Neocon George Foremans have Russia on the ropes in the 8th

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  1. Petros says:

    Apparently lots of Mercedes Benz G wagons with Ukrainian plates in Vienna these days. Just for meetings, no doubt. They’ll be at the front lines shortly.

  2. Ed Case says:

    Sounds like Putin is gonna use Wagner to spear thru Poland from Belarus to create a land bridge to Konigsberg.
    Better late than never.

  3. jupes says:

    Hahaha Ed! No. If Putin uses Wagner as the five punch combination to end the war ( to continue the Rumble in the Jungle analogy), he’d send them straight to Kiev!

  4. Tel says:

    You can understand why Sweden needed to join NATO … given that all their criminal gangs were already using NATO equipment, it only makes sense for the official military forces to maintain compatibility.

  5. Ed Case says:

    Hahahaha, no Jupes!
    Kiev is totally unimportant, the Ukraine War is being run from NATO Headquarters.

    Putin needs that Land Bridge to Kaliningrad.

  6. NFA says:

    It’s called the Suwalki Gap

  7. NFA says:

    Check out the latest Simplicius post,
    Strelkov’s Vatic Fantasy Fulfilled as He’s Taken Into Custody

    The second half is on the Polish development with a video of an interview with Putin.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Invading Poland is the sort of thing you do when there’s nothing left to try. /Sobieski

  9. Tel says:

    Kiev is totally unimportant, the Ukraine War is being run from NATO Headquarters.

    Might be true, but the loss of Kyiv would make it obvious to everyone that NATO runs the show … and this would baffle many Western news readers.

    The important question is who commands the press-gangs grabbing Ukrainian men off the street, or out of their homes, and forcing them into the infantry? These people are the ones responsible for clearing the population, keeping the war going, and if Putin figures out how to stop this, then very quickly the war is over. Disclaimer: I have no idea who is driving the press-gangs nor how to stop them, and I’m certainly not advocating clobbering innocent bystanders.

    That’s the thing about modern war … wheels within wheels, the main difficulty is figuring out who you are really up against.

  10. Mantaray says:

    No point at all in trying to predict what will happen next in the war…

    In Chess notation there are a couple of symbols used after various unexpected moves,,,?, ??, !, !!….which are self explanatory. Whenever there’s a question mark or double question mark in live play, analysts immediately start with the verbal pontificating, which is then shown to be a total waste of time by a subsequent exclamation, or double, exclamation mark. See

    Scroll down to move 11: “When this move was made, a number of people went over to the table to start watching the game.[1]
    “One of the most powerful moves of all time.” (Jonathan Rowson).[15]”

    Russians know how to “play” both War, and Chess. Let’s await the !! in Ukraine.

    BTW:1974 Ali vs Foreman. Ali Round by Round ?….?…..?….?? ….??….??….??….!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ed Case says:

    Foreman claimed Trainer Dick Sadler fed him a drug that put him in slow motion during the fight.
    Yeah, Ali/Clay won, but his 2nd reign was pretty forgettable.

  12. NFA says:

    Mantaray says 23 July, 2023 at 6:31 am

    There have been a lot of Russian Chess Champions over the years.

    I also see that Russian schoolboys are now in the top of the Physics Gold Medal tables and if you add in the medals won during the USSR era then Russia dominates!

  13. NFA says:

    Dominates the USA that would be.

  14. Mantaray Yunupingu says:

    NFA. No surprises with US education so F’cked. Over the past 50 years or so expenditure on education has gone through the roof, with little improvement resulting. Also the number of teachers and admin staff has skyrocketed whilst student numbers and outcomes have NOT. Looky here Inflation adjusted forfigures…..

    Summary: 3x the spend and 2x the teachers for about 10% more students, and a decline in results.. Russkies for the win!

  15. Nix says:

    Meanwhile Putin imitates lunatic Hitler bunker tirades at UN.

  16. Boambee John says:

    Old tradition. See Nikita Kruschev thumping his shoe on the table.

  17. NFA says:

    What’s the link Nix, or did you just make that up?

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