I’m sure the Palestinians would do the same for a Jewish boy

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  1. Mantaray says:

    While looking at that photo (in the link) of a team of surgeons “hard at work” I immediately thought of a movie scene (can’t recall the movie) where the insurgents or whoever burst into a hospital and mow down the medical staff.

    That would be stock standard from Palestinians if they could mange the entry to ANY Israeli hospital.

    Gotta always remember that Palestinians are regarded as the ultra-dregs….the retarded relations…. by most Arabs, which is why millions of them are permanent refugees who WILL NOT BE GRATED CITIZENSHIP (have I emphasised this enough?) by the various Arab states.

    If they ever remade Deliverance there’s a coupla million Pallies who could play the hillbilly-crazies roles without the need to Act!

    BTW: In most Arab countries there are lotsa “decent” people, so why are there none amongst the Pallies?

  2. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “Israeli surgeons reattach Palestinian child’s near complete decapitated head.”

    Will we read about this on the ABC? Or the BBC? Nah, doesn’t fit the narrative.

  3. Franx says:

    The good is always surprising. It trips us up, for some strange reason. Even so, believe that a like-good is not absent in the nature of Palestinians who like all humankind are created in the image of God and understand compassion. And so, yes, I think Palestinians would do the same for a Jewish boy.

  4. Ed Case says:

    Any news on who ran the lad over?

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