Australia continues to be the only continent without a cardinal

Being theologically unclubbable in this pope’s eyes, however, is a compliment to Anthony Fisher.
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4 Responses to Australia continues to be the only continent without a cardinal

  1. Hugh says:

    His Grace Anthony Fisher has written more profoundly and sensibly in one paragraph in any of his works and letters than this Pope (is he the Pope?) has in the sum total of his dreadful opera omnia (to give it a dignified title).

    The Peronist vindictive Bergoglio is furious about that. No way Fisher is getting near the next conclave. Sycophants and suckers only need apply. Disgrace.

    Typically, Archbishop Fisher, in the footsteps of his namesake St John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester (executed 1535 by the monster Henry VIII) will bear it with serene equanimity.

    He plays the long game.

  2. NFA says:

    Thanks Hugh.

  3. NFA says:

    Chairman Xi’s nomination from Hong Kong, Bishop Stephen Chow Sau-yan, S.J., Bishop of Hong Kong!

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    He doesn’t want to risk another George Pell?
    Turning over rocks to watch things scuttle out…
    Sunlight is the best medici medicine.

    I wish we had a Pell for our government, but it looks like the green-left sludge monsters have a total lock on it now.

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