Another woman Pesuttoed

Feminist men prefer their women male: The Age sacks columnist Julie Szego amid gender furore.

The editor of The Age has sacked one of the masthead’s star columnists, Julie Szego, after she took aim at the publication over its ­refusal to run an article on youth gender transition.

Last week, Szego posted on ­social media that while she had been commissioned to write a feature-length story about the contentious issue by the newspaper’s former editor Gay Alcorn, The Age’s current boss Patrick Elligett refused to run it.

Szego, a freelancer who has written for The Age on and off for more than two decades, subsequently chose to self-publish the 5000-word piece on her own Substack page, telling her social media followers about her new blog: “I’ll be writing about gender identity politics … without the copy being rendered unreadable by a committee of woke journalists redacting words they deem incendiary, such as ‘male’…

My attendance at the rally caused great suspicion in there.”

Szego also said the fact that she attended the controversial Let Women Speak rally in Melbourne in March had been used as part of a whispering campaign against her.

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  1. NFA says:

    An extraordinary essay C.L.

    Thank you for the link to Julie Szego’s substack.

  2. Roger W says:

    Are “professional” feminists finally realizing the whole trans thing is anti women, something the rest of us have known for a while, of course.

  3. Ed Case says:

    Have the rest of us finally woken up that Feminism is about Politics an d nothing else?

  4. Perfidious Albino says:

    Related unrelated. Pesutto choosing The Age for his puff piece tells you exactly where he sees his target audience. What a nuffer.

  5. Ragu says:

    Interesting read. There is nothing in there to dissuade me from believing this to be a social phenomena, with those in the medical industry completely convinced that children have impeccable knowledge of everything within the known universe (despite school results showing kids as a whole are dumber than ever before) and therefore there is no downside to a child becoming a barren, plastic nothing

  6. Fat Tony says:

    …and therefore there is no downside to a child becoming a barren, plastic nothing

    There is, of course, the possibility that this is their intention/primary goal.

  7. twostix says:

    Bublyk has a master’s degree in human rights from Curtin University. Selected for a United Nation’s women’s empowerment program from more than 600 applicants, she has collaborated with organisations around the globe to fight systemic injustice, and tackled the feminisation of poverty in Australia. Her professional background has trained her to see individual struggles through the lens of structural inequality, and that’s how she views Felix’s struggle for bodily autonomy. Transgender people have “always been there,” she says, fighting to be seen.

    And coincidentally also has a “trans” daughter.

    As they say about the vegan cat: we all know who’s making the decisions.

  8. twostix says:

    I’m always surprised that people don’t link the trans thing to eunuchs. Many degenerate godless empires create a neutered class of hyper loyalists to be foot servants of the elite.

  9. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Trannies continue to destroy women’s sports.

    Half of England Women’s Angling Team Quit After Biological Man Allowed to Join Team (11 Jun)

    Man Wins First Place in the Women’s Category in North Carolina Cycling Race (11 Jun)

    You have to wonder if women will be red-pilled by this. In the last 10 years young women have been increasingly turning lefty (whereas young men haven’t). But if the Left keeps on undermining women this way a herd-revolt just might happen.

  10. twostix says:

    Australia’s children’s hospital gender clinics told me, the families they encounter skew white, progressive and “middle to higher class.”


    Not a cult.

    Also slips this little nugget in with no interest in the horrific implications:

    (Children in state care are also over-represented in gender clinics around the world for reasons that are unclear.)

  11. Wally Dalí says:

    Horrific implication which is confirmed all over this LGBTIQAP+ carnivale is that sociopaths- from social workers through to surgeons- are attracted to positions where they have access to and power over children.

  12. C.L. says:

    Seeing the prominence of mothers poisoning their children’s minds with trans-garbage, exposing them to ‘story hour’ molesters, holding toddlers up so they can see the bare arse of the man in the Pride parade – to say nothing of the fake ‘rape’ charges and nervously overwrought behaviour of female politicians – it seems obvious to me that a large number of Western women today are mentally ill. Their molestation-by-proxy is a conventionally arms-length, passive-aggressive form of female violence and revenge against (heterosexual) men.

