Overtaking The Midwits

Tim Blair at the wheel, touring through the lunacy: Covidiocy, Complicity and Corruptocrat Joe.
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  1. Cassie of Sydney says:

    I just adore Tim Blair, his musings always make me smile.

  2. C.L. says:

    He’s the best – the Leak of words.

  3. Mantaray says:

    I’ve already mentioned the following several times….

    At home (not there right now) in north Qld, there were NEVER any kind of real existing Covid restrictions. That was a city-thing for suburban hysterics…which is why they are living in the Big Smoke in the first place. It’s kinda like: if you don’t want to be bashed, don’t join the boxing club…

    All our GPs were cautioning against the gene-jabs. One of the Airlie Beach ones is leading a massive class action against the medical-industrial complex…Here she was in 2017 being a community-spirited sheila ; https://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/whitsunday/hero-doctor-in-national-spotlight/news-story/33faa718632bcaa2b7066c9524315238. And here she is being likwise in 2023 ; https://www.mackayandwhitsundaylife.com/article/local-doctor-launches-class-action.

    The local hospital opened a Covid Vac clinic which quickly folded due to lack of custom. The local supermarkets did NOT control entries. The local Chamber of Commerce refused to enforce vax certs. The local cops let it be known they did not give a stuff. At an Easter BBQ at an “un-named location” there were doctors and nurses from Qld Health in attendance, breaking the rules. No masks and no social distancing, and way more than whatever the “total number of visitors” was. The property owner had also rung the cops to ensure there were no Brisbane-ordered road-blocks on the main bitumen. “Of course not”.

    OK, so what was the difference? Well, apart from the average Nth Qlder being a non-hysteric, non-compliant red-neck. hillbilly by birth or proclivity, there’s also the question of how to handle a town / area with a Gun club, a Pistol club, a Shooting club, a pig-hunting club, and hundreds of farmers / graziers and families all well-armed……in the neighbourhood.

    Could the Army be called in from Townsville? Maybe, maybe not…since the lads at Lavarack were constantly being admonished for holding mass piss-ups during Covid too!

    So, Tim’s a good read as usual, but being in a very safe LNP state (and federal) seat where there was a massive 11% swing AGAINST the Brisbane neurotic govt in 2020, I cannot quite connect with the Stockholm Syndrome crowd down south!

  4. Mantaray says:

    Further to my last post. Was visiting a very elderly resident of a nursing home last week. Orders were to get a RAT before entering, and to wear a mask….

    Seriously< I had to get the receptionist over to show me how to use the RAT, and then I put the mask on upside down (it was one of those rounded ones: never seen them “live” before) which surprised the chick. Also was the only un-jabbed person in the place…but that was Ok because “we vare allowed two on-site at any one time”. Such are country-bumpkins always, when confronted with city-slicker realities I suppose.

    PS: C.L. After all this visiting geriatric wards and aged care places lately, I’d like to request a dedicated thread on “Voluntary Assisted Dying”!

  5. Franx says:

    Interesting that you complied at the nursing home, Mantaray.
    Why did you?

  6. Mantaray says:

    Franx. To visit a dying relative I’ve known for 60 years?

    Shoulda told her to F Off?

  7. Ed Case says:

    Timbo –
    hey, I got my 2 jabs and I’ve never been in better health, and by the way,
    AntiVaxxers bad, plus
    Iknow plenty of lawyers
    Lawyers are double plus good.

  8. Franx says:

    New to me that there is also a city-country divide to do with the the traumas of the covid event. And new to me that those who could avoid compliance because the brute force of the state did not harass them would then find it difficult to sympathise with those in places where avoiding compliance was not possible. Consider, eg, the plight of the occupants of the housing commission towers in Melbourne – families, children, the elderly – locked down into their small flats while police patrolled the corridors to make sure no one got out. So yes, they were a ‘suburban hysterics’, hanging out from windows that could open only so far. I suppose it would have helped the spirits of the oppressed if word had got out about all those people and places where normality survived and brutality was not de rigeur. But we did not hear at the time. Hearing of it now, though, might be better seen as not cause to divide but cause for rejoicing.

