Concerned and Merciless

GERARD Gaskin’s name didn’t trend on Twitter this week. That’s something. In Louise Milligan’s Australia, even a falsely maligned Catholic expects contumely on a gossamer pretext. Dr Gaskin is executive director of Catholic Education Tasmania and a father of seven. For many years a school principal and formerly Director of Religious Education in the Wagga Wagga diocese (considered an epicentre of orthodoxy), the accomplished educator and scholar has also lectured in catechesis at Vianney College seminary. For cafeteria ‘catholics’, his résumé is the stuff of which conniptions are made. In the midst of continuing ructions about women in oestrogen-crazed Canberra having been ‘assaulted’, a charge of “inappropriate behaviour” against Dr Gaskin was reported in the media on Monday. In company, he greeted two women with hugs at a CET conference in Campbell Town late last year. Neither woman complained. It isn’t known who did. Anyway, the Archdiocese of Hobart commissioned an independent investigation that found Dr Gaskin had “no case to answer.” These days, informants are afforded privacy; the exonerated, publicity.

Here’s something apposite that is known; in fact, this is the journalistic angle in reports about the victim-by-proxy doxxing of Dr Gaskin: only the Concerned Catholics of Tasmania are publicising a demand for another investigation. This time, in the words of CCT chairman, Sue Chen, “to identify the nature of the current culture and the source of tensions” within Catholic Education Tasmania. No charity, note, but only calumny in service to politics. The Concerned Catholics have branches in Canberra, Wollongong and Wagga and are affiliates of the so-called Australasian Catholic Coalition For Church Reform. What concerns these ‘concerned’ reformers is that the Church in Australia has not sufficiently capitulated to secular fashions. They want priestesses, gay ‘marriage’, an animistic and climate-preoccupied theology, Aboriginalised liturgy, lay-preaching at Mass and a democratic governance structure to overrule the bishops. None of the groups has any official status within the Church. Essentially, they are the Greens at prayer and heresy-curious to boot. Their most reliable facilitator, of course, is the ABC which sells them as mainstream goodies over against the baddies of the hierarchy. The reality, however – as this picture at its launch in 2020 demonstrates – is that the CCT is a pastime for people old enough to be better than vicious.

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  1. Franx says:

    Vicious, and more.
    On their site, the CCT hosts, among others, the group WWITCH.

  2. Franx says:

    I wrote an earlier comment here that disappeared, as did the prompt – about the mistake of someone like Gaskin apologising for the experience of others who had pathetic perceptions of having been injured or offended in some way. In all, there is something particularly nasty in trying to subjugate another by calling for an apology for a subjective experience, false subjectivity at that. Once the apology is extracted, there is no going back, the subjugated person is done for, held fast under the false premise. I forget what I had said earlier, but I did think that charity appears to have left the building when it, charity, is, relativised religious practice, absent the heart.

  3. C.L. says:

    On their site, the CCT hosts, among others, the group WWITCH.

    Yes, I noticed that too.

    They are unappeasable, Franx, as you so eloquently explain.

    Here’s what CCT was up to in 2021. Note the age discrepancy between the complainers and the sisters whose presence in Tasmania disgusts them.


    PS: It’s a good idea to copy a lengthier comment prior to posting just in case some glitch occurs at the critical moment. 😉

  4. NFA says:

    I wonder ‘witch’ texts they use?

  5. NFA says:

    Love the Sacred Heart C.L.

  6. Franx says:

    Yes, NFA .
    And on the road to Emmaus: were not our hearts burning within us; were not our heart lighted with fire.

  7. Christine says:

    What sort of people want to humiliate a man for hugging?
    I grew up in a happy-ish, non-hugging family; and I know a man who hugs too closely. “Here goes”, I say to myself. After all, he might be the one to swim out to save me if I got caught in a rip.
    The whole thing is a shame.

  8. and says:

    as this picture

    Yep, that’s a vital group right there. Are they checking each other’s blood pressure?

  9. C.L. says:

    We now have a situation in this country where a man can be accused of harassment or ‘assault’ by an uninvolved and anonymous third party. This, in turn, brings on the kind of mandatory ‘investigation’ that most institutions (public or private) roll out to cover themselves. Then, when the accused is completely exonerated, his enemies run to the ABC to report that he was reported. He is then named – and besmirched in the eyes of people who don’t know any better – and the informant remains unnamed.

    We don’t need quotas for women in politics, the law and officialdom.

