The ABC likes to use ‘devout’ Catholics to sell Mengele agenda

Sorry, no. The Christian never regards suffering as beneath dignity or promotes homicide to end it.
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23 Responses to The ABC likes to use ‘devout’ Catholics to sell Mengele agenda

  1. Roger W says:

    This is a failure of palliative care, not an argument for euthanasia.

    My mother died of leukaemia. She was in pain at the end and on high levels of morphine. Without asking me, the doctor reduced the dosage. A nurse warned me and I asked the doctor why she was doing this. She said she thought I might want one last moment to communicate with my mother. I said, do you really think I want my last memory of my mother to be her screaming in agony?
    She returned the dose to its original level and my mother died peacefully a day later.

  2. twostix says:

    Aurora Stergiou watched her husband slowly waste away to “a pitiful death”. She believes a law change would help spare others the same anguish

    She’s talking about sparing her the anguish having to see someone else die.

    The entire story is “someone took too long to die for my liking, I wish they could have been killed quickly so I didn’t have to sit around so long watching them else suffer”.

    Nobody can ask the dead person if they would have minded being killed for being an inconvenience I guess.

  3. Boxcar says:

    It’s all moot now. Just give the oldies another Covid Vaccine.
    And the Nursing Homes love the cost savings.

  4. Franx says:

    Aurora is a devout Catholic. She also has a strong belief in a person’s right to die

    No, neither a devout Catholic nor Christian in any sense.
    The ‘right to die’ argument fails to admit that ‘to die’ comes with being mortal – it is no mere ‘right’ but an imperative. The argument for VAD is not then about the right to die but the right to kill. And there is quite some proclivity, not for death (because we must stay safe) but for killing some categories of persons. And yet it ought be evident that since we no longer have state-sanctioned murder because we no longer hold that the death penalty spares any suffering on the part of either the prisoner or society, it is as much a wrong to advocate for the killing of those about to die sooner or later. The question of suffering is more often than not introduced as a lie, as did Dan Andrews who lied a bout his own father’s death when advocating for euthanasia.

  5. NFA says:

    what you have all said.

    Why isn’t the ‘nursing home’ under investigation for apparent lack of care?

  6. Old Lefty says:

    The lying Stalinist pervert scum from the ABC, who hate Christianity (and it’s Jewish roots) with a murderous passion, are now setting themselves up as arbiters of Christian doctrine! Spare me!

    This article embodies all that is wrong with the putrefied corpse of the ABC. It is nothing but a completely one-sided piece of partisan advocacy. There is not even the faintest hint of recognition that a reasonable and decent person could take any other view.

    I noticed that the producer’s surname is Shine. From the ABC-endorsed dynasty of leftist ambulance-chasing lawyers?

  7. C.L. says:

    The argument for VAD is not then about the right to die but the right to kill.

    Precisely this.

    She’s talking about sparing her the anguish having to see someone else die.


    what you have all said.

    …and this.

  8. twostix says:

    It’s almost like a bad 90’s comedy sketch about a self absorbed snobby woman “nobody suffered more than me when he was dying!”

  9. twostix says:

    A not small number of women that age can’t wait to get rid of their husbands so they can get on with ‘life’ and go on the river cruise in Europe they know they deserve.

    These euthanasia laws are going to be a ruthless extermination, aggrieved or money hungry child against parent, wife against husband, husband against wife. All for convenience.

  10. twostix says:

    The worst thing is you can do everything right all your life, let’s say you rebel against the system and have a big loving family, sacrifice and all that, the problem is you only have to fall into the clutches of the system once, and have one bad actor in your family ally with the system, to lose.

    Because the system is 110% pro killing these people and will carry the bad actor who wants you to pull the plug most of the time.

  11. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    It’s the vibe doncha know.

    In Canada, It’s Easier to Access Euthanasia Services Than Health Care (16 Jul)

    The Left are so caring that they just love to kill anyone inconvenient.

  12. twostix says:

    Within 30 years the extermination of the old aged, mentally ill and dying will reach abortion levels in terms of numbers, scale and banality. The same apparatus that enables and smothers the hundreds of thousands of abortions each year across the west will be extended to keep quiet and silence opposition to the mass scale and machine of death that operates inside of hospitals.

  13. Ed Case says:

    The lying Stalinist pervert scum from the ABC, who hate Christianity (and it’s Jewish roots)

    Not sure that Christianity has any Jewish roots.

    Moses wasn’t a jew, neither was Isiaih [who foretold Jesus of Nazareth], Elijah or any of the Prophets as far as I’m aware?

  14. Tel says:

    If you believe Delingpole, most forms of mental degeneration are caused by Mercury which is not only avoidable, but actually somewhat reversible to the extent that the Mercury can be removed again … although any damage it causes will not be undamaged, but you can stop it getting worse.