  9. local oaf says:

    So China was behind covid eh Tim?

    Fauci, Daszak and the other Yanks in the clear then. Phew, that’s a relief!

  10. Christine says:

    There was great sympathy for those who couldn’t avoid compliance.
    People could walk, defiantly unmasked, in the main streets (Toowoomba, for example); admittedly feeling like aliens among all the timid masked persons.
    That people in a regional area were so obedient was surprising and disheartening.

  11. NFA says:

    Thank you for that link C.L.

    A veritable ‘tour de force’ by Tim Blair!

  12. Jannie says:

    Hey Manta, glad to hear that the people up in the pointy bit still have some common sense. Wish it was that way in Perth. I did quite a few years up there, lived in Bushland Beach. See the Cowboys took out the Eels last night 24-16, yoohoo Go Cowboys.

  13. NFA says:


    Your posts are exceedingly ‘Pollyanna’ish’.

    Maybe many things for some are not as great as for you.

    Perhaps you can count your blessings.

  14. NFA says:

    And Mantaray

    Have a look at FNQ Letters To The Editor, particularly what I call “Quotable Quotes of The Day”.

  15. Franx says:

    Could the Army be called in from Townsville? Maybe, maybe not…since the lads at Lavarack were constantly being admonished for holding mass piss-ups during Covid too!

    The ‘lads’ in the Army might be alright, yet ‘international’ troops to be housed in the NT’s former quarantine facility might be of a different bent – keeping in mind, also, that the WHO to which our politicians genuflect has little regard for national sovereignty vis a vis the enforcement of safety.

  16. NFA says:

    Not forgetting Franx that their Australian UN delegates will be voting next year to give ‘World Pandemic Control’ to the communist WHO.

  17. Rosie says:

    Yesterday we had police on horseback patrolling in my suburb. Not sure why but there they were.

    Reminding me of the heavy police and army presence during lockdown where there was nowhere we seemed to be able to go without seeing 2, 4, 6 or 8 police and sometimes soldiers on patrol.
    The vast majority of Australians live in cities because that is where the vast majority of jobs are.
    I’m heartily sick of this city folk loser country folk awesome nonsense.
    When I drove from Melbourne to regional Queensland in May 2020 the most offensive, paranoid and ridiculous comments and signage re covid were in rural areas.
    And I saw plenty of mask compliance too.

  18. Mantaray says:

    Franx 11.21am. Sorry it took me so long to get here again. Can’t talk for country NSW…only country Qld.

    Facts are that the great divide is shown by the “Covid election” in Qld in 2020 when there were a few swings AGAINST Anastacia, and all in the north. While the city went full on for Anastacia “keeping them safe”…the rest of Qld DID NOT. Look here….

    Scroll down and look at the swings in each electorate. Stop at each “blue or orange circle” (LNP and Katter). there were 13…..all in the country: 9 far far away from Brisbane. This tells you that the country yokels were dead set against Covid mumbo jumbo. City slickers all on board!

    Learn something new once in a while, eh Franx?

    Christine12.14pm. Toowoomba Nth and Toowoomba Sth both swings against the fascists!

    BTW: No sympathy for the compliant…this means enthusiastically. compliant.

    2nd BTW: A mate tells me he read someplace that since the mRNA-injected have been genetically altered, they might not meet the definition of “human” anymore. More like humanoid, and therefore able to be shot on sight. Anyone know something on the legalities of this?

  19. NFA says:

    And who controls Queensland Mantaray?

  20. Mantaray says:

    Jannie (12.39pm). I have very good friends at Bushland, and go there once in a while. Also Balgal. I was at the Cowboys semi-final last year when they were dead-set cheated by a shockingly bad ref’s decision FFS!