    We need limits. No more than, say, 20 per cent.

  10. C.L. says:

    What sort of people want to humiliate a man for hugging?

    In this case, vicious loony haters with an agenda. As a rule, though, people should refrain from hugging or kissing others who aren’t spouses or kin. Hugging – properly so-called – is an intimate thing, really. That said, some people – of both sexes – are more physical than others. They bring a certain out-there demonstrativeness to life that does far more good than harm.

  11. John of Mel says:

    As a rule, though, people should refrain from hugging or kissing others who aren’t spouses or kin.

    That’s the cold Anglo-Saxon culture for you.

  12. Entropy says:

    You can’t win though.
    There was this girl once who I was informed reckoned I gave good hugs. So even though I wasn’t much of a hugger, I did whenever I met (I most definitely wasn’t attracted to her). After a while I heard she thought I shouldn’t hug so often.
    The lesson is just don’t. Because you will eventually be wrong.

  13. Jackie Howe-Singlet says:

    Ha ha. It took me ages to realize the problem was not just my cold, cold heart but that hugging, whatever else it is, is a female martial art, a disarming technique. I’m a big fan of shaking hands with women. Contact at a distance.

  14. John of Mel says:

    Yeah, I guess it’s safer not to be the hug instigator. I don’t mind a good hug, but I rarely initiate it myself, unless I know the other person likes hugs.

  15. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “We don’t need quotas for women in politics, the law and officialdom.

    We need limits. No more than, say, 20 per cent.

    A friend of mine said exactly that on the phone last night. She said that there are too many women in politics.

    She has a point.

  16. C.L. says:

    There is a threshold at which the number of women in a legislative assembly will alter the very nature of what democratic representation means. We’ve seen it everywhere in the West. Nothing substantive is at the forefront anymore. It’s all passive-aggressive extortion, sex vendettas, manipulative blubbering and genitals all the time. Where is the female Peter Walsh or the female Peter Costello? Many commentators argued during the ‘pandemic’ that the ubiquity of women in government was driving an emotion-over-triage mentality whose end result was catastrophe. The thesis has merit.

  17. Franx says:

    Zelenski and Sunak.
    Likely a holy picture, an icon, for ‘vicious loony haters’.

  18. Entropy says:

    Bottom line is no one should be allowed in politics until retirement from a long and successful career. And get paid no more than the average wage, so they feel the effects of their decisions.

  19. NFA says:

    Truth in abbreviations,

    CCT, Communist ‘Catholics’ of Tasmania; and

    ACCCR, Australasian Catholic Coalition For Church Reform are actually Australian ‘Catholic’ Communists.

  20. and says:

    Did you hear the one about Dennis Elbow wanting to restore integrity and transparency in government? As Davo Shabaz or Riggins would say – haha.

  21. cuckoo says:

    Nothing substantive is at the forefront anymore.

    Absolutely. More and more it resembles those women’s team sports where they spend one minute scoring a goal and then five minutes hugging in celebration. In a different sphere, Vladimir Nabokov said that too many women writers is a sign of a mediocre culture and I see nothing to prove him wrong. A recent Melbourne publication offered a list of twelve current Australian novels as recommended reading: eleven were by women.

  22. Rabz says:

    We don’t need quotas for women in politics, the law and officialdom.
    We need limits. No more than, say, 20 per cent.

    My preferred limit would be significantly lower. Zero preferably.

  23. Davey Boy says:

    in my experience the ladies in politics exploit their gender ruthlessly and endlessly.
    most recent example I have observed:
    I’m handing out htv’s at prepoll in the recent NSW state election.
    Lots of candidates visiting & hanging out at the pre-poll centre.
    Lady helper handing out Labor htv’s sees Lyle Shelton, immediately shouts at him, for all to hear, “your a racist and a homophobe, Lyle!”
    I take an interest, stroll up to said lady and asked politely, “where’s your proof of this, please?”
    Her reply, “Google, it! Look in Hansard!” whereupon Mr Shelton, watching on, says “in Hansard?! But I’m not in parliament!”
    Shouty Labor lady starts to panic a bit.
    I persist – “where’s your proof, Ms? you’re publicly defaming a good man here”
    Whereupon said Ms turns on me and starts shouting “How dare you shout at me? You may shout at the women at home, but you can’t do get away with that here! I’m a lawyer etc etc”.
    Need to add that the sitting state Labor MP for the seat (Labor, a woman, since re-elected) was present and watching all this as it unfolded, said nothing, did nothing, even when I requested her to control her worker (as the Labor helper lady was still haranging Mr Shelton)
    The honorable Labor state MP just shrugged her shoulders.
    Interestingly, the former federal (Labor) member for the area (a bloke, and since retired), was also there and watching.
    He had the grace to at least look a bit embarrassed by it all (he came up to me afterwards, shook my hand and gave me a few conciliatory words).