  13. rosie says:

    I don’t understand them.
    The most famous male to female child transitioned ‘Jazz’ has been eunuched so badly he has never (nor will ever) experienced orgasm.
    His body has been destroyed, he’s mentally unwell but it’s a grand victory?

  14. Rafiki says:

    Munchausen syndrome by proxy may explain some of this.

  15. rosie says:

    That’s the two main elements,
    Women’s spaces taken over by the ultimate misogynists and autogynephiiacs.
    Thousands of children destroyed mentally and physically.
    Note that in the quest to be ‘non binary’ some young women are now getting their breasts removed.

  16. rosie says:

    That’s blaming a very rare mental illness on what has become a very popular social movement.

  17. Ed Case says:

    Having breast surgery is quite acceptable if it’s some rare Gene marker, a medical diagnosis, augmentation, reduction, most of which are stupid and unnecessary, so why can’t some teenager 18+ have them removed for political reasons?

  18. Ed Case says:

    Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy isn’t all that rare.
    It’s just a matter of degree.

  19. Fred says:

    Julie Szego has always been a solid lefty supporting diversity and multiculturalism and opposing Pauline Hanson, Donald Trump and free speech whenever she can.

    Hoist on her own petard.

  20. Franx says:

    Social norms in the past and now more than ever have not prevented female children and women from being as masculine in their ways as they are inclined to be while remaining females biologically, psychologically, and culturally. Likewise, the same norms have not prevented male children and men from being as feminine in their ways as they are inclined to be yet remaining males biologically, psychologically, and culturally. The freedoms of the sexes to have their gender biases while retaining an authentic biological sex suggests that the chemical and surgical violences disfiguring the human sexual being cannot then be primarily about ‘gender identity’.

  21. C.L. says:

    I don’t understand them.
    The most famous male to female child transitioned ‘Jazz’ has been eunuched so badly he has never (nor will ever) experienced orgasm.
    His body has been destroyed, he’s mentally unwell but it’s a grand victory?

    I see these ‘trans-men’ – most of whom look like Ricky Gervais – and think the same thing. They can never know the delight of being aroused by a woman’s figure, manner or scent – or even memory – much less sexually resolve the love and longing for woman that inheres in men.

    The unquenchable part of men is what drives their action-for-others, errors, and quest for self-knowledge and mastery over the course of a lifetime. We need women – even though they’re often highly annoying – and no man worthy of the name doesn’t see himself as her champion, even at the cost of his own life.

    You can’t chop and dress and drug your way into masculinity.

    Many of the ‘transitioned’ females end up being ‘gay’ instead – which means they return to square one, only spayed.

  22. Old Lefty says:

    The revolution devours its own!

  23. Entropy says:

    Senior child psychiatrist stood down after questioning gender medicine
    Jillian Spencer is a psychiatrist in the Queensland Children Hospitals’ consultation liaison psychiatry team and has been stood down from clinical duties
    The suspension of a senior staff psychiatrist over her approach to transgender patients has thrown the Queensland Children’s Hospital into turmoil, casting a spotlight on widespread concerns among doctors at the treatment of children with gender dysphoria.
    The case of Jillian Spencer – stood down from clinical duties apparently accused of transphobia – has exposed a culture in which clinicians are unable to employ medical discretion or a neutral therapeutic stance and are bound by their employment to affirm children’s gender transition.
    Dr Spencer, a senior staff specialist in the QCH’s consultation liaison psychiatry team, was removed from clinical duties in mid-April following a patient complaint in an unusual response from a public hospital that followed months of conflict over affirmative gender medicine and trans identity politics within the hospital.
    The case has prompted other doctors to raise concerns about the operation of the hospital’s gender clinic and the lack of co-ordination with its adolescent mental health service, the young age at which vulnerable patients with complex presentations are being prescribed cross-sex hormones, and the advocacy role of the gender clinic’s nurses who are running education sessions for public school nurses on chest binding.
    Some staff members employed at the QCH have spoken of their concern at the way Dr Spencer’s case was being handled after the hospital drew upon its powers to compel staff under employment law to use children’s preferred pronouns, even though doing so was regarded by the Cass review as an active treatment measure as part of a social transition process that could lead to a cascade of medical interventions.
    The hospital has also banned any discouragement of referrals to the gender clinic.
    Some doctors at the hospital hold concerns that children are being prescribed hormone treatments after only two consultations at the Queensland Children’s Gender Service, with teenagers being approved for cross-sex hormones, which carry side-effects of sterility and loss of sexual function, sometimes at just 14 years old. This is despite the UK and several European countries adopting a more cautious approach to the prescription of such drugs amid concerns – also expressed by NSW’s Westmead gender clinic doctors – the evidence base was lacking..
    The QCGS has 922 patients on its books and, according to FOI documents, prescribed cross-sex hormones to 102 adolescents in 2022 – more than twice as many as the Melbourne Children’s Hospital’s gender clinic. However, the true number of patients on hormones may be significantly greater as many are referred to private clinicians who prescribe to children under the care of QCGS