    PS: Is there any better stadium in Oz than the new one in T’ville? Right in town, great facilities and spectacular views from the right vantage points…

  21. Mantaray says:

    NFA (6.24pm) Brisbane?

  22. Mantaray says:

    Rosie (3.15pm) Got some snapshots?

    Meanwhile…I ‘ve just posted the full list of QLD state seat swings to the Parties in 2020. The country was very very solidly against the city-based Covid govt. Also, at the 2019 Federal election when Covid was but a twinkle in the fascists’ eyes, Bob Brown lead a climate caravan through NSW and Qld to protest coal mining. A number of places refused point blank to let the jerks buy petrol. The whole Caravan was halted at Clermont while they raced off for fuel supplies to be trucked in!

    I’m sick of the whole Losers vs Salt of The Earth stuff too. STOP being losers!

  23. Franx says:

    Facts are that the great divide is shown by the “Covid election” … .

    There was no divide amongst the major parties on the issue of covid itself such that voting against one particular major or another, whether in town or country, cannot be assumed as voting against covid policies.

  24. twostix says:

    When I drove from Melbourne to regional Queensland in May 2020 the most offensive, paranoid and ridiculous comments and signage re covid were in rural areas.
    And I saw plenty of mask compliance too

    “When I was let out for a stroll during my six month imprisonment I was astonished by all thos free people and their crazy ideas”….


    Victorian coping still with those two years of violent abuse.

    The offensive, paranoid and ridiculous comments are why we were and are free and you were and now are lower than a medieval peasant, always wondering when and what the next thing your masters will do to you now that the precedent is set and was wholly accepted by you and your civid karen friends.

  25. twostix says:

    North Qlders were just beyond the reach of the power so shouldn’t get too uppity. Gympie was maskless and free and an oasis to escape to for almost the entire ordeal, then they turned their attention there and within a week it was masks galore. An illusion.

    The ratio of people who resisted vs caved to the madness is about the same country and city. One of the worst thing about country towns though is if you got stuck in one with a bunch of retiree covid Karen’s like some of the coastal towns in NSW were, holy shit, that’s it’s own nightmare, small town mob pressure, inescapable. Outer suburbs in cities and regions just outside the city walls have their own benefits.

    Also largely city people turned up at the protests before it was safe to do so. Urban Victorians turned on some the most incredible street brawls against the newly minted globalist police machinery in the western world, followed by Sydney, which spurred the entire spring of discontent of 2021. The city covid resister is tested, hardened and a known quantity, the rural one has yet to be tested. That’s just reality.

  26. NFA says:


    Do you ever get down to Tin Can Bay?

  27. NFA says:


    Are you a supporter of Warren Entsch?

  28. Jannie says:

    Who said Tin Can Bay. I’m gonna be there Wednesday.

  29. Mantaray says:

    NFA. Used to go to TC Bay often…before it was discovered. Now only go south via Goondiwindi or Stanthorpe.

    Twostix. Already gave a link to the Whitsunday doctor who’s launched a class action against the medical fascists. Now, to show us how city-slickers are just as freedom-loving as country-rednecks, you’ll produce a story about one of YOUR local GPs doing similar. Won’t you?

    Bear in mind that Melissa was already a very respected doctor before Covid, who is STILL very respected ( See first link). She’s respected because the yokels agree with her, FFS. D’oh!

  30. Franx says:

    The behavioural psychologist were busy working in the shadows of the covid event and were not unsuccessful in engineering a society riven with irrational fear and distrust and division at every level and in every facet of that society. It is possible to say that that game is up.

  31. Tel says:

    Now, to show us how city-slickers are just as freedom-loving as country-rednecks, you’ll produce a story about one of YOUR local GPs doing similar. Won’t you?

    One doctor?!? There was about 500 doctors in Melbourne who got together to apply public pressure against Tater Dan getting him to end lockdowns. How much they achieved is difficult to say, when Melbourne also had the worst rate of COVID deaths per capita in Australia, until they stopped counting. Presumably things could have been worse.


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