This is less a “strident attack” than it is a strategic capitulation

Peter Dutton: turn coal-powered plants to nuclear. No. Turn them into NEW coal-powered plants.

Peter Dutton has proposed converting old coal-fired power sites into locations for small-scale nuclear plants as part of the Coalition’s future energy plan as the Opposition Leader launches his most strident attack yet on the “renewable zealotry” of the Albanese government.

“Chris Bowen has burrowed so deeply down the renewable rabbit hole that he refuses to consider these new nuclear technologies as part of the solution to our energy problems.”

In a speech to the Institute of Public Affairs on Friday morning, the Liberal leader will double down on the party’s plans to pursue nuclear power as an alternative to fossil fuels, claiming the “renewables only” agenda was “fanciful” and putting the nation at risk…

He has also linked the need for nuclear energy to national security, claiming renewables alone would leave the nation vulnerable, outlining three pillars for the Coalition energy policy based on clean power, cost-effective power and consistent power.

“If the government wants to stop coal-fired power and phase out gas-fired power, the only feasible and proven technology which can firm up renewables and help us achieve the goals of clean, cost-effective and consistent power is next-generation nuclear technologies, which are safe and emit zero emissions,” Mr Dutton will say in the speech.

I get the half-smart retailing but Mr Dutton is accepting a false premise. Net zero must be dumped.
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  1. and says:

    Biff Bowman – idiot he may be – has a knack for comedy. The joke unfortunately is on us.

    Bowen: “Australia will be renewable energy superpower, not a nuclear backwater”

  2. and says:

    All that can be expected from Biff is zero intelligent emissions.

  3. Lee says:

    “Renewable energy superpower” my arse.

    Even some European Greens are seeing it for the chimera it is and reverting to nuclear power, or at least backpedalling the race to net zero.

    The Labor government is full of fools, led by morons like Albo and Bowen.

  4. Mantaray says:

    Evry leftist trend eventually falls flat. Probably because leftists are both “dedicated followers of fashion” and none-too-bright. Fools and their money etc.

    Ok, so I’ve been wondering whatever happened to the great LPG fad of 15-20 years ago. Yeah, I know: a lot of people don’t remember LPG conversions and what-not, but one time THEY were gonna save the world…

    Also the earlier mass-fad of diesel car incentives and exhortations. NOW they are polluters and baby-killers.

    What we actually need is a lot more electricity-poweredMonorails!

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    If the polling data in the US translates to Oz then nearly 90% of righty voters think climate change is a kooky religion.

    The Daily Chart: Government Religion | Power Line (26 Jun)

    So all he is doing is alienating the people who would otherwise vote for the Libs.

    And that is why the Libs aren’t in majority in any state nor federally. Until Dutton can fix his party he’s wasting his breath.

  6. NFA says:

    Who does control their, The ‘Liberal’ Party of Australia?

  7. Rossini says:

    Dutton must be a true believer in this global warming crock other wise he would be opting for the new style coal plants rather than sucking up to those who will never vote for him.
    He should grow some balls and go for coal……..make like a chinaman!

  8. Ed Case says:

    The problem is that the Banks won’t lend for anything other than Renewables, the Unions won’t build anything other than Renewables and the Government can’t create the Money to do so, because that’s Fascism, and we all know where that ends up.

  9. Ed Case says:

    He should grow some balls and go for coal……..make like a chinaman!

    We signed the Copenhagen Agreement, so we can’t.

    But, let’s say Dutton runs on Coal and wins:
    Labor will continue to oppose it, if they win the following Election, they’ll close it down, even if only half built and go back to Renewables.
    The costs would destroy the Economy.
    So, until there’s Coal Bipartisanship, it’s Renewables.

  10. Ed Case says:

    Dutton is being poorly advised.
    Liberal voters won’t vote for Nuclear, let alone the wider Electorate.

    It’ s like his pursuit ofr Katy Gallagher, it went nowhere, he wasted an entire week on it, when he should be putting as much distance as he can between himself and the Morrison Government.

  11. and says:

    Biff Bowman on what Labor considers “dangerous disinformation”

    Chris Bowen

    Climate change denying, vaccine disputing ⁦
    ⁩ has lost preselection. Good.
    But it is extraordinary that ⁦
    ⁩ would endorse someone who spreads such dangerous disinformation

  12. Entropy says:

    Anyone working in government at all related to energy, or climate policy of any kind, would realise it is even more embedded in policy and programs than any other thing. Any other thing.
    So might as well try to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    Personally, a nuke policy would not survive the mother of all marginal seat campaigns.

  13. and says:

    Uniting Church Synod of NSW & ACT

    Hold The Mayo will be speaking at the Walking Together Conference in August.


    According to Mr Mayo, the proposal is a simple one that still has a chance to succeed.

    “It’s a tough task and we’re working hard on that. Australians need to understand that this is simply about recognition and listening to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is not all the things that the No campaign is saying,” he said.

    “This is a simple proposal. You know, do we want to recognise Indigenous people? Should we be listening to them when we make decisions about them? And you know, it’s about time that we do that. And I think, you know, we’ve got time to change those minds.”

    Nathan Tyson is the Synod’s Director of First Peoples Strategy and Engagement. He said Mr Mayo was a speaker worth hearing from regarding his perspective on the Voice.

    “Thomas is an engaging and influential speaker, who speaks with a passion derived from both his work as a Union representative, and from his lived experience as man of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage,” he said.

    “Thomas is well versed in the history of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, and the rationale behind the modest request for a Voice to Parliament for First Peoples. If you would like to understand more about the Voice to Parliament then I encourage you to join us on 12 August at Newtown Mission.”

  14. Lee says:

    The Uniting Church giving a platform to a self-declared communist.

    Why am I not surprised?

  15. Hugh says:

    Carbon Dioxide is the best solution to greening the planet. It may cause a tiny bit of global warming, but global warming is also good for greening the planet, so another bonus. As I’ve asked before: when according to secular science has life teemed on earth? As I understand, around average temps of 25 degrees C, as opposed to the current ~14 degrees C. So, while not at all opposed to SMNRs as a free market decides, I also want more coal and other fossil fuel stations, without expensive scrubbers robbing the earth of precious CO2.

    We really know how to shoot ourselves in the foot. Appalling ignorance on all sides of the political debate.

  16. Entropy says:

    Is there anyone under the age of sixty attending uniting churches?

    Believe in nothing, and next to nothing will be the congregation.

  17. Is there anyone under the age of sixty attending uniting churches?

    Mum’s one is literally dying out.

    All that shall be left is the nice building.

  18. Ed Case says:

    Carbon Dioxide is the best solution to greening the planet.

    Pull your head outta your arse, Hugh.
    20 million years worth of CO2 has been liberated by Industrial processes in less than 150 years.
    Ever wonder why it seems to be getting colder every year?

  19. NFA says:

    sad case spreading his morning load of manure.

  20. Buccaneer says:

    Results showed that carbon dioxide fertilization explains 70 percent of the greening effect, said co-author Ranga Myneni, a professor in the Department of Earth and Environment at Boston University. “The second most important driver is nitrogen, at 9 percent. So we see what an outsized role CO2 plays in this process.”

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