Groomers thrilled: Big W stocks how-to sex guide for children

The department store wants to teach 10 year-olds to be proficient in sodomy and lesbianism.
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27 Responses to Groomers thrilled: Big W stocks how-to sex guide for children

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    The guy who wrote a hit piece on Sound of Freedom, which it appears was picked up by all sorts of lefty MSM outlets, turns out to be quite fruity.

    Bloomberg ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Hit Piece Written By Pro-Pedo Contributor (18 Jul)

    The agenda seems pretty clear.

  2. Cassie of Sydney says:

    They did say that “they’re coming for our children”.

    They don’t even need to hide their intentions anymore.

  3. Franx says:

    It’s outright propaganda on the part of the journalist and the publication – the scene is set and readers are positioned: the message is about ‘Disgruntled parents’. Not much if anything to do with corrupting children.

  4. C.L. says:

    …the message is about ‘Disgruntled parents’.

    Yes, expect to see more of that one.
    It’s a bit like “Republicans pounce…”

  5. Jannie says:

    Time for the Target treatment, as per their Satanic Pride range of paedoware.

  6. Lee says:

    They did say that “they’re coming for our children”.

    They don’t even need to hide their intentions anymore.

    I was talking about this with one of my brothers-in-law recently (he has a degree in criminology and is a former police officer), and he said: “it has always been part of their plans.”

  7. NFA says:

    Can you buy ‘porn’ videos at Big W’s as well and if not, why not!?

  8. Christine says:

    That “disgruntled” is deliberately chosen to label parents as dissatisfied or frustrated, when they’re more likely disgusted.
    The writer herself is quite creepy.
    Teen magazine advice columnists have advised girls to halve the number of sexual partners they’ve had, when new boyfriend asks ‘how many?’.
    So much for advising on honesty and shame.

  9. Lee says:

    If it were some strange guy handing these books out on the street to children, he’d be arrested and charged, no question about it.

    But it’s okay if you’re the government or a woke corporation to disseminate or sell porn to children.

  10. jupes says:

    I would expect that a government regulator would have to approve the ’10-15 yr’ old label. If so, we should know who was responsible for approving this filth.

    In a sane society, the regulator, retail outlet, publisher and author would all be severely punished for this.

  11. dover_beach says:

    It’s blindingly obvious that liberal/ political neutrality is culturally and morally a disaster. You can’t preserve or maintain sexual mores or public morality if the government and law pretend that they are neutral. They aren’t. The law and government are currently establishing the prevailing sexual mores and publications such as this are an instrument of their propagation.

  12. NFA says:

    what dover_beach says 18 July, 2023 at 5:24 pm

  13. NFA says:

    No doubt they would be labeled extremist right wing nazis here in Australia!

    Why Moms for Liberty Frightens the Democrats

  14. Pogria says:

    The disgusting slag, Yummy Stains is one of the authors of this book. She is seriously creepy. She also has two daughters. I fear for their safety.

  15. Old Lefty says:

    The ABC will probably send this straight down the memory hole. Will Milligan defend it as liberating kids from repressive Catholofascist doctrines of purity and chastity, I wonder?

  16. C.L. says:

    Big W has withdrawn the book from the shelves – only purchasable now online.

  17. dover_beach says:

    8-12 year olds are Grade 2-6 nowadays. What boy or girl wondering about anal sex or scissoring at this age? And if they are we ought to be thinking about the sources of this ‘wondering’ in contemporary culture. If that doesn’t happen, its because far too many are more afraid of not being able to easily access porn, etc. rather than protecting the innocence of children.

  18. Old Lefty says:

    As expected, the ABC has come to the defence of the pervert groomers:

  19. C.L. says:

    Here is an actual page from this book. Note that Gemma (a female minor) is talking about being sodomised – and the text is explaining how to make it more enjoyable.

  20. Lee says:

    Here is an actual page from this book.

    Larissa Waters
    It is outrageous to hear that Big W have had to remove a sex ed book from shelves because of a social media campaign that resulted in numerous instances of staff being abused.

    Waters is outraged that some staff have allegedly been abused, but not about kids being exposed to graphic, extreme porn, and their being groomed.

    Typical Marxist Green.

  21. Jannie says:

    Wow CL, that link is graphic. Ironically it concedes that anal sex is not natural. (“The anus is not as stretchy and does not lubricate naturally. “)

    It says the kids have got to bath first and keep the general area clean. Good advice, but how are they supposed to get the anal canal free of excrement? That’s a hypothetical question, I don’t want to know the answer.

  22. Old Lefty says:

    Not to mention, Jannie, that there is a well known link between it and faecal incontinence. As a former nurse who had worked in inner Sydney put it, ‘it’s a one-way valve.’

  23. Christine says:

    It’s hard to believe a store would have this on the shelves.

    Gemma’s chapter: Wash Well BEFORE Playing in the Sewer
    (Dawn French’s gross personal account of this sort of dabbling, and its resulting infection, could be included for the complete education of 10 year-olds)

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