    In short, women in politics know they can get away with just about anything as there are no consequences for their behavior. Consequences are for men only.

  24. Wyndham Dix says:

    C.L 16 June 2023 10:56 am:-

    “Nothing substantive is at the forefront anymore. It’s all passive-aggressive extortion, sex vendettas, manipulative blubbering and genitals all the time.”

    Imagine for a moment the late Sir Winston Churchill trying to lead the mass of mediocrity that comprises considerably more than half our parliaments in the West today and the people of nations who elect them as their representatives.

    Where now the war-time “…nation and race dwelling all round that had the lion heart. I (Churchill) had the luck to be called upon to give it the roar.”

    Churchill: Leader and Statesman

    Imagine further the response today if a male were to utter the following Churchillian riposte from 1946:-

    One evening as a tired and wobbly Churchill was leaving the House of Commons, the Labour Member of Parliament Bessie Braddock accused him of being “disgustingly drunk.” He replied: “Bessie, my dear … you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly.”

    Today’s sisterhood would be in a perpetual state of spittle-flecked conniptions.

    On the issue of women voting:-

    …the young Churchill was profoundly chauvinist, arguing that ‘only the most undesirable class of women are eager for the right,’ and that ‘Those women who discharge their duty to the state viz. marrying and giving birth to children, are adequately represented by their husbands,’ therefore ‘I shall unswervingly oppose this ridiculous movement.’ This was partly because ‘If you give women votes you must ultimately allow women to sit as members of Parliament,’ after which inevitably ‘all power passes to their hands.’
    Roberts, Andrew. Churchill (pp. 42-43). Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition.

    In light of the behaviour of Mss. Higgins, Gallagher, Thorpe, et al, ad nauseum, including former female Prime Ministers and Premiers here and abroad, judges, senior public servants, and Commissioners for redress of every imagined wrong, I submit that Churchill, a self-confessed buttress but not a pillar of the Church, knew more than many the meaning and intent of Genesis 3:16 and the reason for it. Read also Isaiah 3:12 and 3:16ff.

    To those unable to accept the Biblical references as words inspired by the One who, inter alia, causes planet Earth to rotate once daily on its axis tilted between 22 and 24 degrees from the vertical to the celestial plane, and to orbit the Sun in an elliptical path every 365.24 days, I express my sadness. My earnest hope is that one day you will see the world through the lens of Psalm 36:9.

  25. rosie says:

    The CCT in Tasmania has 120 members.
    Enough said.
    Incidentally I very much dislike hugging and kissing, only exceptions would be my very young grandchildren, if they initiate.

  26. and says:

    In her signature genteel, elegant manner, Hidia Snorpe greets fellow Senator, Pauline Hanson.

    ‘F*** off’: Lidia Thorpe fires at Pauline Hanson in Senate after explosive revelation of alleged sexual abuse in Parliament House

  27. NFA says:

    The CCT might have 120 official members but there are a ‘hell’ of a lot of fellow travelers in and around Launceston when I was working down there circa 2000.

  28. C.L. says:

    The CCT in Tasmania has 120 members.

    The committee has 12 members. Three married couples included. LOL.

    Thanks, NFA. The Archbishop of Washington is a disgrace for sanctioning that. He should be removed from office.

  29. C.L. says:

    Notwithstanding justified criticism of women in politics …

    I’d welcome Giorgia Meloni or Kari Lake as prime minister ahead of any man in any Australian parliament.

  30. Old Lefty says:

    Younger orthodox Catholics talk of the biological solution to the stranglehold of the Concerned (recte Confused) Catholics boomer demographic on church bureaucracies. Their blancmange of 1960s pop psychology and secularist bureaucracy passed off as religion is not reproducing itself, in Australia or anywhere else.

    ‘What’s the matter with these young priest?’, they moan. ‘Don’t they know it’s 1973?’

  31. Bluey says:

    I personally believe it’s not just women in xxxx is the problem, there should never have been a universal voting franchise. How you limit it effectively however, I haven’t worked out.

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