Vote for the Voice and the Voice will ban criticism of the Voice

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  1. and says:

    Dennis is getting a little antsy.

  2. Riversutra says:

    Pretty much the day after announcing millions of dollars in fines for pushing “misinformation” , Albo solves the problem by telling the media what they can and cannot report on.
    What can this man not do?
    Aye, there’s the rub.

  3. and says:

    Elbow’s left hand man, Thomato Mayo Lett Us, is doing an excellent job of shining a light on the Voice.

  4. NFA says:

    Reminds me of this one,

    The Babylon Bee.

  5. Mantaray says:

    There will be No Referendum. It’s the only way for the Rub and Tugger to avoid the humiliation of a No Referendum.

  6. Christine says:

    He likes that “gracious and generous” of Linda Burney’s.
    “the media have a responsibility…” he splutters –
    a responsibility to pretend this is some sort of offer from powerful Aboriginal people.

    So sick of it. They’ve had billions and billions of dollars worth of recognition.

  7. Christine says:

    John Spooner’s cartoons are the best. Not as pretty as the Leak drawings, but better overall.
    His “Linda in camo, planning to march on Canberra” exposed her as inept and emotional; and it was a good depiction – angry woman, hard eyes and the genuine Aboriginal chubby nose.

  8. and says:

    Goose Bascoe can’t understand why people don’t listen to “cultural experts”

    ‘Society used to respect experts’: Bruce Pascoe on the Voice, treaty and sovereignty

  9. and says:

    Exercises in failure: Trying to understand Biff Bowman’s “energy plan”.

    ‘Great, green leap forward’: Chris Bowen’s energy plan makes ‘no sense’

  10. Lee says:

    Goose Bascoe can’t understand why people don’t listen to “cultural experts”


    Used car salesmen and lawyers are more honest and credible than him.

  11. jupes says:

    The gall of this government is mind blowing. Almost, if not everything they stand for is ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation’. Do they even have a policy that is based on fact? None that I can think of.

  12. Buccaneer says:

    Ando’s link is interesting, it references an article behind a paywall costing $30.

    Megan Davis — a Cobble Cobble woman of the Barunggam Nation and a renowned constitutional lawyer and public law expert — has written a document for Quarterly Essay that covers the whole ground of colonial assumptions and Indigenous dispossession. She is an expert — not the expert, but an authoritative voice. If you don’t want to listen to people who have devoted their lives to social justice for their people, then I think you should buy a crystal and get Uncle Fred to fix your electrical problems with fencing wire and gaffer tape.

    This is an interesting analogy but not quite a relevant one. Given Ms Davis apparently has skin in the game, perhaps a more appropriate analogy would be that you’ve employed an electrician to rewire your home, your home burns to the ground and the expert appointed to assess whether the job was done correctly is the electrician’s daughter, she charges you $30 for her report and tells you you have to pay the electrician even though he played a role in your house burning down.

    No wonder people don’t trust experts, watching Samantha Crompvoets get paid by the government to write a confidential report on war culture in Afghanistan then publish a book about it, then whine that she’s not getting any more government consulting jobs just shows how far the credibility and ethical judgement of experts has fallen.

  13. Ed Case says:

    Well, no.
    Crompvoets gave them what they asked for, but not what they wanted.
    Like it or not, a timy minority that engaged in torturing defenceless wogs in Afghanistan
    is now the standard that the ADF accepts.

  14. Buccaneer says:

    Ed, I wasn’t commenting on the accuracy or otherwise of the report Crompvoets did for the ADF, I was was highlighting that she did, by her admission a confidential report for the adf, then used her status as the report writer to promote her book on the same subject.

  15. Buccaneer says:

    You might not want to use the wogs term either, besides it being unnecessarily offensive, it’s not really historically accurate in this instance.

  16. Ed Case says:

    Y’know, I don’t think being called wogs mattered too much to the defenceless wogs being tortured?

  17. Ed Case says:

    It’s like, yeah, they attached electrodes to some guys bits, but, who cares about that?

    Ed Case, he’s the real baddie.!

  18. Buccaneer says:

    I see what you are doing, it’s pathetic, you think if you come here and say offensive things, you smear all the genuine commenters by association. Grow up.

  19. Tel says:

    It’s like, yeah, they attached electrodes to some guys bits, but, who cares about that?

    Ed, there’s no polite way to say this, but please stop making up stories.

  20. and says:

    Jane Carosene has has some scattered thoughts on the “good life”.

    Jane Caro: Home schooling – The Christian pot calling the secular kettle black

  21. twostix says:

    Your children are not your children

    OK groomer.

  22. Lee says:

    “Your children are not your children.”

    They are most certainly not yours or your fellow Marxists, tosspot.

  23. C.L. says:

    Your children are not your children

    Wow. They’re not even trying to hide it any more.

  24. and says:

    See. There’s no problem. The “Yessers” are very considerate… noble, even. They don’t want to burden the voting public with details.

    Voice to Parliament Yes23 campaign says it ‘doesn’t make sense’ to release detail

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