Malicious Dropkick

Bettina Arndt on Brittany Higgins and outlawing the rule of law: Feminist capture of justice system.
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  1. NFA says:

    Universities churning out “law” graduates;
    More administrative roles occupied by “lawyers”;
    More “politicians” with a “law” graduate background;
    More “laws” created in the ‘Australian Law Reform Commission’ (and oh look! On 10 July 2023, the Hon Justice Mordecai Bromberg commenced his five year term as President of the ALRC.);
    More “laws” passed by ‘their’ politicians.

    The result is decreasing to no natural justice!

    Superb summary of the Higgins travesty from Bettina Arndt.

    Thank you for the link C.L.

  2. NFA says:

    The comments at Bettina Arndt’s link are well worth looking at.

  3. MatrixTransform says:

    it has been this way for a decade
    Feminism’s one up-womanship always guaranteed a pernicious downward spiral
    it’s built into their idiotic ideology
    they are blind in one eye

    at first it was only in small tokenistic ways
    hairy legs and Foucault
    talk of masculinity being ‘toxic’
    complaints that wymyns don’t get enough superannuation

    these days punishment for being born male begins at birth

  4. jupes says:

    Terrifying. Where are the men to stand up to this?

  5. Eyrie says:

    Anyone know any more about this, from the comments in Bettina’s link?
    Read the whole comment.

    Ken Lydon
    Writes Ken’s Newsletter
    7 hr ago
    Funny you should say that prosecutors will proceed even when there is little chance of winning , a case here in WA is the complete reverse , where the Police prosecutors are refusing to even charge a murderer when the evidence against him is overwhelming to say the least .

  6. Ed Case says:

    It reminds me of the high-flyers who happily hobnobbed with Jeffrey Epstein even after his evil behaviour was becoming known.

    Completely over the top.
    She’s comparing Higgins with Donald Trump and RFK Jr, who is believed to have visited Epsteins Island [with it’s Temple of Moloch] 14 times.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Brinny’s autobiography is sounding like a fine tome indeed. Almost as good, perhaps, as Prince Harry’s effort! Maybe they should get together, seeing that he and his current lady are said to be having some time apart.

  8. Jannie says:

    War could never destroy Western Civilisation. Nor could socialism or racial politics.

    But Feminism can destroy the civilisation by itself, and is doing so. The assistance it gets from socialism, racial politics, and War is unnecessary.

  9. Jannie says:

    Bruce of Newcastle says:
    22 July, 2023 at 11:06 am

    Brinny’s autobiography is sounding like a fine tome indeed. Almost as good, perhaps, as Prince Harry’s effort!

    The book of my enemy has been remaindered
    And I am pleased.
    In vast quantities it has been remaindered.
    Like a van-load of counterfeit that has been seized
    And sits in piles in a police warehouse,
    My enemy’s much-praised efforts sits in piles
    In the kind of bookshop where remaindering occurs.
    Great, square stacks of rejected books and, between them, aisles
    One passes down reflecting on life’s vanities,
    Pausing to remember all those thoughtful reviews
    Lavished to no avail upone one’s enemy’s book –
    For behold, here is that book
    Among these ranks and banks of duds,
    These ponderous and seemingly irreducible cairns
    Of complete stiffs.

    Clive James

  10. Ed Case says:

    I’ll be buying Higgins bokk, and i reckon it will be a pretty god read.
    I reckon quite a few others will too.
    Could be the best thing that ever happened to the Liberal Party in the long run.

  11. Jannie says:

    Ed Case says:
    22 July, 2023 at 12:32 pm

    I’ll be buying Higgins bokk, and i reckon it will be a pretty god read

    Your grasp on English is about as tenuous as your conclusions. You need to read a lot more Bokks.

  12. Lee says:

    Brinny’s autobiography is sounding like a fine tome indeed.

    Presumably it will be in the fiction section of bookshops before being remaindered.

  13. Christine says:

    It might make sense to buy the book if you want to hear more about
    her panic attacks, her mental health struggles, her innocence, her honesty – and her brave fightback, all the way to a brand new job.

  14. and says:

    What’s the title of Briggins’ book –
    I Met A TransPirate?

  15. and says:

    I Met A TansPirate… And I Liked It

  16. Christine says:

    “I’m Not a Monster”

  17. Rafiki says:

    That certainly is a tour de force from Betting. She’s right about the feminist lawyers attitude the law doesn’t apply to their conduct. After a talk I gave to family law practitioners about the impact of the then reformed evidence lawyer, a woman from legal aid ( which provided free services to the women) happily admitted that affidavits legal aid prepared routinely contained inadmissible evidence.
    In the ACT, the network of lesbian lawyers is very strong, and the Labor/Greens government have been pressured into appointing them to statutory positions of power.

  18. and says:

    Sathampa Maiden doing some quick blowing on the few, tiny remaining embers of the ‘Iggins saga.

    Former AFP commissioner said decision to clean room Brittany Higgins was found in was ‘unacceptable’.

    Brattny ‘Iggins, who is apparently medically unfit for work for the next 40 years, still baffled/repulsed by the idea of due process

  19. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Brattny ‘Iggins, who is apparently medically unfit for work for the next 40 years

    Other than at the UN.

    ‘Honoured’: Brittany Higgins announces her new career move as an intern for the United Nations in Switzerland (14 Jul)

    Obviously totally disabled and can never work again. /$3million

  20. Lee says:

    On the other hand you can be genuinely disabled and unfit for work as result of ADF service, yet be fighting the government for years to get a cent out of them.

    But a grifter who helps Labor into government gets millions.

    Absolutely appalling double standards.

  21. Morsie says:

    Well to be fair I doubt anyone works st the UN

  22. Rabz says:

    From Arndt’s piece:

    Yates apparently clung to her belief in Higgins story even after the police’s extensive investigation revealed her evidence didn’t stack up

    There. Was. No. Evidence.

    Zero, None, Zilch.

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