  24. Entropy says:

    Hospital dismisses call for a review despite shifting evidence on gender medicine
    Queensland paediatrician Dr Dylan Wilson is calling for a review of the treatment of children at public hospital gender clinics.
    Queensland health executives have dismissed calls for a review of the state children’s hospital’s gender service, continuing to insist its practices are “evidence-based” despite a growing worldwide movement to restrict the use of puberty blockers in children and as doctors claim vulnerable teenagers are being harmed by medical gender transition.
    Paediatrician Dylan Wilson has called for an immediate moratorium on the initiation of puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones for patients of the Queensland Children’s Gender Service and an independent investigation into the processes of diagnosis and treatment at the clinic including adverse effects, the coexisting psychological pathologies of patients, and the consent process undertaken at the clinic.
    “The evolution of the treatment of gender-questioning children and adolescents over the last three years has been exponential,” Dr Wilson wrote in a letter to Children’s Health Queensland chief executive Frank Tracey, who oversees the Queensland Children’s Gender Service.
    “However, despite these developments, there has been zero public proclamation from QCGS regarding its practice, and it continues to operate in the same manner as it has always done with little or no regard for the evolution of information in the area of clinical practice. I believe that in doing so, it is conducting poor quality medicine lacking evidence base, that is causing harm to children.
    ACU Senior Research Fellow Kevin Donnelly says it’s “shocking” teachers have been told not to tell parents their kids want to become transgender. Mr Donnelly’s remarks come after a leaked email to teachers was obtained… where they were told to keep pupils’ preferred names, pronouns and gender identity
    “The lack of acknowledgment or review of such practices by those overseeing gender clinics in Australia, including those overseeing QCGS, is no longer acceptable. It can no longer be denied that there is a problem in this area that needs urgent attention

  25. C.L. says:

    Great updates, thanks Entropy.
    I just saw those stories myself.

    Queensland under the mad Chook is going full California.

  26. Mantaray says:

    Got me beat why anyone here is upset by leftists getting what they want……good and hard.

    Leftist parents f’ing up leftist kids…..and also f’ing leftist feminists. What’s not to like about all this?

  27. NFA says:

    C.L. says:
    12 June, 2023 at 7:49 pm

    what C.L. says…

  28. NFA says:

    Mantaray says:
    12 June, 2023 at 7:59 pm

    It is child abuse Mantaray.

  29. Lee says:

    It is child abuse

    Correct, and innocent children who tend to be very trusting and unaware of the evil in the world are being manipulated by others, including, sadly, often their parents.

  30. struth says:

    The Marxist tactics of employing useful idiots …as they call them.
    They’ve used many.
    Dumb, emotion before logic women , have become anti men “feminists’ not understanding that they were being used to help destroy the fabric of the west.
    Now they are not needed anymore, and as we all know on these blogs only too well, or as we all used to know before the covid lies scared the brains and the knowledge of history out of many, the first to get the bullet once the commo’s actually take control, are those left wing activists that could cause them trouble.
    And feminism was just left wing activism.

    And now the tears of the feminists as they get the boot for males with lipstick…..transvestites and other deviants.

    Thanks girls, you dumb bints.

    Our alphabet people will also be booted quicker than a BLM rally during a “lockdown” once they aren’t needed anymore……..

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