His every victory is a rocket return-of-serve to gutless Australia

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7 Responses to His every victory is a rocket return-of-serve to gutless Australia

  1. Buccaneer says:

    Greatest of all time

  2. C.L. says:

    Scott Morrison@ScottMorrisonMP

    Mr Djokovic’s visa has been cancelled. Rules are rules, especially when it comes to our borders. No one is above these rules. Our strong border policies have been critical to Australia having one of the lowest death rates in the world from COVID, we are continuing to be vigilant.

    7:56 AM · Jan 6, 2022

  3. Ed Case says:

    Billl Tillden, pard.

    Joker is up there, just behind Budge, Kramer, Hoad, Gonzales and Laver.

  4. Wally Dalí says:

    No, it’s not a Grand Slam.
    It’s a single Men’s Open title.
    I’ll make no apology for pedantry, we have to maintain our intellectual heritage against undergraduate ditziness.
    (If Djokovic can bag Wimbledon and the The U.S. open, for the OG Grand Slam, he’ll join a rarified group indeed.)

  5. Perplexed of Brisbane says:

    It must also be satisfying for him when he remembers that certain other tennis players used his vax status to ensure they had a better chance of winning a title. Titles with an asterisk next to them because the best player wasn’t there because of petty grandstanding by politicians.

    On another point, Novak is still playing tennis. I was just wondering what happened to that certain Prime Minister? No? Never mind.

  6. NFA says:

    communist PM Morrison?

    The so called Australian PM who would not let Australians into or out of their own country?

    morrison the member for “dirty deeds done dirt cheap” who along with other liberal party scum kicked a perfectly good candidate to the curb to get the seat of Cook?

    that morri-son?

  7. Christine says:

    He showed them.

    I love that heading.

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