The New Case White

A funny thing happened to a boogeyman on the way to Warsaw

AN imperial trade war shielded from clamorous opposition by rainbow bribery. Their own devious manipulation of democracy shielded by ever-blameable Russians. For today’s Western states, these are the twin pillars of normalty’s new portico. As the controlled media tells it, Washington subverts and bombs abroad to uphold the “rules-based order” and “values” like homosexual ‘marriage’ and abortion ‘rights.’ Moscow, in the same imaginary vein, is both the clumsiest enemy and the savviest annihilator in the modern world. It is whatever a nudge unit needs it be. So the old Code Pink mob that helped make the Iraq War electorally toxic has disappeared – bought off with institutionalised left-wing dogma. Joe Biden and the Foggy Bottom-Blob have made universal gay and transgender ‘equality’ a paramount goal of US foreign policy. Ukraine’s promise to legalise same-sex nuptials at the first opportunity – having drawn global ire not long ago when some of its many nazis torched a queer film night – is alone worth the price of 300,000 dead soldiers. Never before have Westerners been assaulted by such liquid chicanery. Big Tech lassoed and tamed, a Truman Show pandemic, the ignominy of Kabul, self-inflicted economic catastrophe and the fear of ostracism all coalesced in just a few years to sunder the remnant reins of demos.

The result is that either ‘Russia’ or ‘right-wing extremists’ are routinely held responsible for anything, however preposterously. When Tory MP Danny Kruger told a conference last month that the family founded on a married mother and father was “the only possible basis for a safe and successful society,” he was angrily likened to Vladimir Putin by fellow Conservative Andrew Boff of the London Assembly. The BBC reported that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak “distanced” himself from Mr Kruger’s remarks and the “right-wing” event. This livid, militant unreality is not supposed to make sense; it is supposed to menace the normal, acquit the gutless and lionise the limp-wristed in order to entrench left-wing extremism. That it has metastasised from domestic political grievance-harvesting into an international carcinogen is proven by the shameless reactions from Brussels and the United States to Polish President Andrzej Duda enacting a bill they would not only endorse but encourage anywhere else. After all, this new law sets up a commission empowered to investigate officials who may have acted “under Russian influence to the detriment of the interests of the Republic of Poland” between 2007 and 2022.

Why, you might ask, would the usual Russia! Russia! criers oppose measures to flush out and expel influence peddlers and gas deal brokers, many of them still active in Polish politics? Just last week the European Commission endorsed a terrifyingly Stasi-like “whole-of-society” program to counter “foreign interference” by monitoring and controlling all political communication on the Continent. Yet today the EC announced an intention to sue the Polish government “in relation to the new law on the state committee for examination of Russian influence.” Why? For three main reasons. First, the committee’s retrospective remit is likely to snare pals of Moscow from early in the century who were members of left-wing parties. The EU and the US have no beef with legacy communists; their argument is with present-day foes of their own woke Bolshevism.

Second, despite President Duda and the government condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and distinguishing themselves in the aiding and accommodation of refugees, the Law and Justice Party is considered “right-wing” for blocking homosexual ‘marriage’ and groomer propaganda in schools. To the Biden administration and Ursula von der Leyen, this is akin to flying passenger planes into office buildings. Finally, the man globalists are desperate to see return to power in Poland – former prime minister and Eurocrat Donald Tusk – liberalised relations with Russia in 2008-09, not least as regards energy. The ‘credentials’ of the 66 year-old Civic Platform leader are golden. He believes Donald Trump is a threat to Europe, promises to end abortion restrictions and promote in toto the gay agenda. Even desecraters would have a loyal friend. When the 15 year-old son of an opposition legislator committed suicide in March – he was molested by an “LGBT activist” and Civic Platform member – Tusk blamed the government. Washington’s reliability test for satraps bordering Russia these days isn’t Wyszyński solidity but craven degeneracy. Because a man willing to tip a country’s children into the ravenous craw of Moloch is up for anything.

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  1. Mantaray says:

    And still I’m waiting for any sign of these perversions, and inversions of reality, to reach my neck of the woods….

    Kmart still has menswear / boyswear/womenswear/girlswear departments and NOTHINg for the QWERTYs. Over at the sports park when strolling with the dogs I see the girls and women playing netball or soccer, and the boys / men playing Rugby, Soccer, Aussie rules etc in same sex teams. At the race meting last Saturday there were fashions on the field prizes for “the ladies” and for “the gents”. No trans nutters in either competition.

