For the US to survive, Trumpism has to win at home and abroad

A must-read this morning is Mark Levin who points out that a coup d’état is underway in America.
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22 Responses to For the US to survive, Trumpism has to win at home and abroad

  1. NFA says:

    I cannot find the original report but there are some that believe this latest “justice” action was motivated by this,

    So Trump’s the one who is going to be a dictator?

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    The coup d’etat took place in 2020. There’s no going back, the Dems and the deep state must steal 2024 or the consequences will be terrible for them.

  3. Shy Ted says:

    There is no Plan B.

  4. C.L. says:

    “X” in JFK:

    But it must succeed.

    No matter how many die or how much it costs…

    …the perpetrators must be on the winning side…

    …and never subject to prosecution for anything by anyone.

    That is a coup d’état.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    There is no Plan B.

    Paging Kelly Turnbull…

  6. Jannie says:

    Sometimes I think it may be better if the US does not survive the coming civil war and revolution. They have brought so many incompatible elements under the same tent, it is a tower of Babel where the only viable form of control is dictatorship. Diversity at that level is a curse, not a strength. The misguided children of this cultural revolution need to be sent to reeducation camps, and for most of them their lives are wasted, they cannot reproduce (fortunately), and they cannot contribute.

    If the country is to survive as a united entity there will need to be a massive purge, greater than that inflicted on the bourgeoisie by the Soviets or Maoists. Separation, if possible, would be a better outcome.

  7. Ed Case says:

    Trump never did anything for his voters, he just said he would.
    It’s the same old Trump this time.
    Bibi Netanyahu made a point of congratulating Biden on his win.

    Sheldon Adelson died a few years back, so I’m not seeing where the money’s coming from for Trump this time?

  8. NFA says:

    Ed Case, wipe your chin… your frothing shit again.

  9. Lee says:

    Another term under the head of the Biden Crime Family (or indeed any other obvious Democrat front-runner, apart from possibly RFK Jr.) will finish America off.

    Unfortunately, it may well drag the rest of the West, including Australia, with it.

  10. Nix says:

    As is common with criminals, any instance of lawful intrusion is “bogus”. Trump’s charges are initiated by Grand Jury, a process of his peers. Not a process of any political opponent. He will be heard by a jury of his peers in front of judges he appointed. These assertions are, like the desperate defences of Putin, another example if CL’s common purpose with anarchists and extremists of left and right.

  11. NFA says:

    Another example of creative crap from Nix

  12. Nix says:

    “Where…is the King of America?” Thomas Paine wrote in Common Sense. “I’ll tell you Friend…that in America THE LAW IS KING. For as in absolute governments the King is law, so in free countries the law ought to be King; and there ought to be no other.”

  13. NFA says:

    Nix doesn’t notice that American, and even Western countries in general, “law” has been weaponised against we the people!

    Do you live in an MI6 sheltered workshop Nix?

  14. NFA says:

    Another example of creative crap from Nix, part 2.

  15. NFA says:


    Do you think this is Putin Puppets ™ or Trump Puppets ™ spreading this obvious “disinformation”?

    Did Hunter Biden’s attorney and moneyman use drugs while Hunter visited?

  16. Ed Case says:

    Who cares?
    Trump lied his fat guts out in 2016 to get elected, he’s doing it again.
    How much Coke has Trumpy snorted?
    Way more than Hunter, that’s for sure.

  17. NFA says:

    Ed Case,

    The shit is pouring from your mouth.

    Trump keeps referring to the 2020 election debacle because it goes to the very ‘guts’ of election integrity.

    How fat are you coke head Ed?

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