Asked about starving school children, Albo says he did it tough

His wacko Maoist government is killing Australia. Leader of the Opposition Natalie Barr steps up.
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28 Responses to Asked about starving school children, Albo says he did it tough

  1. NFA says:

    communist thugs love hearing the cries from the downtrodden.

    It makes them try harder!

  2. Rohan says:

    Elbow has always been about Elbow.

  3. twostix says:

    Not a single murmur though that this is literally the national bill for 2.5 years of printing presses going brrrrrrrrr.

    Which 99% of Australians loved and screamed abuse at anyone why said would come after.

  4. NFA says:

    Not to mention business bankruptcies and closures.

    The WEF promised that just like Ukraine, Blackrock will step in to rebuild but we’ll own nothing and be happy.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:


    If anyone has Calli’s email could you please let her know that a volcano may be about to erupt about 30 km south west of Reykjavík.

    Here’s the earthquake map:

    Started to get excitable about 6 hours ago. There’s more in the comments of the latest Volcanocafe blog thread here. Scroll to the bottom.

    It’s about dawn in Iceland. There’s no guarantee that an eruption will occur, I’ve seen this several times before without the magma ever reaching the surface, but it seems to be moving fairly rapidly. Fortunately that means basaltic runny lava if it does erupt, possibly with pretty fire fountains. But if it is as big as Laki in 1783 then it will be bad news.

  6. Rosie says:

    Albo exaggerates, his mother’s family were comfortable and I don’t believe for one minute his grsndparewould have let him go hungry.
    There is billions for renewable subsidies etc.
    It’s energy policies which are driving inflation for which Albanese is directly responsible.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I’m not sure where Calli is exactly, only that I know they were about to head to Iceland around about now. Dover’s blog is not behaving, tried posting on the OT there but it isn’t working.

  8. Lee says:

    Albo’s tiresome “we were so broke when I was a child” in that extremely whiny voice of his is very undignified and playing the victim card.

    It’s not all about you, Albo.

  9. C.L. says:

    You’re a true friend, Bruce.
    I’m confident Calli is aware of the local situation. Savvy lady, our Calli.

  10. C.L. says:

    Albo exaggerates

    Look, it was a fraught situation for a woman to come home from a cruise pregnant. She persevered and obviously did a good job. Did little Tony have a pony? No. Did he do it as tough as boys in poverty-stricken broken homes? No. God bless his Mum. And God bless the Catholic religious who taught him.

  11. Christine says:

    Albanese deliberately exaggerates. I believe he didn’t have siblings, so the circumstances would not have been as hard as many others experienced.
    Unbearable individual.

  12. Wyndham Dix says:

    Barr to Albanese during the interview:-

    On interest rates, Barr noted that “a third of Australians have mortgages. And they are being smashed.”

    “They are writing to us every day. They are barely able to cope. We know that. But someone is still spending. Retail spending is up.”

    “Retail spending is up.” My wife and I are not alone in noticing alarming increases in the space of months in prices of food at the local Colesworths.

    I am not convinced that supply-chain difficulties and shortages are the explanation. We can buy the basics when we shop weekly, but prices in some cases are out of hand.

    A 1kg block of generic brand light and tasty cheese that was $8.80 a few months ago is today $14.00. As retirees, we no longer buy it. Generic multigrain bread 650g that was $1.60 a few months ago is now $2.70. We can’t avoid buying it.

    Apples, milk, meat, chicken fillets, margarine, humble baked beans, dishwashing liquid – the list goes on.

    Some people are making a killing at the expense of ordinary consumers who can only pay under unheard protests and eliminate former little luxuries from their diets.

    We grieve for the young on ordinary wages also having to cope with rising mortgage repayments. Long gone are the days when a young couple could live on one income to meet the cost of food clothing, shelter and a motor car.

  13. twostix says:

    Covid money printing has reduced the value of everyone’s money by almost one third.

    Everything is adjusting, some things are already 30% dearer some things take years, somethings hide behind reduced sizes, service, etc.

    They increased the money supply by 30% in two years while they shut the country by force. what did retard moderns think would happen?

    The fact that literally no one talking about it, despite it being the number one issue, shows that nobody has learned a thing and they’ll do 2020-2022 again shortly.