    In one of the most “cosmopolitan” coastal destinations in Oz….touted as “the Monte Carlo of the south”, 65 ks from here there’s not a drag queen in sight, nor any obvious same sex couples flaunting their perversions.

    And so it goes. Have the bloggers here fallen for the propaganda that says this BS is an actual thing? The QWERTY super-show in Sydney…the mardi gras…. got a measley 12,000 participants, while the City to surf ran get 5-6 times that number every year with hardly any hype….while DOZENS of similar runs across the country aredrawing hundreds of times more (in total) than the QWERTY fringe.

    Guess what I saying is: The whole perversion thingy is a massive mountain out of molehill. A souffle beaten up out of all reality and proportion. Be alert FFS but NOT alarmed. Nor hysterical.

  2. Franx says:

    Staggeringly like the thirties in that the designs for war are intricately interwoven with totalitarianisms over the socio-religious-cultural.

  3. Franx says:

    Those who were battered with police shields and batons and shot at with rubber bullets could not help being alarmed. And those who were forced to be injected in order to survive and those saw their children forced to wear filthy masks all day were indeed not alarmed but grieving. As were those who were locked out and locked in and locked down. And this without regard for the ongoing and insidiously creeping direction of surveillance and control of movement, thought and language. And helplessness in that children, captive in classrooms, are being taught content contrary to the family ethos. Really. Etc. Posey Parker was trying to figure things out when she was Australia. I cannot recall her exact comment, but it was along the lines of the country holding to, ‘I’m all right Jack.’ On the whole, I don’t think she was right.

  4. John of Mel says:

    Mantaray, do you have kids at school? I have a feeling that you don’t.

  5. David Archibald says:

    The FBI keeps trotting out agents in cosplay as right wing extremists. They march around a bit and then disappear. Everybody says “Feds!” and doesn’t take them seriously. But it means that the elite in the US hold the American public in utter contempt.

  6. Morsie says:

    Speaking of cosplay dont forget our home grown “Nazis”

  7. Mantaray says:

    John of Mel….No kids at school these days, though i know plenty of popeople with kids and grandkids at school….

    Not sure if Mel = Melbourne, but that urban-hole does appear to be the epi-centre of much that is wrong with modern Australia. Anyone who cares to click here…..…..might be able to explain why the star is upside down = is the satanic pentagram?

  8. Crusader says:

    The result is that either ‘Russia’ or ‘right-wing extremists’ are routinely held responsible for anything, however preposterously.
    Russia is responsible for invading a neighbour, murdering civilians and terrorising a society. For some reason, extremists want to defend those actions.

  9. Franx says:

    Lots of EU flags at that Polish ‘protest’.
    Not that anyone knew that Poles had a penchant for EU flags.
    Now why would Poles celebrating their democracy, and protesting to protect it for fear that their democracy is being eroded, want to be waving EU flags given that it is the EU which is encroaching upon Poland’s sovereignty. Think about it.

  10. Boambee John says:


    Let me say again, both sides are at fault, over many years. I take neither side.

  11. Franx says:

    In the circumstances, there is something to be said for being not neutral in the face of the connivances of the EU, the EC and the globalist cohort of the West – connivances which seek pretty much universally to impose scientism and the destruction of ethics while simultaneously spurning peace in clamouring for endless war.

  12. Boambee John says:


    Perhaps, but that problem must be solved at home, in each individual nation. It cannot be solved in Ukraine.

  13. Nix says:

    Franx thinks Putin invades countries to restore ethics. Quaint.

  14. jupes says:

    I visited Poland last year. A country not tainted by African and Muslim immigration, proudly mono-cultural and Catholic. I think even if Tusk stole power he would find it very difficult to implement the gay and groomer’s agenda.

  15. Fat Tony says:

    Nix thinks Nix thinks…Quaint.

  16. Franx says:

    Could be a condition verging on a stopped syndrome at 7.12 pm.

  17. Franx says:


  18. Mantaray says:

    nix, and any others who can assist…..Is there actually a war going on un Ukraine?

    I see photos of Tony Abbott attending a security conference in Kiev…..…..with lovely well-kept streets and buildings. loads of attendees. Photos of TA strolling with no security guys; no flak jacket: kids and ladies enjoying the day….

    While Kiev / Ukraine is supposed to be under constant attack? WTF is this?

    Anyone got a precedent for such goings on?

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