Albrechtsen: Labor Mean Girls have now endangered four lives

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75 Responses to Albrechtsen: Labor Mean Girls have now endangered four lives

  1. Buccaneer says:

    If it was the way you suggest, the holdout would have faced the full force of the law for breaching the rules, not been couched in it’s all a misunderstanding. Instead, let off scott free because the outcome suited the DPP and the rest. It’s plain to see the real liars were Shahiggins and the alp. Were there a travesty of justice for Higgins with the level of lefty commitment and media involvement, no one would have accepted it, they would still be banging on about it.

    Again, you are just making it all up Ed. Just like Drumgold made up the interference claim. I note Drumgold never returned to the stand in the Sofronoff inquiry after his incomplete evidence, wonder why that was…

    Where is the investigation into Gallagher? Why not contempt of court charges for Higgins or Mrs Pirate? Yet the DPP can shoot his mouth off and in your tiny mind the AFP is guilty.

  2. Lee says:

    Nah, it was 11-1 Guilty.


  3. and says:

    Dennis Elbow: “Here’s loads of taxpayer money for you. And loads of taxpayer money for you. And loads of taxpayer money for you…”

    Ex-Labor minister to head new net-zero agency

  4. and says:

    New evidence of Labor operatives working ‘behind the scenes’ to advise Higgins and Sharaz

    “Throughout this process, I can tonight reveal the pair also turned to Sarah Hanson-Young, Malcolm Turnbull, Julia Banks, Tanya Plibersek and, as we know, Katy Gallagher for advice.”

    It was only last weekend that Lil’ Alan Brant, the GangGreen head, was squealing that there’s nothing to see here re weaponization; no need for an anti-corruption investigation. No surprise, then, that even Sarah Handsome-Dung was providing “advice” to Briggins.

  5. and says:

    Look at moy! Look at MOY… MOY… MOY!

    Feeling deprived, Hidia Snorpe, professional agitator and attention seeker masquerading as a Strine senator, headed – again – straight for the gutter.

  6. Texas Jack says:

    Thorpe. Just when you think our polity can stoop no lower, a new low.

  7. and says:

    Could it be? Maybe there’s method in Snorpe’s stunt beyond the sole motivation of being obnoxious. Maybe she’s saying see how easy it is to make a [baseless] inflammatory allegation. It is a s t r e t c h.

  8. Texas Jack says:

    Meanwhile, Andrew Bragg, rowing in 180-degrees the wrong direction as usual, wants an investigation into who released the various texts which have made Labor grandees squirm this week.

  9. Buccaneer says:

    Bragg is a cretin, the question is, which members of parliament advised Higgins, directly or via Shiraz, without advising her to take the complaint to police first? Those MPs should resign immediately, the mee too crowd should be hounding them from office for doing the movement a disservice

  10. Entropy says:

    Bragg is clearly a fifth columnist.

    In fact he is so gobsmackingly own goal stupid he is more a filth columnist.

  11. Ed Case says:

    The Issue is whether ALP pols have misled Parliament about when they knew what.
    Sussan Ley was trying to get Albanese’s hands on the Tar Baby today, but Speaker wouldn’t allow the question.
    Sharaz was trying to keep Higgins from direct contact with Labor figures before she went public, but it sounds like the Liberals think Albanese was foolish enough to meet with or otherwise contact Higgins before D-Day.

  12. Buccaneer says:

    Sussan Ley makes my skin crawl. She always seems to miss the point of whatever she is making a bad attempt at articulating.

  13. Ed Case says:

    That’s because you are a Labor shill.
    Normal people think she is doing a fine job.

  14. and says:

    Snorp’s musings today on “disgrace”

    Video length – 50 secs

  15. twostix says:

    Probably best to remove women from parliament at this point.

    Experiment: failed.

  16. Boambee John says:


    Labor shill Grandpa Cletus accuses someone else of being a Labor shill. LOL.

  17. Old Lefty says:

    Meanwhile we still await any reporting of the harassment and worse by Labor types which Plibbers and Leigh Sales ever so obliquely acknowledged on the ABC’s election night coverage.

    I suspect we’ll be waiting for a very long time.

  18. Bushkid says:

    twostix says:
    14 June, 2023 at 6:50 pm
    Probably best to remove women from parliament at this point.

    Experiment: failed.

    As a woman, I heartily agree!

    There have been a few sensible ones there in the past, possibly a few there still, but frankly these shrieking harridans are simply revolting.

    That doesn’t let all the men off the hook either though.

    The preselection processes seem to be driven by those seeking the most slimy, uninspiring, bought and paid for hacks possible.

    It’s an insult that such dross is offered up by the political parties for us to choose from at each election.

    That Mz H thought she had any prospect of a “future career in politics” is a case in point. Her lack of judgement alone would see her struck off my personal list of possible candidates, let alone the behaviour that’s been exposed since the alleged incident in PH.

    Yuck! Just yuck!

    As for the Thorpe creature……. Perhaps it’s best I not express my thoughts here.

  19. Bushkid says:

    The reeking circus that our Parliament has become over recent years discourages decent people from standing for election.

    If there’s a “toxic culture”, it’s caused solely by the character of those gathering there.

  20. NFA says:

    what Bushkid says…

  21. Buccaneer says:

    I’d argue the toxic culture is also created by the wanna-bees that inhabit the media and attempt to hem in and vilify any decent person that decides to run for public office. Instead, the only people insane enough to dare run the gauntlet of this toxic miasma are the undiagnosed psychopaths of society.

  22. Rabz says:

    That Mz Hoggins thought she had any prospect of a “future career in politics” is a case in point

    Anyone willingly seeking political office nowadays should be prevented from doing so, forcibly if necessary.

    To observe that the wrong type of people are infesting public office in this country is an understatement of the bleeding obvious.

  23. Christine says:

    “Experiment: failed”
    I agree

    There have been good ones. But when a mob of women of poor character hold sway in the corridors of power, expect trouble.

  24. Franx says:

    A feature of the venal political class is that the women are like the men. As for the men, they are like the women. These men and women would be mean girls all if parliamentary democracy were the junior schoolyard.

  25. Christine says:

    Franx is right. Both gangs would be the schoolyard mean girls.

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