequently, we rarely if ever won a match.

    CL – his linkedin profile appears to have disappeared.

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