  14. Rockdoctor says:

    Colesworths are just one of a number needing to be reined in. Food I have noticed. However the lucrative virtue signalling sides that are very profitable like they are now charging 25c for the very flimsy bags they used to give out free in my lifetime. The latest Coles is trying on in Qld is no longer stocking cheaper cage eggs but deceptively hiding it behind an alleged egg shortage that funnily enough local Woolworths stores arn’t experiencing. Store staff say caged eggs aren’t coming back, no announcements from Westfarmers virtue signalling CEO though.

    Farmers still get screwed, supermarket duopoly customers ditto but ACCC do nothing.

    Don’t expect any respite from sleazy though.

  15. Petros says:

    Why is beef expensive when the farm gate prices are not high?

  16. Petros says:

    No pony Tony. Thanks CL.

  17. Christine says:

    Supposed shortages.
    Lots and lots of eggs turned up at the ‘food bank’ yesterday, the volunteers reported; wouldn’t be so many handed out if there were a shortage.
    Coles up to tricks.

  18. shatterzzz says:

    I raised 4 kids as a single Dad in a SW Sydney drug addled “houso” estate so listening to Luigi’s tales of woe about the hard life growing up in, genteel, Camperdown “houso” are laughable .. he went to a private school and grandad owned a printing works …..

  19. Buccaneer says:

    Inflation folds in on itself when it goes for an extended period, particularly if underpinned by energy price increases created by market distortions. The cost of transportation, wages, energy and all the other costs of trading are going up for everyone. The biggest problem is the uncertainty, so businesses that can will factor that in as a buffer if the market will bear it. When there is not much competition, it’s easier to make margins bigger.

  20. Ed Case says:

    Why is beef expensive when the farm gate prices are not high?

    Export prices can fluctuate wildly.
    Domestic prices prices have been stable since the late Seventies.

  21. Tel says:

    I would just like to say … that as a First World Problem Survivor … I’ve had to overcome a lot of setbacks … and everyone should listen to what I have to say. I’m not to be ignored, I will not be silenced!!

    And I’m not alone either … together we have built a network of tough and determined achievers, who have battled everything: from toe jam to tummy ache … from hang nail to halitosis … from being late to getting the wrong latte … we have put up with put downs, more than once!!!

  22. Tel says:

    “Retail spending is up.” My wife and I are not alone in noticing alarming increases in the space of months in prices of food at the local Colesworths.

    Yup … that’s the trick … retail spending is up when you cite the raw numbers, not adjusting for higher prices.

    Once you factor in price hikes most people are buying the same stuff, or perhaps a bit less, while spending a lot more.

  23. C.L. says:

    And it’s caused by 1. ScoMo/Albo/Premiers during the fake pandemic and 2. the completely deranged ‘energy transition.’

    Do people understand this? I’m guessing no.

    That’s the ‘funny’ thing about this inflationary crisis: the public has been trained to believe The Gubberment can solve anything – mostly by just spending more money. People have been trained to believe Australia can alter the temperature of Earth. But suddenly politicians have to explain to the same people that price rises just can’t be fixed. Nothing we can do. Because… Russia, something-something, former government, bla-bla-bla.

  24. rosie says:

    No Tony didn’t have a pony but as you say he went to good schools.
    Saying he did it tough in the face of children stealing food isn’t very empathetic, nor is a proper response.
    I’m sure there are many factors in the rising cost of living but rising energy costs affect the price of food.Insight – Farm, food costs rise due to higher energy prices austrade newsletter march 2022

  25. Buccaneer says:

    There are also knock ons from some deliberate and unintentional decisions made in China that has basically parked a good percentage of the worlds shipping fleet f the coast of China. This is clearing now I think.

  26. Hugh says:

    Personally, I blame Trump. 🙂

  27. John of Mel says:

    Yup … that’s the trick … retail spending is up when you cite the raw numbers, not adjusting for higher prices.

    What’s annoying is that no one in the media is pointing this out. Of course the spending is up – everything is more expensive.
    I just received a car insurance renewal notice. The price is up 20% from last year. I’ve never seen such a steep rise before. But after shopping around I realised it’s still the cheapest option.

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