    The crime is that ordinary people are not even allowed to try his product, because government guards their cartel rights so very jealously. As explained in the discussion above, he is testing in Africa around Gold mines where Meecury exposure is high and the workers have few options. Starving Africans have more freedom over their own healthcare than Australians.

    We can thank Prime Minister “Lightbulb” Turnbull for inflicting additional Mercury on the Australian people … but perhaps it isn’t too late to clean up the mess he made???

  15. rosie says:

    Franx is correct, not a Catholic, not even Christian.
    we are meant to offer it up

  16. Ed Case says:

    Mercury is bad, some say Arsenic and Lead are worse.
    Years ago Alzheimers was blamed on Aluminium exposure, mostly by cooking pots.
    RenaWare may have based their pitch around that?
    Anyway, it seems that even reversible Dementia is ticked off now as Alzheimers, meaning that treatment is unnecessary, since Alzheimers is incurable.

    I’m thinking that the Business Model of Nursing Homes is to turn over beds?
    Also remember from years ago, that Doctors were getting into a lotta trouble if they sent a patient to Palliative Care [to die] and the patient recovered and went home rather than the morgue.
    It’s a dirty world out there.

  17. NFA says:

    Tel says 19 July, 2023 at 5:44 pm

    Thank you for that Delingpole/Boyd Haley interview link.

  18. Boambee John says:

    Program Aktion T4 is looking a little modest at this point.

  19. calli says:

    No one has a “right to die”. Dying is the end point of living in a body subject to death. I think she means a “right to die painlessly and conveniently”. Palliative care can go a very long way to ensure the first. The second is a measure of the love we have for the dying.

    Humans aren’t the family pet. We don’t put them down. If we are tempted to do so, we’d have to ask ourselves just that.

  20. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Ed – What you know about metals toxicity could be inscribed on a postage stamp with a crayon.

    Arsenic trioxide for example was used as a health pharmaceutical for a very long time by people. It still is so used, but only for horses. As for lead and mercury I’ve worked with both in great quantities for decades, and I’m as healthy as a, well, horse.

    You’d think by now that people might have learned to be a bit more cautious of the received wisdom from the science and medical industries.

  21. Franx says:

    The argument for the ‘right to die’ is precisely about that – ie the argument is not about how one dies in the natural order of things but about a claim to having the right to administer death. The ‘right to die’ is in truth not an invocation of compassion in the context of suffering for it is about killing that which is considered unworthy, unfit, unwanted, not nice. It starts with (the abuse of) ultrasounds, especially in ‘planned’ pregnancies where what is ‘wanted’ must be what is delivered. At the other end of life, the ‘right to die’ is not about ‘until death do us part’ where death itself is the agent of parting but about a person acting as the agent of death. Some agency.

  22. Ed Case says:

    You’d think by now that people might have learned to be a bit more cautious of the received wisdom from the science and medical industries.

    But the Covid-19 vaccine was okay, right?

  23. Mantaray says:

    Recent and ongoing experience has me leaning toward VAD….

    My last living “older-then-me” relative is in a nursing home. She recognises very little and is truly “away with the fairies”. She will not recover her mind. She may live for years despite already being in her nineties, because she gets 22 different tabs per day to keep her alive. When she did have her mind she completed an Advanced Care Directive where she stated she did not want an “undignified” exit.

    She wears a nappy and p*sses, shytes herself constantly. Dribbles food all over herself. There are numerous otehr old codgers in the place, which IS very pleasant: nothing like a prison or mental asylum/ The staff are attentive and caring etc. Her son says to me “Why is she still alive? Why didn’t she die after that last fall when the Emergency Dept at the local hospital worked to “stabilize” her?”

    The son is rich, and the fees for the Residential Aged Care are easily paid. The inheritance will be bugger all so the financial motivation is NIL. Apart from the Aged Care facility which gets a good income from the old lady….much of it paid by govt / the taxpayer I can see no reason to go on with this charade.

    The Advanced Care Directive spells it all out: Don’t resuscitate, don’t extend life when it’s at it’s end, don’t force her to live like this. There was no provision for “HELP me get out of here when the time come” so it goes on and on and on.

    A little helping hand is not allowed. The son pays the hundred grand a year, and the care home makes hay while the sun shines. I cannot go to see her like this again FFS. Son neither. THIS is what the “live like a vegetable forever” crowd want: this is what they get.

    As the Nobel Laureate wrote decades ago ….Nailed it again!…

    “Private reasons great or small
    Can be seen in the eyes of those that call
    To make all that should be killed to crawl
    While others say don’t hate nothing at all
    Except hatred”

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