“I remember showers with my dad (probably not appropriate)”

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  1. Mantaray says:

    NFA. OK. that’s the States…..

    Meanwhile I see the entire QWERTY gang in Oz only able to rustle up about 12,000 participants in their hyper-hyped signature event, the Sydney Mardi Gras. Tis is after endless publicity, constant pride events, puff-pieces, coming-out promotions…etc etc.

    On the other hand every Big City Fun-Run gets 5-6 times that number with hardly any publicity until the week or so before. Car rallies and shows; stamp + coin collecting markets, book fairs, festivals and…etc etc etc get far more taking part than the pervert parades….

    OK, so the noisy fringe is screeching, but reality is they only drum up a gang of mental deficients who SHOULD be in some old-style asylum or padded cells…..and the other 99.99% of the citizenry KNOW they are f’wits.

    Why give them the joy of thinking they have US rattled? Why not just laugh at them whilst still working on countering their stupidity?

  2. Old Lefty says:

    The UK statistics office included for the first time in the last census a question about sexual orientation. The result (self-reported but anonymous) was around two per cent of the population: not twenty (as that piece of fraudulent pseudo-science the Kinsey report claimed), not ten, but two.

    There was a difference to this year’s Mardi gras parade in Sydney, so I understand. A group of young Catholic men decided that they had had enough and stood guard around St Mary’s cathedral. The result? None of the graffiti, vomit, urination and defacation on the cathedral that has been standard practice for years.

    I assume that makes the young Catholic men a pack of N*z*s in the eyes of the woke left.

  3. C.L. says:

    Good on those men. I suspect the Church will need to make use of such Swiss guardsmen as a matter of course in coming years.

    Re percentages, that’s right: somewhere around 2% of people are ‘gay.’ Hardly anybody, statistically. Five times more Australians are asthmatic.

    Pride Month Zealots Launch Economic Warfare On Homesteading Catholic Family

    Thanks, NFA. Lovely family living the dream. And that’s why they hate them.

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